Scifi and fantasy features from 2003.

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Bounty (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. While Archer is taken prisoner by a bounty hunter, T'Pol is infected by a pathogen which unleashes her mating urges. Tim finds an episode which is one of the season's worst: appallingly bad in fact.

Cogenitor (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. A first contact situation leads Trip to get overly involved with the life and rights of a new species. There's a few plot conveniences, but this proves fairly meaty stuff.

First Flight (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. Archer gets word than an old colleague has died, prompting him to tell T'Pol about the early days of warp test flights. Goofy in spots, but fairly charming overall says our Tim.

Regeneration (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. The discovery of a crashed ship in the Arctic leads to humanity's first ever encounter with the Borg. Mostly a collection of horror-movie cliches. Good moments, but that's all.

The Breach (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. While Trip, Reed, and Mayweather must travel through treacherous caves in order to find some lost Denobulans, Phlox finds himself facing a patient with a long-standing grudge against Phlox's own race. The character material is good, the jeopardy sub-plot is not so great though.

The Expanse (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/08/2004. In the season finale, an attack on Earth by a new alien race brings a change of mission for the Enterprise. Tim discovers lots of setup, but not a lot of payoff.

Martian Opposition
01/08/2004. Rod ponders the Red Planet's fascination for writers of science fiction and fantasy and muses over the host of space probes which will shortly be descending there from America, Europe and Japan.

Kevin J. Anderson: An Impolite Interview
01/08/2004. Kevin J. Anderson on why he can't get enough of sprawling, multiple storyline books, on making characters grow, live and die, and why science fiction is the only genre with the entire universe as its canvas.

The Hulk: Frank's Take
01/08/2004. In revered filmmaker Ang Leeís darkly jolting action-adventure The Hulk, the perversely spry comic-book film adaptation continues on as a booming genre flick.

The Hulk: Mark's Take
01/08/2004. Ambitious but ultimately dissatisfying film version of the Marvel comic. A man periodically turns into a not-so-jolly green giant. Ang Lee does the adaptation with ill-calculated sensibility and not much sense.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Mark's Take
01/08/2004. An interesting premise from a graphic novel makes about half an hour of interesting story, mostly for the introduction of the characters. But the film needed a good plot to make it more than just a comic book origin story. This one seems to have a plot that was patched together as it went along. The film has a nice look, but the viewer is never intrigued by the villain or his machinations.

Conjose Mails Membership Reimbursements
01/08/2004. ConJose, the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention, issued reimbursements to qualified volunteers, staff, committee, and program participants beginning in late May 2003.

Hewitt (NJ) Author's New Novel To Appear As Online Serial
01/08/2004. With about 60 titles already published on both sides of the Atlantic, award-winning NJ author John Grant thought he'd seen every way there was of his books being published ... but he was wrong!

Jon Courtenay Grimwood Interview
01/08/2004. Jon Courtenay Grimwood belongs to the special group of SFF novelists who write compelling Science Fiction that keeps the reader's interest without employing the short cuts of clichť, formulae or fantasy. Jane Palmer chats with one of the rapidly rising stars of Brit-Lit SF.

Touched by a Tentacle
01/08/2004. Scottish SF author Ken MacLeod comes across an intriguing article on the influence of right-wing think tanks, and via that, the even more revelatory Cursor's Media Transparency, which tells you who's paying which pipers (and why they all play the same tune).

The Subtracted Dimensions of Lisa Snellings
01/08/2004. The hugely admired kinetic 3D creations of fantasy sculptor Lisa Snellings are a constant source of fascination to those lucky enough to own them, or to visit the people who do. A new development - Snellings-as-fantasy-illustrator - has come about through the creation of an anthology of original stories.

July 2003 Offworld Report
01/08/2004. SFF imprint Earthlight is axed, John Jarrold angrily speaks out on this, Richard E Grant becomes the new Dr Who, why Clarion matters, Eric Van Lustbader is interviewed, and a fab review of POD-based SFF fiction (hint, it's really, really bad).

