Scifi and fantasy features from 2000.

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Dr Who: David Tennant and Billie Piper interview
01/12/2005. Doctor Who returns to the BBC's screens this Christmas for a one-off special, starring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. In this special episode, the Doctor and Rose return to Cardiff where the Doctor languishes in bed, recovering from the draining regeneration process, while Rose and Mickey battle sinister masked Santas, a killer Christmas tree and a plot to take over the world by the Sycorax, a monstrous alien race.

Bill Gates is Darth Vader. True. True.
01/12/2000. What has Darth Vader got to do with Bill Gates we hear you cry?

More Andromeda Reviews
01/12/2000. Our chums in the US have been reporting in on the state of the new Andromeda TV series starring the shiny oiled-up fellow from Hercules, Sorbo.

Pokemon stole my identity and turned me into a monster!
01/12/2000. A legal case that's been reported in the press recently, is that of Pokemon vs Uri Gellar, the much touted psychic magician from Israel who can bend metal objects with the force of his mind.

The super-human concept in Science Fiction Part 1 of 2
01/12/2000. NEWMEN TECHNOLOGY. Chapter 6: Future Writing: Using and Understanding Science Fiction Nomenclature.

The super-human concept in Science Fiction Part 2 of 2
01/12/2000. NEWMEN TECHNOLOGY. Chapter 6: Future Writing: Using and Understanding Science Fiction Nomenclature.

Do directors dream of total credit?
01/12/2000. A further appraisal of the film 'Blade Runner'.

Rumour, Speculation And Theory
01/12/2000. Rumour, speculation and theory. Key words in designing a story. It's also a way of life on the Internet when what people really want are facts. Go figure.

01/12/2000. Don't know what the Paramount legal sharks would ever make of this site if they stumbled across it, but we know what we think here at the 'Nest... fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

Choose a Santa Superhero
01/12/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for December 2000.

And on the 6th Day, God made Schwarzenegger.
01/11/2000. The movie 6th Day marks our Schwarzenegger's return to the world of science fiction, and like Total Recall, his new SF movie addresses some interesting questions about identity (The posters for the 6th Day even wear a very PK Dick'ish strap-line that reads 'Are you who you think you are?').

The Andromeda Strain - SF genius or Xena in Space?
01/11/2000. Four fans have a virtual roundtable about what they thought of the new Andromeda science fiction TV series which recently aired its pilot in the USA.

Federation Science Trek beams down to the Science Museum
01/11/2000. Captain's log - stardate late October. It sure gets boring in London during the drizzling Winter, so what better way for the Crowsnest crew to while away a chilly, wet Sunday than walking about the new Federation Science exhibition at the National Science Museum in the UK?

Fight or Flight
01/11/2000. The second episode of Star Trek Enterprise makes it's way onto the small screen and Gary M. Torborg pops a beer and gives us the inside track on the new Trek.

The web's Winter Season
01/11/2000. SF on the web.

Alas poor SF World, another magazine goes to the wall
01/11/2000. The new British science fiction magazine in print, SF World, which could be found on all the shelves of popular news agents such as WH Smith, has collapsed into non-existence after only its fourth issue.

Dark Angel - it's not dark, and there's no angels
01/11/2000. Does this new TV series cut the mustard?

Dungeons and Dragons movie sites
01/11/2000. With the Dungeons and Dragons movie fast upon us (it goes out to US release early December this year), we thought it might be opportune to have a look at some good sites that focus on this movie.

Asteroid Relief? About blooming time.
01/10/2000. Remember last issue when we were talking about our pet worry Deep Impact-type scenarios being worked out for real on our pleasant little blue celestial body?

China worships Marvel Comics. It's official!
01/10/2000. When you think of China, what do you think of? The Great Wall perhaps. Lots of people in baggy green shell-suits waving red books. If you're as sad as us boffins here at the 'Nest, it might be TV series like Martial Law, Monkey, or the Water Margin.

