Scifi and fantasy features from 1999.

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Details of the New Phantom Menace Sequel
01/09/2000. Rumours have been spilling out of Skywalker Ranch about the Episode II movie, tentatively entitled The Convergence of the Clones.

Millennium Madness: What Does the Future Really Hold in Store for You
01/12/1999. Now here's a timely story, as you guys'N'Gals out there in the off-line world gather around your New Year drink tables and prepare to toast good-bye to the sad ol' 20th century.

Mercy me, it's an Xena Xmas
01/12/1999. We know what all you Xena Warrior Princess fans want in your stocking this Crimble... you want Xena in her very own stockings!

Yousa talking like Jar Jar now
01/12/1999. Those of you who know a little about the Web are probably very well conversant with on-line translation services.

What In the Name of Holy Heck Is a Chron Monkey?
01/12/1999. Unless you've been asleep the last decade (certainly if you are my sad age, bumping along the mid-30s), you've no doubt noticed that those great games you played at college & school like Traveler, D&D, etc have now pretty much died on their feet.

That's Trektastic, Matey
01/12/1999. You know it's Christmas at the Nest, because we pull out all the stops in our efforts to bring you a veritable cornucopia of goodies.

Sorry, we're Forbidden (Planet) To Talk About it
01/12/1999. Anyone who itches their science fiction shopping habit in the UK is probably very familiar with the Forbidden Planet bookshop & merchandise chain.

Terry Pratchett - Author Or Media Slut?
01/12/1999. Well, you know where you are in the media pecking order when you try to get an interview with an old media slut like superstar fantasy author Terry 'He'd appear at the opening of an envelope' Pratchett, and the PR agency won't even acknowledge your calls.

Space War Classic
01/12/1999. One of my defining experiences as a young pup was attending a World SF con at Brighton when I was a kid in the 70s.

Taming Miss Oberon - Part 1
01/11/1999. A Psi-Kicks story by GF Willmetts.

Taming Miss Oberon - Part 2
01/11/1999. A Psi-Kicks story by GF Willmetts.

Taming Miss Oberon - Part 3
01/11/1999. A Psi-Kicks story by GF Willmetts.

Taming Miss Oberon - Part 4
01/11/1999. A Psi-Kicks story by GF Willmetts.

Super author Robert Heinlein talks from the dead
01/11/1999. In the Crowsnest's voyages across cyberspace in the search to bring you the finest science fiction and fantasy, we have come across many an odd encounter.

Alien Writings Found
01/11/1999. Have you ever wanted to fire up MS Word and start typing away in a Star Trek Next Generation typeface.

More details on the new Star Trek Excellent TV series
01/11/1999. Deep Throat has been busy again, leaking us some more snippets on Brannon and Berman's new Trek universe series, you know, the one planned as the follow-on to DS9 and eventually Voyager when it's retired shortly.

No Max?
01/11/1999. Now that makes us Mad.

Chewie on this, you imaginary murdering author, you!
01/11/1999. Chewbacca the Star Wars Wookiee is officially road kill on the Imperial Hyperspace Highway, and the fate of everyone's favourite walking rug is provoking homicidal feelings among the ranks of fandom.

E-by-gum (and sci-fi & fantasy 'E' at that)
01/11/1999. Here's a question for you. Ever heard of e-books? No? Think of a Sony Walkman for books. You can either buy a hardware reader to read e-novels while you roam, or you can download a software-based virtual reader for your PC 100% free.

Yet another Star Wars Personality Test?
01/11/1999. Do you want to discover your StarWars twin - the true Star Wars personality that inhabits the deep, dark corner of your soul?

Chart-topping Science Fiction Author, Jack Williamson Interviewed
01/10/1999. What a coup, the last of the Great Ones, Jack Williamson - one of the creators of science fiction - is interviewed by the 'Nest. He's outlasted all his compatriots and is still writing novels when most people his age are being wheeled around a Pensioners home.

Red mars - red faces at nasa. But who were the mystery pair that were caught red handed?
01/10/1999. Anyone following the mainstream press has probably heard about NASA's embarrassing set-back when the Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) was diving into orbit around the red planet - only to go missing and never to appear again.