Tom Holt: Singing for Nero
01/12/2003. Author Tom Holt on his old life as a lawyer, choosing the right words, falling asleep during 'The Matrix', and why the Roman Emperor Nero may not have been such a bad egg after all.

Mini-Reviews from the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival
01/12/2003. Mark comes back from Canada laden with reviews of the SFF movies Bright Future, Code 46, Cypher, A Problem With Fear, Nothing, and Le Temps Du Loup.

Shaun Jeffrey gets Evil(ution)
01/12/2003. Horror writer Shaun Jeffrey sits opposite our Donna in the interview chair ... and she discovers how hard it is to mix the usual trappings of a day job with novel writing.

Wheels within Wheels
01/12/2003. Fantasy author Robert Jordan interviewed about his Wheel of Time prequel, and why, if stranded on a desert island, he'd need an M-14 rifle with a good scope and as much ammunition as he could carry .

Seeing Sullivan
01/12/2003. Author Tricia Sullivan interviewed about her stunning new work of future-fiction, Maul, and why some may fine her imagined world extremely disturbing.

Conspiracy in the Shadow of Hierarchy
01/12/2003. Despite some recent indulgences, Scots SF author Ken MacLeod is not much of a one for conspiracy theories. In general they hinge on misapplications of the principle of cui bono. Who shot JFK? Well, Lee Harvey Oswald must surely top the list of suspects.

The Composite Man
01/12/2003. Editor Geoff slyly considers what ingredients you'd stir into the pot to make the ideal science fiction hero for a cinema audience.

Offworld Report: December '03: Science Fiction and Fantasy
01/12/2003. Robin Hobb, Iain Banks and Peter Crowther are interviewed, Robert Silverberg muses over the contents of dinosaur intestines, while John Jarrold visits the odd world of Korean science fiction.

Offworld Report: December '03: Weird Science
01/12/2003. Scientists engineer the first artificial virus, the Pentagon begins production of battlefield laser cannons, 200,000 years old carvings of faces cause a stir, hydrogen cars revisited, and sales of robot domestics shoot up.

The emperor's new science fiction clothes
01/12/2003. Iím the type of person who would point at the Emperorís new clothes and say heís naked!

Trek is Dead? Long Live the Gate.
01/12/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for December 2003.

The Great Science Fiction Writers Christmas Stuffing '03
01/12/2003. An all-star lineup of authors - including Tom Holt, Robert Jordan, Juliet E. McKenna, Laurell K. Hamilton, David Brin and Tad Williams - interviewed with a few seasonally pertinent questions. Ho ho ho.

Chris Moriarty: All in a Spin
01/11/2003. The science fiction author behind the amazing novel Spin State braves our interviewer's chair, while our own fantasy novelist Stephen Hunt shines the light in her eyes.

Does Science Fiction Have to be About the Present?
01/11/2003. SF author Ken MacLeod has a theory that SF can be more illuminating about the time of its writing than about that of its imagined future.

Star Trek Enterprise: Anomaly
01/11/2003. Seeing the episode title "Anomaly" set off a few dozen alarms for our Evan. The title is reminiscent of the lowest form of storytelling we all saw so commonly on Voyager. Did it disappoint? Read on ...

Star Trek Enterprise: Exile
01/11/2003. This is the first episode of the season that is utterly devoid of any Trip/T'Pol scenes, at least in the romantic sense. Maybe that's one of the reasons our Evan loved it so much. What, no sensual T'Pol scenes? Forgetaboutit.

Star Trek Enterprise: Extinction
01/11/2003. In "Extinction," a sterile alien race, which is now extinct, creates a metagenic virus that has the effect of changing all other humanoid lifeforms into their own species. As far as originality goes, Evan reckons this episode gets a fairly average grade.

Star Trek Enterprise: Impulse
01/11/2003. Evan ponders whether this episode indicates that the show's reached a point where a continuing storyline can only go so far before involving the main characters in interesting and personal ways. Why? Well, poor old T'Pol is carted into sickbay, and she's obviously pushed way past the edge of sanity and into the realm of the truly psychotic.

