Scifi and fantasy features from 2001.

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The Women of Star Trek: Convention Report.
01/12/2001. Keynote guest Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek Voyager) - by Sashi Alexandra German.

Enterprise: Season 1, Episode 4: "Unexpected".
01/12/2001. A TV review by Gary M. Torborg.

The New New Fan
01/12/2001. The image of the science fiction fan as a card-carrying geek, forever donning Vulcan ears to attend the latest Trekkie convention is a thing of the past according to research released by Sci∑Fi, the UK arm of the cable channel owned by Universal Studios Networks.

The Long-Awaited Andorian Incident (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/12/2001. I was in fact very much looking forward to this episode; I've always liked the Andorians from their rare TOS appearances.

Dreamers of Dune & Star Wars Trailers.
01/12/2001. Yes folks, its the Xmas 2001 web site and online roundup, featuring a selection of this month's submissions to SFcrowsnest's SF/F search engine.

Bringing out the fan-boy ...
01/12/2001. Another year nearly over and another proposed prediction unfulfilled: Still no alien contact in the 21st century. Well, if 1984ís ĎBig Brotherí was 15 years late, what can we expect?

Speculating to accumulate SF
01/12/2001. There are two approaches to building a science fiction fantasy web site. One is loading up on content written by the site's producers (and their friends & family, of course).

Gandalf vs Harry Potter in a High Sorcery Showdown
01/12/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for December 2001.

The Terrible Pain of Science Fiction - Part II
01/11/2001. Last month when I wrote about the New York disaster and the feeling we were all living in a SF movie, I was under the impression that nobody I knew had been hurt by the collapse of the Trade Towers.

Voyager's Final Episode: Endgame for a series that takes it up the end?
01/11/2001. Bozo the Proctologist takes a look at the last episode of Voyager. And it doth pleaseth him not!

Broken Bow
01/11/2001. The first episode of Star Trek Enterprise makes it's way onto the small screen and Gary M. Torborg takes a peep at the premiere.

Do Robot Cats Dream of Electric Mice?
01/11/2001. Last month our weird science team dug up the Universal Translator for pets Ė a device that allows you to communicate with your dog, bringing a whole new level of closeness between man/woman and their Fido.

Well, the good news is that the robot sentries survived the crash.
01/11/2001. Someone in Australia has obviously been watching to many repeats of the films Aliens Ė especially the uncut version where the scene with the footage of the way-cool robot sentries was reinstated.

Killing Stars
01/11/2001. Time for the monthly round-up of interesting new web sites our SF search engine has come across.

Oh the Vanity
01/11/2001. Jane Palmer peers into the world of Vanity Publishing. With the SF/F publishing world so f&^%%$ed, is this now the only route to print?

Reality can take a backseat to fantasy... Or is it the other way around?
01/11/2001. Nearly the end of 2001 and not a Monolith in sight. Is this year dashing away at an unprecedented way or is it just me? Does time move faster when things go wrong or is it a perception that if we feel when looking for good times?

Revu'ing Science Fiction
01/11/2001. Itís rare we come across a site we like which makes extensive use of frames, but SFrevu does Ė and heck does it do it well. The left hand navigation frame sits nicely throughout the site and quickly allows you to jump about between issues and articles.

Harry Potter - Poop or Prodigy?
01/11/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for November 2001.

The terrible pain of science fiction made reality
01/10/2001. It is a sign of our time, that when something beyond imagination happens, the only way we can reconcile it is to compare it against the output of the cinema industry - and the fantasy and SF of our movies.

The Write Stuff
01/10/2001. What it takes to create your own SF game company

X-Men Sparks a Film Frenzy
01/10/2001. While Marvel try to tempt the original X-Men movie director, Bryan Singer, back in an attempt to helm the sequel, a burst of activity has emerged from Hollywood as almost everyone under the sun go scrambling for a decent comic franchise to turn into a blockbuster movie.

Out, Talking The Dog
01/10/2001. With all the death and misery out in the real world at the moment - war, terrorism, economic collapse, redundancies et al, I don't know about you, but I frigging need cheering up.