Andromeda Angers Fans
01/10/2000. The new Gene Roddenberry-branded science fiction series, Andromeda is nearly upon us (at least, it is if you live in the USA, where it'll be syndicated from October 2nd), us Brits will just have to wait for the BBC to fight Sky for the rights.

Episode II Heaven
01/10/2000. As Episode II finishes its last day of shooting in Spain, tempers were said to be running high in the burning southern Spanish heat between Hayden Christensen (alias Anakin Skywalker) and Natalie Portman (alias Queen Amidala).

GalaxyOnline Celebrity Corner
01/10/2000., the science-fiction entertainment site, announced at the 58th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Chicago that they have launched a new area on their site - Galaxy of Stars, a section devoted to offering information and images of top science fiction TV and movie celebrities.

Life In The Short Lane Gets Creative Extension
01/10/2000. Life is limited. It isn't just down to three score and ten years. An accident or natural disaster can cut life short in a matter of seconds. This not only makes life limited but also precious.

Spy-Fi Archives
01/10/2000. James Bond, Maxwell Smart, and Illya Kuryakin were among the spy fiction characters that captured Americans' imaginations in the 60s and let them dream of a life filled with intrigue and adventure.

UFOs, True or False?
01/10/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for October 2000.

Harry Potter Moves Into The Movies
01/09/2000. Harry Potter madness continues unabated as software company Electronic Arts announced it had won the hot bidding war for video games rights based on the Harry Potter books and the forthcoming Warner movie.

Voyager's Last Series Will Amaze
01/09/2000. Big plans are afoot for the last series of Star Trek Voyager. The 22-episode series will culminate in the Voyager reaching home, but at a cost.

Fantasy and SF Books Tops the E-book Charts
01/09/2000. Following the success of Stephen King's various e-books online, it is heartening to see that fantasy and science fiction is dominating the download charts of this most futuristic of media.

Terminator T3 gets Solid
01/09/2000. The new Terminator T3 movie continues to move into the realms of reality, as Edward Furlong - the actor who played John Connor in T2 - has confirmed he has been signed to appear in the new movie.

SETI Saved by Microsoft?
01/09/2000. We have said a lot of bad things about Microsoft in the past, but we take them all back now (well, most of them anyway).

GalaxyOnline Launches a Writer's Corner
01/09/2000. GalaxyOnline, a science-fiction and science-fact information and entertainment site, has recently launched a new section showcasing both classic and new science-fiction stories.

Regular 'Star-Ship' Guys
01/09/2000. With all the TV and offline media properties making the jump to the Web, it is reassuring to see that this can sometimes be a two way street now that the Icebox site's star web-served cartoon series Starship Regulars is making the leap to the googlebox (that's TV to you).

SFF Fans and Genetically Modified Foods
01/09/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for September 2000.

Ballard appears, but Harry Potter vanishes?
01/08/2000. Do you know who J.G. Ballard is? You could be forgiven if you don't.

Space Cowboys hit the USA
01/08/2000. A new Warner Brother film called Space Cowboys has hit the USA. It's coming to Europe soon, and this is the deal ...

What ... Sci-Fi? Now?
01/08/2000. You may remember a while ago we pointed out the odd situation that so many large print SF magazines had failed to grasp the web - not even launching a lousy marketing web site.

2000AD in Rebellion?
01/08/2000. Ohmigod. What's happening to all the rocks of stability that have underpinned the Crowsnest team's brief lives on this globe?

The Andromeda Strain(ing)
01/08/2000. Well, the sun is shining outside, so it's time to have a look at some web-sites for the true sons - and daughters - of Trek.

X-men vs Mystery Men
01/08/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for August 2000.

X-Men The Movie - are you X-cited now?
01/07/2000. Unless you haven't gone through a childhood since the 1970s (or had really strict parents who thought that comic-books were the work of the devil), then you know the X-Men are a team of way-cool mutant superheroes.

Harry Potter Madness
01/07/2000. Rhymes with cuddles?