Star Trek Enterprise: Rajiin
01/11/2003. This ep's premise appeared to be that the Enterprise was to take on a beautiful woman, who would use erotic and hypnotic powers to entice the crew. Evan thought we were in for another variation on "Precious Cargo," but he was pleasantly surprised.

Offworld Report - SF&F: November 2003
01/11/2003. Interviews with author Wil McCarthy, the cast of Alias, and the Director of Underworld. Plus criticism of this year's Worldcon in Toronto, the return of Dr Who, and a short science fiction history of the Middle East.

Offworld Report - Weird Science: November 2003
01/11/2003. Martial arts robots hit Asia, the day a meteorite crashed through my roof, China sparks a new space race, and life across the stars: why they're now betting on the system 37 Gem.

Offworld Report - Comics & Anime: November 2003
01/11/2003. X-Men scribe Mark Millar interviewed, the return of the Micronauts, more flipping anthropomorphic animals, plus new G-Saviour, Cowboy Bebop and Melty Lancer. Don't you just love those odd anime titles?

Offworld Report - RPGs and Games: November 2003
01/11/2003. A look at The 1920s Investigator's Companion, Werewolf: the Dark Ages, Viking Age, and Stargate SG-1 the role-playing game, plus the question is posed: is live roleplaying on its last legs? Perish the thought.

The Torrid Movies of Torcon
01/11/2003. Mark brings you his impressions of some interesting upcoming movies based on attending the various trailer shows at Torcon 3, aka 2003's World Science Fiction Convention in Canada.

Which kind of Science Fiction do you prefer? Factory produce or custom jobs?
01/11/2003. Letís ask something pretty basic. Why do you read Science Fiction? A progression of this question is what do you get out of Science Fiction that keeps drawing you back to the genre? Both are vital questions.

The Deeper the Magic ...
01/11/2003. The 'Nest did a poll recently about whether Adobe PDF magazines were the wave of the future for SF&F zines in terms of your reading habits.

The Incredible Technical Science Fiction Fan?
01/11/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for November 2003.

The Horror of Hamilton
01/10/2003. Laurell K Hamilton on the eleven Anita Blake novels she has written to date, and why the series is a regular visitor into the upper reaches of the New York Times bestsellers list.

The Xindi
01/10/2003. In the first episode of the third season Enterprise, Evan discovers 'The Xindi' is not only a decent payoff to the second season finale, but it has some wonderful setups for the future. Trek on.

Navigating the Aldabreshin Compass
01/10/2003. Fantasy author Juliet E. McKenna interviewed about her new series, The Aldabreshin Compass. Will fans enjoy a ripping yarn set in a tropical climate with its roots far from the northern European staples of the fantasy genre? You bet.

Seeing Mars from Uppsala
01/10/2003. Ken MacLeod ruminates on his trip to Sweden's national science fiction convention, Swecon 2003, and finds a home away from home at SF-Bokhandeln - the Swede's main SFF bookshop.

October 2003 Offworld Report: Science Fiction and Fantasy
01/10/2003. Spider Robinson blasts the genre and asks 'why are our imaginations retreating from science and space, and into fantasy?', Kir Bulychov dies, plus interviews with Jerry Pournelle, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Bob Eggleton, Robert J. Sawyer, Ben Bova and Vernor Vinge.

October 2003 Offworld Report: Weird Science
01/10/2003. Why the US military want to unleash a new fleet of robot-controlled aerial vehicles, Arthur C. Clarke talks at the Los Alamos Space-elevator Conference, plans for a bacterial battery, Erich von Dšniken wants a Themepark of the Gods, and why Cold Fusion scientists feel unloved.

October 2003 Offworld Report: RPGs and Gaming
01/10/2003. Half-Life raises its game, Futurama gets onto the PC, the howlers to avoid when designing RPG adventures, plus reviews of rulebooks for Unknown Armies, Twilight of Atlantis, and Dungeons and Dragons: The Dungeon Master's Guide

October 2003 Offworld Report: Comics, Anime and Manga
01/10/2003. CrossGen is heading for the seven seas with their new pirate comic, El Cazador, the difference between fans and fanboys is examined, a look at reality in Anime, and 'Scooby-Doo Meets Batman' is reviewed (yes, really).

