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Star Trek due for a rebirth of twins in new TV series

01/01/2001. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Word has leaked out of the studio that the next Star Trek TV series set to replace Voyager will indeed be a prequel that will focus on the birth of the Federation.

"The biggest challenge," our inside source - one of the concept scripters - noted, "will be to come up with a unique look, feel and direction for the show without harking back too much to the sets of the original series with Kirk and Spock."

"What we don't want to do is resurrect the 1960s lycra cling-film miniskirt look for the uniforms and have big twiddly knobs on the consoles. I mean, for crike's sake, in the original Trek Scotty was referring to 21st century space craft with transistors. How likely is that? We don't want to create Austin Powers in space."

"We know that the very early 22nd century is going to have hologram displays and control consoles as least as modern as we have today, our task is to try to reflect that in a way that doesn't appear more advanced than the sets we've already seen in Voyager and DS9"

"One possibility we're exploring is to have the early craft, technology and sets looking quite alien. We could get away with this because we already know that the post-holocaust Earth was jump started back on the road to civilization by the chance meeting with a Vulcan science vessel (as shown in Star Trek First Contact)."

"The premise would be that the Vulcan version of the Peace Corps - which would include a few other benevolent alien races the Vulcans are already in contact with - have helped us rebuild Earth, and that as a species, mankind is so grateful for its second chance, that it vows to reciprocate this spirit throughout the stars.

"It is in this spirit that the nascent Federation is formed. Humanity has seen its own darkside and vowed to leave it in the nuclear dust forever for far nobler values."

Of course, we can also look forward to the return of the Klingons as pure bad guys for this series.

Our source told us: "We're hot for the Klingons to return. We'll have to reconcile the species as shown in the original Trek and the later TV series. I suspect we'll go for the full make-up version, rather than the silver paint and Fu Manchu mustache variant though. There's going to be clever little surprise about the race however, which the fans are going to go mad for. Trust me."

The big news is that not only is the prequel version going to get launched as a Voyager replacement, but that a more modern version is going to be given the greenlight soon after.

"I don't know a lot about the other Trek series," our source told us. "They've kept the two creative teams compartmentalized on purpose. "But I do know they want two series in play at the same time, and in the other series, they're keen to have an environment where the stars they've built up in DS9 and Voyager have a chance to appear, especially Seven of Nine."

"One of the final episode ideas for our premiere series is a time travel crossover, and the 'far future' cast members we were briefed to expect to land in the 22nd century will surprise a lot of the audience, I suspect."

More news on these two exciting new series as we get it (subscribe below to our monthly e-mail newsletter to keep informed).

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