Jules Verne - Super Spy Guy?
01/10/1999. Hot on the heels of those steam-punk super spies over at the Wild West West comes a cool new TV series, The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne.

Take me to the moon? Show me the colour of your money first, darling.
01/10/1999. News comes to us of the colourful activities of the Lunar Resources Company, a company which has resolved to both advance and engage in space flight as a commercial enterprise.

Another Bondage Movie.
01/10/1999. The World is not Enough, for our James 007.

Free Jar Jar Binks. If you want him.
01/10/1999. You have always wanted a free Jar Jar Binks, haven't you? Well now you can have Jar Jar galore, as well as your very own Speeder Pod etc etc.

My Tricorder is picking up signs of a Pizza?
01/10/1999. Sure, the Palm Pilot hand-held computer has sold 12 million units. It's great for keeping track of appointments and such, but you can't scan for tachyon emissions, life-forms, or hotwire it to disrupt a prison force shield ...until now.

UFO fans get hot under the collar about smoking
01/10/1999. Outraged UFO fans have been besieging the Winston Box cigarette company for their latest very clever advertising campaign.

How much am I bid for this lovely Alpha Centuarian?
01/10/1999. What a nice little site.

Chart-topping authors, Iain Banks & Ken McLeod interviewed
01/09/1999. It had to happen! Scottish media love object, Iain Banks, the UK's best selling author of the Culture series gives us the low down on his science fiction space operas par excellence. Fellow Jock, Ken McLeod, author of the rather fab Stone Canal snuck in too.

Kirk's Wife Death Tragedy
01/09/1999. William Shatner, alias Classic Trek's Captain Kirk, has been put through the emotional wringer recently when he found his wife of two years, Nerine, dead in the swimming pool of their LA home.

One of the UK's last print science fiction magazines, Odyssey, folds in a flurry of confusion
01/09/1999. We've had some reports about the death of the UK's SF magazine Odyssey and contacted two members of staff; one who turned out to have left a long time ago (despite still being listed on their web site) and the more recently ex-editor cum publisher Liz Holliday.

Mutant Chickens Breath Underwater
01/09/1999. Japanese scientists at the Mikoniko Research Institute in Japan have successfully finished their initial trials aimed at genetically engineering chickens capable of breathing under water.

The next Star Trek series on TV will be Excellent
01/09/1999. News has leaked out to the 'Nest concerning Brannon and Berman's new Trek universe series, you know, the one planned as the follow-on to DS9 and eventually Voyager when it's retired shortly.

Why Astronauts Shouldn't Get Married
01/09/1999. Now here comes an interesting little film starring Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Blair Brown, Nick Cassavetes, and Joe Morton.

Go on a Bender and Talk to the Aliens: it's SETI in Reverse
01/09/1999. Picture the scene, your starship's crashed on 20th century Earth, your jump-space relay is screwed, you're 1000 light years from home.

New star drive prototype invented by University of Washington
01/09/1999. Ah, those pipe-smoking egg heads at the University of Washington have done mighty good by us this time - they have revealed a new star drive that might make a Vorlon break down weeping tears of pride.

Charlton Heston's SF Film(s) Home Page
01/09/1999. Back in the 1970s Charlton Heston was the original groover and mover of the science fiction movies.

The Spy That Figgled Me
01/08/1999. Film censors worldwide have been getting into a right old tizzy over how to cope with the title of the rude new Austin Powers film - the Spy Who Shagged Me.

Farscape. A muppet too far?
01/08/1999. Yes it's true, we're a bit late with the August issue because your beloved Crowsnest editorial team have spent the last two weeks in the USA.

Do Jedi Knights go to ASCII-FI Heaven?
01/08/1999. Sometimes in our trawls of the Net to bring you the finest science fiction & fantasy offerings, we come across something so strange, so brilliant, it just weirds out the entire Nest crew.

Road Rage steps up a beat in DeathRace 3000
01/08/1999. Making a come-back from his appearance in Stanley Kubrick's truly appalling last film, Eyes Wide Shut, perhaps so-named for the number of members of the audience who go to sleep during the movie - Tom Cruise is rumoured to be headlining in the Death Race 3000 movie now being produced by Paramount.

