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Offworld Report - SF&F: November 2003

01/11/2003. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Interviews with author Wil McCarthy, the cast of Alias, and the Director of Underworld. Plus criticism of this year's Worldcon in Toronto, the return of Dr Who, and a short science fiction history of the Middle East.

November's news and content roundup of all that is worthy and good in the world of science fiction and fantasy, found living offworld the 'Nest.


Steve Westcott Interviewed
The new fantasy author chats about his first novel and plans for his second.

Wil on Himself
Wil McCarthy peers under the bonnet of his own books.

Alias Alas
The cast of Alias are interviewed about the third season of the spi-fi series.

Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?
The film Underworld's Director, Len Wiseman, interviewed about vampires and werewolves.


Taking the Blue Pill
SF author Steve Aylett on matters Matrix-related.

Where No Truth Has Gone Before
Rather silly plot for a SF movie by an obvious non-fan of the genre.

A Science Fiction History Of The Middle East
Parallel universe Arab histories are considered … and let's face it, almost any history is better than the current mix of carnage and self-serving autocracies, theocracies and crapocracies..

A Collision of Science and Fiction
A look at why the SFF editor John W. Campbell was up to his neck in the great Cartmill affair.

Oh That Anderson
A classic look at the even more classic works of Anderson.

Saving Sladek
The otherworldly works of John Sladek come under the microscope.

A Postmodern What …?
Repost of a classic Michael Swanwick article on matters cyberpunk.

The Perils of Publishing
Author Jay Russell tells how he climbed out of rejection letter hell in his battle to get his novel published.

The Magazine Menace
Locus brings you an excellent bumper crop of magazine reviews including Analog, Asimov's, Interzone, Mythic Delirium, and The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Simmons and the Ditty
Author Dan Simmons ruminates on the similarities between scribing poetry and science fiction.

Hugo-a-Go-Go 2003
This year's Hugo novel nominees are analyzed in a Booker-like act of criticism.

Why MP3s Are Not Agents of Beelzebub
The great science fiction author Orson Scott Card cries over the screwed up state of copyright in our digital age.


And You Thought Conrunning was Easy?
The implausibly named Pádraig O Mealóid brings you the Dummies Guide to Running a Decent Convention.

The Fandom Menance
Odd look at this year's Australian-based 'Friends of Science Fiction Convention'.

Do You Know the Way to …
More on November's Alabama-Cuba Week conference to be held in Tuscaloosa.

Crash and Burn
Critical look at the mistakes made at this year's Toronto-based World SF Con.

Due North
A much happier look at the japes at this year's Canadian-hosted World Con.


Advanced Vance
Look at Jack Vance's 'The Dragon Masters' and 'The Last Castle'.

Fahrenheit 451
Why Cassandra-ism still gets the applause as the only literate form of SFF.

Catherine Asaro on Space Opera
Look at the SFF works of Asaro.

Dystopia Myopia
Is Margaret Atwood's speculative fiction a rather scary thing?

Giggles with Terry
Terry Pratchett and his ever-popular Diskworld series get another visit. Groan.

Kapa Kalpa
Angélica Gorodischer's 'Kalpa Imperial' is reviewed (as translated by Ursula K. Le Guin).

Tipples with Tepper
The SFF passions of author Sheri S. Tepper.

Scanning for Rhysling
The Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) informs us of the winners of their 2003 Rhysling Award for speculative poetry.


DragonCon Founder Trial Date Set
The trial date has been set for November 3rd 2003 for Ed Kramer, SF editor and founder of the largest SFF con in the world, DragonCon (it drew nearly 60,000 this year). The prosecution alleges he molested two teenage brothers in separate incidents in 2000.

UCSC and Heinlein
Robert Heinlein’s literary estate comes to UCSC as gift from his late widow.
UCSC’s new Heinlein Scholar now plans to write an authorized biography of the SF author legend.


Spielberg Goes Sci-Fi
An impressive hat-trick for the SciFi Channel, as - after the success of Taken - they sign up Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Bryan Singer to produce three new mini-series for the network. As they might say in the 'hood', Bonnie Hammer, you go girl!

Time for Who
Yes, all-new Doctor Who is set to return to the BBC in 2005. How will we wait?

Dr Who, We Miss You
Doctor Who voted the TV series people would most like to see back in a massive Radio Times poll.

The Mania, The Mania
Here comes Mania Fest, which aims to be the Sundance Festival of the slasher, sci-fi and fantasy flick world.

About Time
Brian Courtis gets all nostalgic about his love for Doctor Who.

The Matrix Revolutions
Sneak peak at the last Matrix movie in the trilogy.

Filmmaker Save Thyself
He resurrected the flagging careers of Travolta and Willis, but can Tarantino save his own career with the fantasy assassin adventure flick Kill Bill?


At the Mouth of the River of Bees
Kij Johnson brings you a little short fiction to warm your heart this chilly November.

The Cleansing Fire of God
Jay Lake's tale of someone jailed for receiving messages from the moon.

The Memory of Water
David Moles asks why, when surrounded by ten thousand kilometers of desert, the corpse had drowned?

Shadow Christ
Martin Cowap brings you a little art dressed up as SFF.

The Birdcatcher
Erika Peterson's tale of whimsy and weirdness.

African Shadows
Nick Wood leads in with another superlative piece of short fiction.


As always, make sure you've got the latest version of Apple's QuickTime multimedia plug-in (downloadable free) humming in your web browser to view these movie trailers.

The Incredibles

The Punisher

Kill Bill (Volume I)

Ridley Scott Interview (on Alien)

Alien: The Director's Cut



Scary Movie III


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