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Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: Binary by Eddie Robson

01/05/2012. Contributed by Sue Davies

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(UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-620-1). cast: Caroline John, Joe Coen and Kyle Redmond-Jones.

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In new ‘Binary’, the Big Finish Companion Chronicle by Eddie Robson, Liz Shaw has been sent to look at strange alien computer that UNIT has in its possession. But the object is causing trouble as it appears to have zapped two soldiers out of existence. Liz is concerned that the Doctor has not been involved in this process but also relishes her independence and values time alone.

At first, Liz is baffled by the object but she tentatively starts to try to repair it so they might communicate. A new helper turns up from UNIT and offers his own comprehensive knowledge.

Things do not go well as they realise they’ve been trapped inside the computer and the only way to get out to is to repair it but what will it do to the Earth if it is fixed? Now Liz is wishing she had the Doctor by her side.

This being a ‘Companion Chronicle’, you will be pleased to find that the Third Doctor is part of this story and rounds out an interesting take on a ‘Tron’ style plot albeit more ‘Land Of The Giants’. At one point, Liz speculates how she might work for UNIT as a 5mm size employee.

‘Binary’ is a good two-handed audio. I love how Caroline John presents her stories. Her Liz Shaw is a laid-back cool scientist and should have been a role model for girls in the 1970s if only she had lasted longer in the series. It seems she knew too much, though, and we needed the enquiring mind of Sarah Jane Smith instead.

So far, Caroline John has now done four ‘Companion Chronicles’ (previously ‘The Blue Tooth’, ‘Shadow Of The Past’ and ‘The Sentinels Of The New Dawn’)and they have all proved that she can easily step back into the character of Liz Shaw. I hope she will do more.

Sue Davies

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