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Doctor Who: The Curse Of Davros by Jonathan Morris

01/03/2012. Contributed by Sue Davies

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GBP 12.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-84435-604-1) cast: Colin Baker, Lisa Greenwood, Terry Molloy, Ashley Kumar, Jonathan Owen, Rhys Jennings, Granville Saxton, Robert Portal, Christian Patterson and Nicholas Briggs.

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I love Big Finish and there is always something good and a little bit marvellous about their output but ‘The Curse Of Davros’ moves the whole thing onto another level. Hold onto your hats!

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) crash-lands on Earth and Phillipa ‘Flip’ Jackson (Lisa Greenwood, BBC’s ‘The Hour’) finds him. She remembers the Doctor from her previous ‘adventure’ (‘DW143: The Crimes Of Thomas Brewster’) where she nearly died fighting giant mosquitoes. How she misses those days. Flip knows the Doctor is worth protecting and takes him back to her humble flat. Her boyfriend is not so sure and goes off to the police to report it.

Oh dear, before you know it someone is possessed by a Dalek brain and we are off on an adventure in time and space that involves Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington and oh yes, Davros and a bunch of Daleks.

Space doesn’t get any tougher than this and it’s Flip, who proves to be a worthy companion as she ploughs through the mire of deception to save the day.

This is a new lease of life for the Sixth Doctor. He’s been through quite a few companions including a swansong for Charlie, that was heartbreakingly poignant, and the death of Evelyn, albeit of old age in a far distant future. He’s needed a boost and the lovely Flip is just the girl. She is little earthier than he’s been used to and calls it as she sees it. Flip is a precursor for Rose, except this is strictly platonic and I like her.

Nevertheless Flip and boyfriend Jared (although Ashley Kumar is just a little too much like Mickey for me) are a breath of fresh air and the wonderful plot devised by Jonathan Morris tramples across history in size fifteen boots. It’s a nicely twisty-turny plot as well which keeps us guessing.

The historical setting is great with some nifty tech including Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility (sort-of) and some nice laser rifles to get the Battle of Waterloo into full swing.
With the return of Terry Molloy as Davros and Nicholas Briggs as assorted Daleks (mmm, a veritable Quality Street of voices to choose from) this is classic ‘Doctor Who’ with bells on.

‘The Curse Of Davros’ is a truly rollicking adventure; I recommend an uninterrupted listen to get the full effect.

Sue Davies

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