Does Geoff like The Phantom Menace?
01/07/2000. There are some advantages to waiting for a film to come out on video than going to the cinema. Probably one of the best ones is that you're not swung by the hype - pro and con from the critics or viewers alike.

Thunderbird Fuel
01/07/2000. Where there are people likely to lose their lives when no conventional rescue service is either available or with the necessary equipment, who do you call?

Star Trek - it's future on TV
01/07/2000. An assessment on announcements.

Lord of the Rings Movie Site
01/07/2000. Getting their site in early, the Lord of the Rings movie has stormed in and claimed their slice of virtual pie.

Sci-Fi Channel: Champions of Good, or Hell-pit of Evil?
01/07/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for July 2000.

Hugo a-Go-Go 2000AD
01/06/2000. Yes, it's that time of the year again - when flowers bloom, deer get frisky, and the Hugo Award nominees are announced.

Can a corporation write fiction?
01/06/2000. What a wheeze. Those gray-suit clad fiends over at Sci-Fi Channel have decided to jump on the ol' web fiction bandwagon and have launched ''Sci Fiction'' - a new fiction-focused section of

Last light of the Old Republic
01/06/2000. Once upon time in a science fiction market long, long ago, SF was something that was run by loving fans with nary a sniff of big media money.

Pssst. Droid going cheap - you want?
01/06/2000. Don't you just love e-commerce?

SF Super Author Iain Banks. Just Resting.
01/06/2000. Crikes, how will his legion of fans be able to cope?

Lower Decks
01/06/2000. Now here's an interesting idea. 'Lower Decks' or LD is an extensive database of character bios that lists all the bit player characters from the TV series Voyager.

Farscape Females
01/06/2000. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for June 2000.

Cantina Giveaway
01/05/2000. Lucas online combats Star Wars web piracy by giving away the cantina.

Phantom Menace. But is it Art, Darling?
01/05/2000. If you're lucky enough to live in the UK, sci-fi fans, then why not make a pilgrimage to London's Barbican Centre?

Man Builds Mecha. For Real.
01/05/2000. If you're a fan of Japanese toons and comics, that ubiquitous anime or manga, then you're probably no stranger to the massive robot fighting machines which features so heavily in entertainment in the land of the rising sun.

So ... just how haunted is Mars?
01/05/2000. Movie download round-up.

By nature and stars
01/05/2000. There's a lot to be said for being God. You spend seven days creating the universe. Then have the rest of eternity to relax and write some Science Fiction stories about it. Alternatively:- Real life is for people with reality problems.

Alien Abductions
01/05/2000. Ever felt the overwhelming need to experience an alien abduction experience? You know the kind of thing, wake up at night. Odd light coming through the window.

X-Men X-Travaganza
01/04/2000. I have an uncle who - having started his comic collection in the 60s - has an enviable collection of big name early titles... including the first couple of hundred editions of the X-Men (not to mention the Fantastic Four, Conan, The Incredible Hulk etc etc).

Buffy's sites must die
01/04/2000. Suffer not a 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' site to die - especially after the series strong showing on the Internet is strongly credited with boosting the TV program's ratings in the first place.

Matrix II Spoilers
01/04/2000. If you enjoyed the Keanu cyberpunk extravaganza which was the film the Matrix, then here's some hot rumours for you - fresh from the production studios in the UK.

A better class of muppet for Farscape
01/04/2000. Farscape was originally reviewed by the Crowsnest Crew when if first premiered, and we unfairly described it as muppets in space.

Long-running science fiction magazine SF Age gets a blaster bolt through the heart
01/04/2000. Some sad news reaches us from the shores of the US of A. Apparently SF Age magazine, Sovereign Media Company's glossy title chock full of short stories, is to stop publishing. It's been going for eight years, but the May 2000 issue is to be the last.

El SID gets lost in space
01/04/2000. Macromedia Flash is fast becoming the DVD standard of the Web.