Twisting The Tale
01/10/2003. Back in the year dot before noughts were invented, Science Fiction was less restricted than it appears now. This was simply because there was more speculation about the state of the universe than there is today.

My Kind of Fantasy
01/10/2003. Every now and then a site comes along which - while it may not be the next Yahoo online - has a worthy off-site presence which merits the web site a mention.

Along Came A Spider ... (Robinson)
01/10/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for October 2003.

Blake's 7 Revival On Track For A Rebellion Reborn
01/09/2003. Paul Darrow inks a rights deal with the estate of the late Terry Nation to bring back Blake's 7 to the TV screens.

The Long and Wyndham Road
01/09/2003. Sue looks at John Wyndham's recent centenary, and finds that thanks in no small part to the additional medium of television and film, the Triffids at least still haunt us.

Todd Lockwood: Wizard Of The Brush
01/09/2003. Wizards of the Coast's most talented fantasy artist is interviewed. His canvases can literally take your breath away. Typically large and imposing, beautifully composed and superbly painted, they bring to vivid life all the classic tropes of heroic fantasy ...

Sept '03 Offworld Report: Science Fiction & Fantasy
01/09/2003. Interviews with Dan Simmons, Larry Niven, Orson Scott Card and Stan Nicholls; the roots of space opera are explored, Robert Silverberg looks at the Cleve Cartmill Affair, and the great Farscape rescue gathers pace.

Sept '03 Offworld Report: Weird Science
01/09/2003. The Loch Ness Monster is dead, the pulse-engine gets ready to replace the jet engine, DNA computing evolves, the Pentagon plans their nanotech warrior, and Russian scientists announce their plans to construct a nuclear power station on Mars.

Sept '03 Offworld Report: RPGs and Gaming
01/09/2003. Krynn returns as a Dragonlance campaign setting for roleplayers, why Everquest now has a GNP somewhere between Bulgaria and Russia, and Two Fisted Tales arrives - the RPG pulp that can handle everything from Flash Gordon to Sam Spade, Tarzan and the Shadow.

Sept '03 Offworld Report: Anime, Manga and Comics
01/09/2003. Illustrator Bryan Talbot is interviewed, the Punisher movie picks up pace, and the re-release of the classic original Flash Gordon Volume I strips by Alex Raymond gets a well deserved review. We also make time for Cowboy Bebop and the Dirty Pair.

The Word from Readercon (Part 1 of 2)
01/09/2003. Evelyn reports back from the world's finest purely literary science fiction con, Readercon 15 and discovers the Golden Age of science fiction is .. well, now.

The Word from Readercon (Part 2 of 2)
01/09/2003. Evelyn reports back from the world's finest purely literary science fiction con, Readercon 15 and discovers the Golden Age of science fiction is .. well, now.

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion
01/09/2003. Revelation time. I remembered the above rule, just got the wrong name attached to it. Sodís Law is slightly different.

Stargate to Heaven
01/09/2003. I must admit, ever since the last season of Stargate finished on ITV1, I have been suffering a certain amount of SG-1 withdrawal.

Infinite Matrix: The Infinite Begging Bowl
01/09/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for September 2003.

Buying Into Reality
01/08/2003. In the summer months, itís said that there are fewer people spend time in front of a computer screen and on the Net because the hours are lighter and youíre out in the sun.

01/08/2003. If ever there was a site that worshipped at the altar of mindless point-N-click surfing, this is it.

Science Fiction & Fantasy ... In danger of becoming trendy?
01/08/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for August 2003.

Where there's a Wil
01/07/2003. Stephen Hunt interviews author Wil McCarthy on impostor syndrome, and why that while he likes the hard stuff - the Egan and Vinge and Linda Nagata - he also likes a lot of the softer stuff as well, the fantasy and slipstream ... if it's thoughtfully drawn.

Star Wars Shattered
01/07/2003. Author Matthew Stover, author of Star Wars: Shatterpoint, on the first novel in a new series to be set during the Clone Wars, and why he really wanted a funny droid for comic relief.

