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Supernatural: The Complete Season Three DVD boxset

01/04/2012. Contributed by Geoff Willmetts

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region 1 DVD: pub: Warner Bros. Price: $18.99 (US). ISBN: 1-4198-7325-3). cast: Jared Padalecki, Jenson Ackles, Jim Beaver, Katie Cassidy and Lauen Cohan.

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The Winchester brothers might have disposed of the yellow-eyed demon but they let loose a couple hundred demons and upset all the terrestrial hunters at the same time. With only a year left to live, Dean (actor Jenson Ackles) is prepared to enjoy it as much as he can but has to remind Sam (actor Jared Padalecki) that if he reneges the deal with the crossroads demon for his younger brother’s life then they both die. In the meantime, Sam gets Ruby (actress Katie Cassidy), a helpful female demon, saving his hide occasionally who has her own plans. The other hunters, including a returning Gordon Walker (actor Sterling K. Brown) aren’t happy, especially as they see Sam as the anti-Christ. Then again, neither are the demons, especially Lilith who owns a particular contract. Into this mix is Bela Talbot (actress Lauren Cohan) who steals supernatural artefacts for various clients and who wants the first Colt pistol that the Winchester brothers have. Something occurred to me editing this review, considering the Winchesters own name, I’m surprised that particular rifle-maker never encountered demons himself.

They keep killing Dean. If there’s a theme to this season, that’s it, even in alternative realities. You would have thought the contract with Lilith would have made Dean a hands off by other demons but then, Sam isn’t Mr. Popular, neither. Did I say things were going down the tubes when the demons know your name?

With this third season, things are finally down to a purpose and less random where they might turn up looking for out of control monsters and demons, especially as the demons are often stalking them. Considering that Dean’s days are numbered, the underlying plot to rescue him from Hell is slowly becoming a losing battle. Thinking about this and the number of demons who escaped from the hot place, it does make me wonder how long is forever down there.

To say that ‘Supernatural’ came of age with this season is underestimating how good these stories are. The chemistry between the two Winchester brothers is strained, mostly because Sam wants to save Dean and the latter knows it to be nearly impossible.

There are so many good stories here, it’s hard to pick out the highlights. ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’ has a lucky rabbit’s foot which has bad luck repercussions when you lose it. ‘Bedtime Stories’ brings home the more bloody side of fairy tales and it’s even more sinister when they people involved keep a straight benign faces as they kill people. Truly deadly. After watching ‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’, I think most people will want to change religion. ‘Mystery Spot’ has a day continuously repeating itself as Sam has to work out what is going on and becomes nearly comic in the Warner Bros cartoon way as Dean gets continuously killed. As to the final episode, well, let’s say Dean isn’t so brave when he ends up in the fiery place. Life can be hell. So is choosing the best from the really best.

About the only thing I was disappointed with this boxset was the lack of audio commentaries. There were a few five minute extra snippets showing how some of the special effects shots were set up, so maybe it’s just me missing the chat. On the fifth DVD, there is a half hour feature looking at the special effects and a five minute look at the Impala and its armoury. I’m surprised it hasn’t cropped up in the pre-made model, let alone plastic model, releases yet but maybe that’s because in appearance it just looks like an ordinary albeit vintage car. The outtakes gag reel is more fluffed lines and gurning. It would have been more interesting had to been privy to seeing Jensen Ackles refusing to be squashed by a piano and other assorted crushes in ‘Mystery Spot’ as mentioned in the special effects extra.

The world is in danger and in ‘Supernatural’, it looks like the hunters are losing. Watch and fret but don’t go far without a box of salt.

GF Willmetts

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