Spielberg Looking at Making a Fantasy Movie
01/03/2000. It is interesting how movies are like buses. You can wait hours for one, then along come four at once.

Doctor Who Back From The Dead
01/03/2000. Those of you unlucky enough to have been inflicted with the experience of watching the big budget Doctor Who movie - you know, the one with DW snogging his assistant - may have thought that you'd seen the last of Sylvester McCoy driving the Tardis across the universe.

The Return of the Thunderbird King
01/03/2000. That Gerry Anderson, he just won't stand still. Gerry, the creator of Space 1999, Thunderbirds and more recently, that bizarre 80's puppet-show with alien square robots bashing the heck out of Earth's spherical robots, is planning a little come-back.

Phantom Menace Gets a Lick of Politically Correct Paint & The Emperor is Unmasked
01/03/2000. George Lucas and the Phantom Menace team came in for a heck of a lot of flack from US African American Rights organizations for the lack of ethnic characters in the new Star Wars prequels.

Ideas and applications to story plots - part 1 of 2
01/03/2000. A chapter in Storycraft by Uncle Geoff.

Ideas and applications to story plots - Part 2 of 2
01/03/2000. A chapter in Storycraft by Uncle Geoff.

The Adventures of Blit Wizbok
01/03/2000. If there is a broadband future for the internet - all shining satellite net connections and ASDN links - you can probably forget about all this static HTML page and text nonsense.

UK's Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Comic Stick in a Time Warp (oh dear).
01/02/2000. What happens when you're the UK's most successful comic-book, have been going since the 1970s, and something as inconvenient and unforeseeable as the New Millennium comes along?

Phasers on STUN
01/02/2000. Who says life doesn't imitate art? In a move to gladden the heart of many a Trekkie, HSV Technologies announced it is developing a non-lethal weapon that uses UV laser beams to knock both humans and animals out at a distance.

Blair Witch II. Please God. No.
01/02/2000. In a triumph of money over good sense, the team behind Blair Witch - surely one of the worst, most over-hyped films of 1999 - are now looking to cash in on their success with both a sequel and a prequel.

Mars they Laughed
01/02/2000. The beasts that eats ships is back.

James Bond Gets a Search Engine
01/02/2000. Here's a handy tip on how to ensure your phone is tapped, just make lots of mobile phone calls making frequent mention of the words Project Echelon, sprinkling your conversation with a few CIAs and NSAs.

01/02/2000. There's a new trend for science fiction PC gaming which here at the Nest we have to admit, we like!

Bladerunner Battle
01/01/2000. Geoff Willmetts argues the toss with Barry Purcell about the finer points of this classic movie.

Space Bastards
01/01/2000. The way the web has moved on from the flat HTML desert the Science Fiction Crowsnest set up shop in 1995 no doubt shocks you as much as it sometimes does us.

Sci-Fi Model Madness
01/01/2000. Us chaps and chapesses at the Nest are suckers for model kits and figures - most of us grew up painting ERTL Battlestar Galactica kits and Ral Patha dragons (not to mention Games Workshop's industrial scale output).

How can I get an oscar playing a $%%^& elf?
01/01/2000. TSR - creators of the roleplaying genre through its Dungeons and Dragons game- have been through a really rocky patch in the 1990s.

Space, the expensive frontier
01/01/2000. If you have ever read the Drudge report and marveled at their sensitive (not) handling of political news, you'll love this little gem - an independent source of news and gossip on the space exploration world ... mainly NASA and the North American side of things.

PC Pete
01/01/2000. When the corporate heads at Phillips decide to get together to do a free science fiction screen saver cum game for your Windows 95, 98, or NT machine, they do it in style.

Star Wars kidnap victim had embraced the Dark Side
01/05/1999. You bad, bad girl. Canadian fan Michelle Elizabeth Lawrence claimed that chum James Gunter had kidnapped her following a cyber relationship that grew out of their mutual passion for Star Wars.

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