Starring The Man With One Name
01/07/2003. As Fangorn, illustrator Chris Baker enjoys an enviable reputation as a fantasy artist: not only is his art highly respected but he works in a diversity of styles, so that one's never sure quite where his puckish muse is going to take him next.

Fowler and Fisher at FantasyCon
01/07/2003. Christopher Fowler and Catherine Fisher are guests of honour at this year's FantasyCon in November. Also attending this fine British con are Ramsey Campbell, Anne Gay, Stephen Jones, Tim Lebbon, Stan Nicholls, Telos Publishing, Alchemy Press, among others.

The Horror, The Horror
01/07/2003. The 2003 International Horror Guild awards recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of horror and dark fantasy from the year 2002 have been announced.

Waterworld Revisited
01/07/2003. If an asteroid crashes into the Earth, it is likely to splash down somewhere in the oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet's surface. The result? A massive tsunami sweeping the Atlantic Coast, says this new research.

The Offworld Report: June 2003
01/07/2003. Michael Swanwick and Tad Williams are interviewed, Berman, Braga and Bakula on how they finished the third season of Enterprise, and Michael Moorcock looks at the elements of science fiction that just keep on coming true.

The Scottish Revolution
01/07/2003. Scottish SF author Ken MacLeod ponders the twists and turns of fate that made capitalist development finally and fully possible in Scotland and irreversible in Britain as a whole.

Points of View
01/07/2003. Amazing. Considering I practically took no prisoners last editorial, I had less flak than I had off the Galactica fans. Either the majority of you agreed with me, werenít bothered, didnít care, didnít read or maybe thought I was out for material for an article for the next update.

World Domination Don't Come Easy
01/07/2003. I can't speak for the rest of you, but after a really hard day slaving in the corporate salt mines, my poor mind - tortured by the bullying bosses and the mad silly deadlines - often turns to thoughts of world domination.

SF - Dumb or Dumblier?
01/07/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for July 2003.

Canamar (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/06/2003. Archer and Trip, falsely accused of smuggling, find themselves on an Enolian prison ship headed for the dreaded penal colony of Canamar.

Future Tense (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/06/2003. The discovery of a wrecked ship, apparently from the future, thrusts Archer and the Enterprise right in the middle of the Temporal Cold War.

Horizon (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/06/2003. The discovery of a wrecked ship, apparently from the future, thrusts Archer and the Enterprise right in the middle of the Temporal Cold War.

Judgement (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/06/2003. Archer is accused of crimes against the Klingon Empire and brought before a tribunal.

X2: Frank's Thoughts
01/06/2003. Is everybody ready for a second helping of a particular mutant recipe known as the X-Men? Apparently so since the first taste of this action-packed delicacy mustered up an incredible $157 million at the U.S. box office.

X2: Mark's Thoughts
01/06/2003. This second film based on the X-Men comic book is a better story and a more atmospheric production. I am told it is a better adaptation of the comic book. One does not come to this sort of film for a deep statement of the human condition, but for a summer action film, it is not too bad.

2001 and All That (or, Life before and after the End of History)
01/06/2003. Scottish SF author Ken MacLeod argues that much history, including the End of it, has happened since 2001, and he thinks it is rather important that they should not be remembered.

Why Some Things Don't Need To Be Resurrected
01/06/2003. Geoff asks can, indeed should, Battlestar Galactica be revived in the same way Star Trek was resurrected with the Next Generation?

Going to Jael
01/06/2003. At last, the queen of SFF illustration, Jael, comes under the interviewer's spotlight. She explains how she put her personal and inner ambition on hold through most of her extremely busy child-rearing years, and why she just loves Batman, Green Hornet, Captain Marvel and Superman.

An Allen Key for Science Fiction?
01/06/2003. Why Microsoft's co-founder, Paul G. Allen, has announced plans for a new cultural project dedicated to science fiction and the ways it captures our imagination

Adamantium or cement? Shall I count the ways for the Hugo.
01/06/2003. The World SF con - Noreascon Four - would like your creative insights and other-worldly engineering proposals for the perfect base on which to mount their treasured silver rocket denoting excellence in SFF ... the Hugo awards. How about moon rock, guys?