An act of global war takes only seconds to change the world
01/10/2001. The world changed rather drastically on Tuesday 11th September with the terrorist attack on the twin Trade Centre Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

Chicks with Light Sabers
01/10/2001. Chicks with Light Sabers may sound like the latest round of mad manga to cross over from Japan, but no, it isn't. In fact, what it is, is a female-oriented Star Wars site courtesy of Jedi Girl and Miss Jedi.

Trek is History: new Star Trek series insights
01/09/2001. Have you been busting a gut to know what the pilot for the new Trek series, Enterprise is going to be about?

You'll like Youll: Book Reviews
01/09/2001. Here's eight little literary tit-bits from our gaggle of reviewers.

Piers Anthony tells it like it was (& still is)
01/09/2001. Fantasy novelist Stephen Hunt trawls through the pages of writer Piers Anthony's autobiography, and becomes unhinged by what he finds inside.

Got that feeling ...
01/09/2001. Let's talk shopping this month. There's lots of other subjects I can and am planning to talk about but it depends which grips me most first of all.

The Doctor will see you now
01/09/2001. It's rare to see a site that is chock full of content and laid out with a high standard of graphic design, site nav and coding.

Time Travel Troubles - Dr Who vs the Backstep Project
01/09/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for September 2001.

A.I - Any Intelligence at all ... in this flipping movie?
01/08/2001. A.I has opened to mixed reviews in the States (and has yet to appear at all on the shores of good old Blighty), but one thing is for sure ... it has been a blooming long time coming.

The Liar's Tale
01/08/2001. Short fiction by Lannah Battley.

01/08/2001. Short fiction from the pen of Marion Kelt.

Scottish science fiction - Braveheart or Blowinghard?
01/08/2001. Those jolly jocks at the The Edinburgh International Book Festival Box have come up with a stunning wheeze ... running a science fiction theme across the event so strong that it puts the guest list of many WorldCons to shame.

Sky Galleons of Mars comes to the Net
01/08/2001. More fine examples of what the web has to offer to us science fiction and fantasy lovers.

British or American science fiction?
01/08/2001. Unless youíre immortal ... Then it's wise to do as much as you can ... In all the time that is available to you.

Planetary People
01/08/2001. While us science fiction fans flick the pages of the latest Bruce Sterling blockbuster or check out the Dune miniseries on DVD, there is another breed of fan that is simply not content to sit around dreaming of the wonders of space exploration.

A.I. - Kubrick vs Spielberg
01/08/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for August 2001.

Possession: nine tenths of the body - Aka Buffy the succubus.
01/07/2001. You know how things are. You suddenly get an idea into your head and with no one around to discuss it with, there is a desire to commit the idea to an article.

Lord of the Rings movie gets a Middle Earth premiere
01/07/2001. Are you a seriously fanatical Lord of the Rings fan?

Would you pay to see the end of this damn movie?
01/07/2001. Film creator Ronan Gallagher has come up with a cunning wheeze to get fans of dark fantasy and horror to pay for his latest work ... gasp, over the internet?

Whose side are you on? The sidewise awards come to town
01/07/2001. Those canny judges for the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History have just announced the finalists for the Y2K Sidewise Awards.

Manga fantasies and fantasy manga
01/07/2001. These balmy summer months are still bringing us a bumper crop of tasty web sites to be picked off the vine. Here's four of the best of July's submissions to the SFcrowsnest search engine ...

SF by demographics
01/07/2001. Hate is only a deeper level of dislike. It depends on how much you dislike something and what you intend to do about it that can make it an abomination.

Going Ape with sci-fi gaming
01/07/2001. Here's a nice little game - Starships Unlimited - from a one-man band outfit, Andrew Ewanchyna, trading as Apezone.

Buffy or Tombraider - there can be only one
01/07/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for July 2001.

Hitchhiking to heaven - Douglas Adams dies unexpectedly
01/06/2001. What a blooming sad and early age to die.

Buffy defection shocker
01/06/2001. Is there anything more treacherous in this life than the perfidy of the bloodsucking vampire? How about the rough and tumble politics of US TV shows.

