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Voyager's Last Series Will Amaze

01/09/2000. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Big plans are afoot for the last series of Star Trek Voyager. The 22-episode series will culminate in the Voyager reaching home, but at a cost.

Yes, Everyone's favourite half-Klingon officer, B'Elanna Torres, is set to sacrifice her life saving the crew.

A new alien race is to be introduced towards the end of the series and they will hold both the potential to get the Voyager home, as well as a destructive capacity and taste for conquest that will make the nobbly headed Klingon Empire look like a species of pussycats.

Rumours have it that the new race will play a part as main threat in the new Star Trek TV series set to replace Voyager when she retires (which may see select cast members from both DS9 and Voyager serving on a new ship. We are not sure who, but our sources tell us that Seven of Nine is prime among those likely to be lined up).

In the final desperate battle against the new aliens, the Doctor is said to be duplicated into a hologram army of hundreds, and beamed into the alien mother-ship using an enhanced transporter-hologram hybrid technology to wreck havoc while the Voyager flees back to the Alpha Quadrant using the alien's prototype star-gate system.

Whether the alien race is truly alien or one known to Trek fans is up for grabs.

Another source in the Paramount Studios dropped us a line to suggest the aliens might be descendants of a sister ship of the Botany Bay, the prisoner ship carting away genetically enhanced warlords that ruled post-atomic war Earth.

Having Arrived in the Delta Quadrant after a run-in with Q, the warlord's descendants continued with their DNA-upgrading and now barely resemble base gene humanity.

Given current debates over Frankenstein Foods, cloning bans and the like, this kind of deep dialogue of philosophy is just the thing to ignite Trek fan's passions - returning to some of the parallels and soul searching Kirk's Trek presided over; Vietnam, race riots, what it is to be human etc.

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