Who will arrange my Separation from this troublesome Priest?
01/06/2003. Christopher Priest scoops the 2003 Arthur C Clarke Award for his novel 'The Separation', featuring a parallel reality where Britain made peace with Hitler in 1941. Pulp SF it ain't ... but it's a rather good read all the same.

A little Huth and Puff
01/06/2003. Interview with the author Joe Huth - co-editor of the non-fiction work the 'Knight Rider Legacy'. Joe talks about why, with society's ongoing love affair with the automobile, you can make that car indestructible, sentient and able to perform incredible feats and you've got every young boy's (and many man's) dream.

The Offworld Report: May 2003
01/06/2003. Jeff VanderMeer looks at Robert Freeman Wexler, just about everyone looks at The Matrix Reloaded, the Andromeda season three finale slaps into the small screen, Ted Chiang is interviewed, and President Bush cites the film The Last Starfighter as his inspiration for entering politics (or does he?).

Riverworld: The TV Series
01/06/2003. A frank appraisal of the TV series of the Riverworld by Shelby Peck, who finds a hodgepodge of things that can and can't be found in the books.

Freedom Of Speech
01/06/2003. The price of free speech is in letting everyone else into your home and hope they don't mess up the furniture.'

Starship Dimensions
01/06/2003. One of the perennial favorites for flame wars in newsgroups is when fans of science fiction gather and the hoary topic crops up which we here at the 'Nest like to think of as ... starship top trumps.

Sequel Certainty
01/06/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for June 2003.

Do Bear's Write in The Woods?
01/05/2003. An interview with Greg Bear about some of the fascinating ideas contained in his SF novel, Darwin's Children. Human Endogenous Retrovirus anyone?

Offworld Report for April 2003
01/05/2003. Interviews with authors Larry Niven, Whitley Strieber, Christopher Priest, Ted Chiang, Robert Sheckley, Stephen Baxter, as well as the owners of Golden Gryphon Press, not to mention the cast of the movie Bulletproof Monk; plus Christopher Reeve guest stars on Smallville. Nice.

Big Engine is going down
01/05/2003. Sad news has reached us at the 'Nest that innovative British SFF publisher Big Engine is shutting up shop, taking the relatively new 3SF magazine with it.

Of Clockwork Men
01/05/2003. Artist Tom Abba on winning both the the Ken McIntyre Award and the Paper Tiger Art Award at the UK's Eastercon, plus how he has never considered himself to be a real science fiction artist. Crikes, how did we resist slipping some Nordic pop group jokes into this interview?

The Slow Death of Science Fiction Art
01/05/2003. The 'Nest's readers respond to Stephen Hunt's plea for decent cover art on SFF novels. Bad covers get named and shamed.

Making Merry SF in Melbourne
01/05/2003. Australian SFF came under the spotlight, with the recent close of the 2002 Aurealis Awards. Damien Broderick got best novel for 'Transcension' (Tor), which rather begs the question, why's the most popular Ozzie SF coming out of the USA?

Every Underdog Has Its Day
01/05/2003. Iím vicious, cruel and mean ... but the last word is only an average!

Weird & Wonderful
01/05/2003. Every now and then we come across a rather odd yet delightful online presence here at the 'Nest ... the kind of thing that makes random surfing worthwhile.

SFF Adobe PDF Pleasure Poll?
01/05/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for May 2003.

Agents of Imagination (Part 1 of 2)
01/04/2003. They can make - or break - a writer's career, and every serious author needs to have one. The most powerful agents in the SFF business speak out about the genre publishing world in this roundtable. Fantasy author Stephen Hunt plays literary ringmaster to a panel that includes Andrew Zack, Lucienne Diver, Shawna McCarthy, Donald Maass, Joshua Bilmes, Jack Byrne, Eleanor Wood and Nanci McCloskey.