New Trek series full of Enterprise?
01/06/2001. Well, events in the Trek world are moving on a-pace, some might even say at warp speed. The new TV Star Trek series is - unfortunately - as we leaked, due to be set in the early past of the Federation, 150 years before Kirk even got his first wig fitted.

China Town - Miťville wins the Arthur C. Clarke Awards
01/06/2001. Time to catch up with all those award soirees we keep on getting invites for, but never seem to have time to go to.

Of Metronians and Owls
01/06/2001. It's a mixed bag of SF&F webdom we have to entertain you readers with this month.

X-Files in limbo, but Lone Gunmen slain
01/06/2001. Emerging from the spooky mists of uncertainty which have been shrouding its possible ninth season, the walking zombie which is the X-Files looks like it is finally getting some life breathed into it.

To be or not to be isnít a question. Itís a bloody equation.
01/06/2001. I suppose this question depends on your generation or when you started taking an interest in Science Fiction but it should apply to most of you reading this no matter what part of the world you live in. This harkens back to your first year at infant or junior school when a teacher asks what do you want to be when you leave school? How many say they want to be an astronaut?

Brushing the Stars with Astroart
01/06/2001. Now here's a professional looking site from the brush of the very professional David A Hardy.

Spiderman - just how fly is this guy?
01/06/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for June 2001.

Hot Pants and Zoot Suits
01/05/2001. A short history of tight superhero costumes in the movies.

Discworld by Picasso ... an explosion of SF/F art books.
01/05/2001. Uncle Geoff brushes off his book shelf again, to see what's recently landed in the land's greatest SF&F library. This week, he has mostly been eating ... gorgeous art books !

Cool Beans or Dead Beans: can the comic barons cross onto the web?
01/05/2001. There's recently been a spate of expensive and glossy full page adverts for something called Cool Beans World appearing in science fiction magazines like SFX.

You too can star in an animated SF flick ... It may be a real short, painful part though.
01/05/2001. Here's the good news, science fiction fans. You have a good chance of being able to star in a new science fiction movie, called BloodQuest.

Yoda to Fight and Sing in next Star Wars movie?
01/05/2001. Yoda is set to appear in the two follow up movies to the Phantom Menace, Episode II and III. And he will appear in some rather surprising ways, George Lucas commented to movie insiders late last month.

Art for fantasy art's sake?
01/05/2001. Ohmygosh, it's web site review time again.

One of those months
01/05/2001. Ever had one of those months? You know the type. You start of with the best of intentions and then find things conspire against you for getting anything done.

A Wizard for the Wizard
01/05/2001. It's not every day we give a Wizard Site award to another Wizard, but it's May, so we have to do a few crazy things I guess.

Trek - past or present?
01/05/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for May 2001.

Star Trek goes Quantum.
01/04/2001. Here's an image to conjure with. How would you fancy the chappie who played Sam Beckett - that famous time-jumping character from Quantum Leap - a-leaping into the captain's chair on the new Trek series set to replace Voyager when she reaches home?

Hot Pants and Zoot Suits Part 2
01/04/2001. An examination of super-hero depiction meeting the film industry.

Sneak showing of Star Wars Episode II
01/04/2001. Fancy a sneak peek at the next Star Wars movie? Then take yourself over to that famous US convention known to us mortals as Dragon*Con.

First Hugo award for websites - Yipee
01/04/2001. Does your SF web site know the way to San Josť?

The Future In Science Fiction
01/04/2001. Last monthís Survey question - does SF have a future, or is doomed? - wasnít one of mine. Saying that, I find myself defending my publisherís decision to examine the question. Namely, is there any future in Science Fiction?

Of Words and World Shaping
01/04/2001. Something I want you to consider is how do you read when you're on the Internet. A website such as ours where there is so much going on, it's logical to accept that you all scan the various items for what you want and then link into the page you want to read.

FANatical about science fiction
01/04/2001. Are you a sci-fi FANatic? Then perhaps the mission statement of these fine people will convice you to visit their site.

Planet of the Apes remake - good or evil?
01/04/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for April 2001.

SFX Network gets a lightsaber thrust through its heart.
01/03/2001. We got a lot of email from you Nest fans when we linked up with UK print sci-fi magazine giant SFX to become part of the SFX Network. Its aim was indeed worthy - to produce a linked series of science fiction sites, showcasing the best of British SF/F online.

