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Cindy The Demon Hunter by Mathias Mann and Ash Jackson

01/05/2012. Contributed by Andy Whitaker

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pub: Arcana Studios, Inc. 96 page graphic novel. Price: $14.95 (US). ISBN: 978-1-926914-58-9.

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‘Cindy The Demon Hunter’ is actually a TV show that appears to be rather similar to ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. It’s strange how the success of Buffy has led to the wide acceptance of demons as being nothing out of the ordinary. It is rather like the effect ‘Star Trek’ has had on people’s general perception. Nobody will be in the least bit surprised if someone unveils a ‘beam-me-up’ transporter next week. The phrase familiarity breeds contempt may have a grain of truth in it after all.

This PDF edition of the graphic novel by writer Mathias Mann and artist Ash Jackson is traditional USA comic book format without even a hint of manga and is the better for it. The artwork and layout is good and adds to the atmosphere of what is actually a very good story. While it may be aimed at a teenage/young adult market, there’s something here for adults who just want a quick read.

The first few pages are a bit confusing as page 2 is completely taken up with the quote ‘So, what’s the plan, Nick? We go in shooting—Putting an end to their demon shenanigans?’ Page 3 is taken up with a portrait picture of Cindy the Demon Hunter, Page 4 is another quote while page 5 is the opening sequence from the TV show. Things take a dramatically different turn on page 6 with the introduction of the main characters, Nick and Seth, entering a graveyard.

The storyline involves a flashback to previous events and so we join the high school lads Nick and Seth in the graveyard part way through the story after they have got possession of a mysterious cross that gives the holder invulnerability. Possession of the cross at this point is probably a good thing as the night watchman is a little nervous and prone to shoot first and ask later.

The mysterious cross is also being searched for by a gang of half-blood demons. It is to be used in part of a ceremony to make them full demons and bring about the end of the world for humans. Once they learn that Nick and Seth have the cross, they pursue the lads to relieve them of it. Luckily, Nick was a fan of the TV series ‘Cindy The Demon Hunter’. He realises that series one is actually coming true and they could really do with the services of a proper demon hunter. The only problem is that the actress who played Cindy is rather a bit on the dead side having popped her clogs after series two.

The plot follows the exploits of the two lads as they try to resurrect Cindy and stop the ceremony. There is a good range of characters with a fair amount of gratuitous violence and explosions. More importantly, while there is a definite ending there are enough loose ends for follow on novels.

The main characters are Nick and Seth with Cindy being just one element of the story. One detail I did like was that Nick and Seth are just ordinary high school lads and not martial arts experts, trained assassins or gifted with special talents. With the novel titled ‘Cindy The Demon Hunter’, I wonder if there is enough for potential readers to differentiate between Cindy and Buffy. It is certainly not another Buffy rip-off but a good story in its own right and well worth a read.

Andy Whitaker

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