Agents of Imagination (Part 2 of 2)
01/04/2003. They can make - or break - a writer's career, and every serious author needs to have one. The most powerful agents in the SFF business speak out about the genre publishing world in this roundtable. Fantasy author Stephen Hunt plays literary ringmaster to a panel that includes Andrew Zack, Lucienne Diver, Shawna McCarthy, Donald Maass, Joshua Bilmes, Jack Byrne, Eleanor Wood and Nanci McCloskey.

Big Engine is going down
01/04/2003. Sad news has reached us at the 'Nest that innovative British SFF publisher Big Engine is shutting up shop, taking the relatively new 3SF magazine with it.

Star Wars and the Rise of Troy
01/04/2003. Author Troy Denning interviewed about his new Star Wars universe novel Tatooine Ghost. It's set before Chewbacca's death, so fans - just - might come to terms with their grief with this book.

Anne Sudworth Interviewed
01/04/2003. Pastels are an awkward, difficult to control medium, but from magic landscapes to fairies, fantasy illustrator Anne Sudworth has proven she has the technique well under control.

Offworld Report: March 2003
01/04/2003. This month's offworld report looks at the secret history of TV series Red Dwarf, DNA computers, an interview with Betsy Mitchell of Del Rey, has Robert Silverberg reflecting on the Columbia shuttle disaster, and looks at the shocking real life of a Dalek.

Paul Barnett to Leave SFF art publishing imprint Paper Tiger
01/04/2003. Paul Barnett, who has been Commissioning Editor of Paper Tiger since 1997, has decided to give up his role as of the end of March 2003.

Who Watches the Watchmen?
01/04/2003. Geoff Klock, the author of the insightful 'How to Read Superhero Comics and Why' asks some fascinating literary questions of a genre whose main protagonists wear their underwear on the outside. In this article, he looks at Alan Moore's revolutionary graphic novel, Watchmen.

Cease Fire (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/04/2003. Andorian commander Shran calls upon Archer to mediate a dispute between the Andorians and the Vulcans. Critic Timothy W. Lynch sits in judgment of this new episode of Star Trek Enterprise.

Stigma (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/04/2003. T'Pol becomes seriously ill with a disease condemned by most parts of Vulcan society. Timothy W. Lynch pulls his critic's pen out, but to stab or praise this episode of Star Trek Enterprise, you'll have to read on to discover ...

War And Consequences
01/04/2003. Tick!...Tick!...Tick! Picture this: A standard SF situation. You travel into the past to kill a dictator. Usually itís Hitler cos heís the most easily recognised despot, before his rise to power, and so thus prevent World War Two.
01/04/2003. Hands up all those who have listened to audio books! Plenty, I presume and if you are listening, you'll be free to do just that - surrender and listen at the same time.

For War or Peace?
01/04/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for April 2003.

Does it matter?
01/03/2003. Reality is for people who donít have a grip on fantasy.

Interstellar Transmissions
01/03/2003. It's not often that we give a Wizard Site award out to a site more for what they do off-line than on, but Interstellar Transmissions probably falls into that category.

The Future of Space Exploration
01/03/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for March 2003.

Discworld Divinity
01/03/2003. An interview with the man with a trademark floppy hat. No, not Indiana Jones (or even Dr Who), but ... Terry Pratchett. He talks about his latest works, Discworld and, well, the art of being Terry.

McMullen'ing it Over
01/03/2003. One of the brightest new voices in science fiction writing to hit the genre for a long, long time. And struth cobber, he's Australian. Author Sean McMullen is most definitely interviewed by fellow SFF writer Stephen Hunt.

Hart to Hart
01/03/2003. Publishing guru David Hartwell, currently filling the hotseat as a senior editor at Tor, chats with Stephen Hunt about why only one per cent of the SFF slush pile is of publishable quality, the joys of running The New York Review of Science Fiction, and the contribution made by the Philip K. Dick Awards to the field.

Windy Miller
01/03/2003. Frankly, what science fiction and fantasy illustrator Ron Miller doesn't know about fine painting could be etched onto a pinhead using nanotechnology. And he's not really windy ... we made that bit up because it sounded good as a title. Paul Barnett of Paper Tiger interviews Ron for the Nest.