Galactica Lives
01/03/2001. Has anyone seen my Battlestar?

2001: Filming The Future by Piers Bizony
01/03/2001. Aurum Press Ltd. 169 pages. Price: £14.99 (UK). $24.95 (US). ISBN: 1-85410-706-2.

Architectural Survival
01/03/2001. Short Fiction by Carl Barlow.

Swine Before Pearls
01/03/2001. Short fiction by Scott Urban and DF Lewis

A Convention called Willy
01/03/2001. Our chums at the Science-fiction & Fantasy Club of Wayne State College host a most splendid science convention each spring called WillyCon.

Is There A Case For Extra-Terrestrials Visiting Earth?
01/03/2001. Uncle Geoff investigates the gray menace.

Everything gets recycled in TV
01/03/2001. Many of the changes are to do with character than plot because it is how the later reacts and solves a problem that will give the necessary twist.

The type-face ... from outer space
01/03/2001. If like us you're a true science fiction fan, the chances are that when inspiration strikes for that Birthday invite you want to knock up, you'll be turning to a science fiction theme.

SciFi - dead or alive?
01/03/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for March 2001.

US Military want Starship Troopers, but for real this time !
01/02/2001. Do you remember that scene from Aliens when Sigourney Weaver climbs into the power loader and takes on the Alien Queen, giving the acid-spitting nasty the kicking of her life?

The Honor System. Author David Weber brings you Hornblower in Space.
01/02/2001. Best-selling fantasy author Stephen Hunt reviews the creative works of David Weber.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, oh, SETI, wonders what aliens you are?
01/02/2001. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, oh, SETI, wonders what aliens you are?

Trekking on - more on the last days of Trek
01/02/2001. Our inside source at Paramount, DT, continue to dish the dirt on what's going on in the world of Trek.

In space, nobody can hear you call a situation update meeting
01/02/2001. It's Steve manning the editorial desk this month, your Uncle Geoff taking a little time off to catch up with writing his own fiction, not to mention going through the growing pile of manuscripts submitted to the Crowsnest's book publishing imprint.

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Episode Guide
01/02/2001. OK, we admit it, the Crowsnest crew are big fans of the sub-genre known as Steam-Punk.

Choose the best Dune to appear on screen
01/02/2001. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for February 2001.

Next Star Wars movie will be bleak - it's official
01/01/2001. Sources highly placed in the camp of George Lucas have revealed a few more snippets about the next movie in the new Star Wars prequel sequence.

I am a hobbit and I live in a hole
01/01/2001. Now any self respecting fan of the great works of the mighty JRT (that's Tolkien aka Mr Middle Earth to the rest of you) will appreciate the lengths we go to to break happening news from the world of fantasy.

Fantasy toy brainwashed my child - mother cries for vengeance.
01/01/2001. It's not easy being a parent. Just ask Mrs Nystedt.

Pokemon really did steal his identity
01/01/2001. Last month we cast doubt on a legal case that had been reported in the press, that of Pokemon vs Uri Gellar, the much touted psychic magician from Israel who can bend metal objects with the force of his mind.

Star Trek due for a rebirth of twins in new TV series
01/01/2001. Word has leaked out of the studio that the next Star Trek TV series set to replace Voyager will indeed be a prequel that will focus on the birth of the Federation.

Galaxy Online bloats up over Christmas
01/01/2001. Will GalaxyOnline's mad thrust for glory and web domination never cease?

In Memory of Gordon James Brayley Willmetts
01/01/2001. Like a lot of parents of my generation, my Dad didnít really understand my interest in Science Fiction.

Mars? Next.
01/01/2001. One of the 'Nest crew, Chris, being stuck for a Christmas present for his father this year just gone - his dad is a big cowboy film fan by the way - decided to splash out on a couple of acres of Arizona (desert, we think) for two hundred US $ ... an offer he had found on a web site

Lord of the Downloads
01/05/2000. Proving the old Hollywood adage that it's never too early to begin hyping a hobbit, those hairy footed file executives over at the Lord of the Rings movie have got their trailer in early - like over a year early.

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