R2D2 Gets Jiggy With It
01/08/1999. Grease your lubes, polish your circuits, and check your AI algorithms one last time, my robot friends, because the Crufts of Androids is getting ready to test your mettle.

I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper, flashing light in hyperspace
01/08/1999. Foundation Imaging and FlatEarth Films have got together for the greatest collaborative effort since some thin guy named Laurel met some fat guy named Hardy.

Dust off your Daget, Battlestar Galactica fans, because Admiral Adama is back in town
01/08/1999. Atlanta's DragonCon in July saw the screening of the promotional concept proof produced to wet the movie-making appetites of Universal Studios.

Speed Racer Home Page
01/08/1999. This month we have gone all retro. August's choice for the wise connoisseur of on-line science fiction and fantasy is this-here official site dedicated to the 1960s cartoon hero Speed Racer.

MI5 wants Q-you
01/07/1999. Vacancy opens for Gadget Man to service their Double-0 Agents.

One of our Forbidden Planet Stores is missing
01/07/1999. Can you guess which one?

Mulder and Scully mysteriously abducted from prime-time TV
01/07/1999. Hungary's Supreme Court has banned state-owned TV station MTV - nothing to do with the too hip for their own good music channel - from showing the paranoia and paranormal mystery programme, the X-files, before 11pm.

Are you a Luke Skywalker-type of guy, or more of a Darth Vader personality?
01/07/1999. Cashing in on the current wave of Phantom Menace madness, those crazed programmers at have lost their mind and developed the character test to end all character tests.

Xanth eXamined
01/07/1999. Will Piers Anthony's magic be eXterminated?

What a load of Rap
01/07/1999. The Wild Wild Pest strikes.

Sauce and Sorcery.
01/07/1999. Be still my beating heart - Xena strips for the cameras.

Piers Anthony's Official Home Page
01/07/1999. It was hard to find, even in search engines, but acting on a fan tip off, us super-sleuths at the Nest have finnally managed to track down the official Piers Anthony web site.

Copyright Menace of the Phantom variety?
01/06/1999. We are not sure of the legality of this little baby, but boy do we like it.

Alien Call Screening
01/06/1999. Those wild funksters at SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence institute have not had a good time of it over the last few years.

Trek Fans Trounced by Movie Troubles
01/06/1999. Thousands of hopping mad Trek affacindos have threatened to march through Hollywood in protest at a lifestyle movie that focuses on the more unsettling aspect of the lives of Star Trek fans, or should that be FANatics.

Hair Today, in an Alien Zoo Tomorrow
01/06/1999. Whatever will those US space boffins at Celestis Inc think of next?

Not a Perfume, But a Desert Planet!
01/06/1999. More Dune delights for the summer.

Dark Lords of the Sloth Strike
01/06/1999. Expected shortly the biggest worker skive in Europe since the introduction of's random mission statement generator onto the web.

I'm Dead Jim
01/06/1999. DeForest Kelley, better known as Dr. Leonard McCoy - Bones - on the original Star Trek, has sadly taken his own final voyage of exploration into the unknown, by passing away this Friday 11th June 1999 at the ripe of age of 79.

Lord of the Rings Movie Site
01/06/1999. Getting their site in early, the Lord of the Rings movie has stormed in and claimed their slice of virtual pie.

Buy you will. Good I am.
01/05/1999. Yoda on this, Lucasites.

Shock horror. Keanu Reeves does a decent cyberpunk movie!
01/05/1999. Lucky old Keanu Reeves. After the shellshock of his last cyberpunk outing, a film we shall not name but which was, of course, based on a William Gibson short story, the blighter has finally stumbled into a decent cyberpunk movie The Matrix.

Major U.S science fiction book publisher cuts back
01/05/1999. News from the States leads us to believe the death spiral of SF print publishing is still continuing apace.

Foreign Phantom Menace fans ripped off by fake tour company
01/05/1999. Dozens of European science fiction fans who have been shelling out their hard earned cash for Phantom Menace flight and cinema seats via a company called Tenbat-Holmberg Tours & Vacations have been taken to the proverbial Dagobah cleaners.

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