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I'm Dead Jim

01/06/1999. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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DeForest Kelley, better known as Dr. Leonard McCoy - Bones - on the original Star Trek, has sadly taken his own final voyage of exploration into the unknown, by passing away this Friday 11th June 1999 at the ripe of age of 79.

His wife of over half a century, Carolyn, was with him to the end.

A spokeswoman for Motion Picture and Television Country Home and Hospital (a hospital cum retirement home) said that DeForest died after an extended illness, unspecified, but thought to be heart disease.

Leonard Nimoy, who as Spock, his adversarial vulcan friend, traded many a quip on the deck of the Enterprise, summed up many a sad fan's thoughts when he simply commented on Saturday ...

"He represented humanity and it fitted him well"

Before making his mark as the testy but compassionate doctor, the Doc had appeared in many a TV western show and coyboy movie - often as a rather menacing and twitchy black hat character.

His irritable arguments with Spock and Kirk however, quickly made him the third leg in the trio who came to dominate the show with their presence.

Even Dr Bashir and our Hologram chum from the new series Voyager and DS9, have made many a knowing nod back to DeForest's performances - with the occasional insertion of a "I'm a doctor, not an android" type line.

Here, IOHO, are the greatest McCoy lines of all time ...

I'm a doctor, not a brick layer.
McCoy, The Devil In The Dark

I'm a doctor, not an escalator.
McCoy, Friday's Child

I'm a surgeon, not a psychiatrist.
McCoy, The City On The Edge Of Forever

I'm a doctor, not a coal miner.
McCoy, The Empath

I'm a doctor, not an engineer.
McCoy Mirror, Mirror

I'm a doctor, not a mechanic.
McCoy, The Doomsday Machine

Farewell old chum. We'll be seeing you, first star on the left.

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