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Offworld Report: Science Fiction and Fantasy, November 2004

02/11/2004. Contributed by Stephen Hunt

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Interviews with Stephen R. Donaldson, Clive Barker, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Clark Kent's foster father, and John Clute, Dell Magazines' SF boat cruise, fiction by Peter Crowther, and getting laid at a science-fiction convention.


Stephen R. Donaldson Interview

Matt Stone and Trey Parker Interview
Team America: World Police – Joe 90 it ain’t.

Mick Garris Interview
Interview with the director of various Stephen King films.

Clive Barker Interview
Horror author interviewed.

Shaun of the Dead
Stars and crew of the horror comedy film interviewed.

John Schneider Interview
Clark Kent's dad interviewed about matters Smallville-related.

John Clute Interview
The arty don of the SF lit scene speaks.


Cruising for a SF bruising?
Dell Magazines runs the first ever science fiction cruise boat. Will the world of cons ever be the same again, land lubbers?

Salute to Star Trek
Fan report from a con where everyone really does dress up as a Klingon.


Worlds of Tomorrow
Review of this art-book featuring pulp magazine covers. Looks nice.

On the Pull
Article on the movie version of Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy.

Anne Rice and the Affair
Some contretemps between the e-commerce site and author Anne Rice.


War of Another World
Short fiction by Adam Roberts.

View from a Height
Short fiction by Joan D. Vinge.

Ruby, in the Storm
Short fiction by AM Dellamonica.

Short fiction by Derek Smith.

Songs of Leaving
Short fiction by Peter Crowther.

Blind Date with the Invisible Man
Short fiction by Leslie What.

The Wolf-man of Alcatraz
Short fiction by Howard Waldrop.

Little Whalers
Short fiction by Steven Utley.


Geeks in Love
The art of finding nooky at science fiction conventions.

Science Fiction is Blind
Why SF authors are losing the ability to predict the trends of the future in their novels.


Season seven of the three teen witches’ TV series.

Team America
The South Park crew bring you their take of current affairs Thunderbirds stylee.

Suspect Zero
Look at the movie where the FBI track down a renegade agent trained to kill victims with his mind.

Trek Fans Needed
Star Trek fan contributions needed for a new TV documentary.

The classic radio SF series gets a new lease of life in CD format.

Tale of the ‘Scape
Wry look at the new ‘Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars’ movie.

The Final Cut
SF movie thriller from the near future where you can record you life on a chip.

Bond is Dead
Brosnan confirms his days as 007 are no more.

Not so Plain Jane Visits Smallville
Actress Jane Seymour lands a pivotal role in the Smallville TV series. Hmm. Super.

A-Team Returns
The big-screen movie of those kooky Vietnam vets will be dark and realistic. Oh, someone actually gets shot then?

Hitchhiker Redux
A review of the fourth episode of the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio series.

Wolverine the Movie
David Benioff lined up for the X-Men movie spin-off.

Hang on, James
MGM places James Bond #21 into suspended animation.

Hellboy Redux
The director's cut DVD of the Hellboy film may be more different than you think.

Burning Books
Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 getting close to a big movie treatment.

The Sensual Cylon
Interview with Tricia Helfer, the best-looking robot Battlestar Galactica has ever seen.

Get your Hitchhiker's Here
Download your episodes of the new radio series here.

Vill he Be Back?
Will California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in the fourth Terminator movie.

Fantastic Four - Fantastic
Pics from the new FF movie of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. Flame on!

Seeing Sikozu
Farscape babe Sikozu – aka Raelee Hill - talks about the new mini-series movie.

Gritty Galactica
Why the Battlestar has got the realistic Space Above and Beyond treatment.

Do we have a British Buffy for the TV screen?

How Lost are we?
Is there trouble in paradise, as the BBC chat to the Alias creator about his new TV show?

Loving Star Wars
Behind the scenes on the Empire of Dreams documentary, looking at how director George Lucas had to fight to bring his vision to the big screen.

Starfighter The Musical
At last, the musical version of the 1984 SF film The Last Starfighter. Hmm, yeah.

The Forgotten, forgotten?
Review of the new horror flick The Forgotten.

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