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Fans Will Battle(star)

01/03/2003. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Fans fed up with Farscape being cancelled are now up in arms about the re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. In fact, they're calling for a boycott.

It seems that many in science fiction fandom have been less than chuffed of late with the Sci-Fi channels recent programming decisions.

Farscape fans are still irate over the recent decision to cancel that popular program, despite what they claim are strong ratings.

Now it is some very vocal Battlestar Galactica fans who are up in arms about what they say is a disrespectful re-imagining planned for the classic show.

A boycott of Sci-fi Channel's advertisers has been proposed by the group. The target of the boycott would be the new production of Battlestar Galactica, and a website and petition have been created by several fans promoting this effort.

Why would fans boycott the revival of one of their beloved shows?

"Because it's not a revival." says one disgruntled fan. "They call it a re-imagining."

Steve Parady, one of the organisers of the boycott, explains:

"An early script, penned by Star Trek's Ronald Moore was covertly leaked to several fans. There is very little resemblance to the original show. Starbuck and Boomer are now rewritten as women! The Galactica is retired as a museum. Apollo is now named Lee and is estranged from his father Adama."

"The enemy Cylons now appear as humanoid androids created by humans, rather than the robotic warriors from an alien race as they were in the original. No original actors in their original roles."

"In short it's Battlestar Galactica in name only. That's just the beginning of our list of problems with this production."

"Fans have been lobbying Universal and Sci-fi Channel for years to create a follow up to the original Battlestar Galactica. Richard Hatch, the actor who portrayed the character Apollo in the original, went so far as to create a short film demonstrating the fans' concept."

"He reunited with several of the series original actors to create a movie trailer showing what the Battlestar Galactica crew might be doing twenty years after the events of series. The trailer was received enthusiastically by SFF convention audiences all around the world. Universal and SciFi Channel had different ideas."

"Their proposed re-imagining idea has not been received with the same enthusiasm. In fact, fans have been quite hostile to the concept of a remake."

"Fans have written thousands of letters to SciFi and Universal asking for a continuation of the series with original cast members, as well as some new characters. No one I know of asked for a remake. Our efforts and pleas have been ignored. Reluctantly, we have one last avenue of protest left, a boycott."

"If we can't convince them with words, we'll hit them with our pocketbooks! That's why we are targeting Scifi Channel's advertisers. We haven't started to boycott anyone yet, but we are gathering supporters and warning the advertisers that this is coming. Hopefully Universal and SciFi Channel will get the message that we are serious."

"Maybe now they will do the right thing and give us the proper continuation of Battlestar Galactica we've been asking for."

If you want to sign the petition, or heck, maybe you actually like the idea of a BSG re-imagining and want to take the contrarian view, you can communicate your thoughts to these miffed Battlestar fans over at ...

Jessica Martin

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