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Torchwood: Army Of One by Ian Edginton

01/05/2012. Contributed by Sue Davies

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pub: Audio Go/BBC. 1 CD minute 70 story. Price: CD: GBP10.20 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-44587-192-9. Download: GBP 6.79 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-44587-193-6). read by Kai Owen.

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Just what we need after the painful series ‘Miracle Day’, which left me reeling and not in a good way, ‘Army Of One’ is a bit more traditional for those of us who like the un-Americanised, homogenised version of ‘Torchwood’.

As Gwen and Rhys are trying to get over the dramatic events of ‘Miracle Day’ (good luck with that), they are at the bank in Washington DC. All is not well, though, as Gwen has already thrown up in the bin thanks to an unexplained medical condition. The couple need money fast and Gwen has worked out just how to do that. That baby needs nappies and money doesn’t grow on trees; just in safety deposit boxes. Meanwhile, there is an alien in town and it’s in need of increasingly rapid make-overs and it seems to have Gwen on its mind.

Special Agent Lucas Avery (Kai Owen sounding a little like Clint Eastwood for this one) has a case to solve and in Washington DC, he is the only one not showing the effects of the heat. He’s Homeland Security and one of the few agents left who is qualified to investigate the unusual homicides. So when he captures Rhys on a nappy run, it leaves Gwen and Anwen alone and that alien is heading their way.

In this clever story, which manages to include an attempt to tie up some ‘Miracle Day’ loose ends and also celebrate the partnership of Gwen and Rhys, we get to enjoy their conversations and remember what was good about ‘Torchwood’. There is some excellent background detail, giving the story interest and credibility.

‘Army Of One’ has an action-packed plot with multiple perspectives and a double plot timeline that also goes back to the good old days of ‘Torchwood’. In other words, it has a bit of everything and belies the one hour running time with its content.

Sue Davies

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