Noreascon Four News
01/03/2003. Next year's world science fiction convention is about to put up its prices before opening its doors, so jump in quick.

Fans Will Battle(star)
01/03/2003. Fans fed up with Farscape being cancelled are now up in arms about the re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. In fact, they're calling for a boycott.

Daredevil (Frank's Take)
01/03/2003. There were elements of grandeur thrust upon writer-director Mark Steven Johnson's dark superhero flick Daredevil. Despite the anticipation of the famed stoic blind crime-fighter's arrival on the big screen, Johnson's sensationalistic fantasy is, surprisingly, another arbitrary stunt-infested movie that has plenty of kinetic movement yet never really goes anywhere with its energizing format.

01/03/2003. After Trip's shuttlepod is attacked, he finds himself stranded on a rapidly heating moon with an already inflammatory enemy. More Star Trek Enterprise deconstructionalism from the pen of Timothy W. Lynch.

Eulogy for a Dream
01/03/2003. Marianne Plumridge asks, with the Columbia shuttle disaster, just what happened to our dreams of space? And will we ever dare dream them again?

Wooden Rocket update
01/03/2003. The 'Oscars' of the online science fiction world have opened with over 3,000 votes for 632 different web sites in the first month. Jessica takes a look at some of the early nominations in the Wooden Rocket Awards.

Arthur C Clarke Shortlist
01/03/2003. The Arthur C Clarke Awards shortlist has been announced and includes M. John Harrison's 'Light' and China Miťville's masterpiece 'The Scar'.

Do bright people dream of intelligent sheep?
01/02/2003. As the line above should indicate, Iím off on a different subject this month. Hands up all those who think Iím going to do a piece on intelligence? Put them down again and prepare to roll your mouse down the page.

The Tao of Space
01/02/2003. When I was a child one of my fondest ambitions was to become a cartoon illustrator for the likes of Marvel, DC or 2000AD.

Ebooks - you like?
01/02/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for February 2003.

Online Science Fiction gets its own 'Oscars' ... but they're made of wood!
01/02/2003. Do you run a science fiction or fantasy web site? Then you could be a winner in the first Wooden Rocket awards. At long last it's an award like the Oscars, but only for online SFF!

The Anderson Tapes
01/02/2003. Science fiction Author Kevin J Anderson talks to Stephen Hunt about his Dune prequel novels, the Saga of Seven Suns, and why we've come a long way from bug-eyed monsters slavering over scantily clad women on the garish covers of old magazines.

Vanishing Point (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/02/2003. After using the transporter to beam down for the first time, Hoshi fears that she hasn't been put together quite properly.

Precious Cargo (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/02/2003. When a repair mission turns into a trap, Trip finds himself stuck protecting a high-and-mighty princess who was being held hostage.

The Catwalk (Star Trek Enterprise)
01/02/2003. With the approach of a neutronic storm, the Enterprise crew is forced to take refuge in a maintenance shaft running along one nacelle.

A Wolfe at the Door
01/02/2003. Odyssey, the summer creative writing workshop for science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors, will feature award winning SF author Gene Wolfe as the special writer-in-residence for its summer '03 session. How on Urth did they manage that?

For a Few Dollars Moore
01/02/2003. Science fiction illustrator Chris Moore, the master of hi-tech, hi-sheen SF illustration talks about the joy of the airbrush, as well as using a computer to paint starships like a madman.

What Merry Jeapes we Played
01/02/2003. Ben Jeapes, founder of science fiction book publisher Big Engine and the great new 3SF magazine, interviewed by our Hunty on the tricky act of keeping the drool from running down his gibbering physiognomy while running a burgeoning SF empire.

HENGIE: by Jonathan Day
01/02/2003. A short story from the pen of Jonathan Day. What on - or off - Earth can happen when a robot artist shaped like a dragon starts collaborating with the space programme? Read on to find out.

Just what is the difference?
01/01/2003. Entering the third year of the new century and things havenít really changed much for the better. All right, perhaps in each of our own countries in the Western world but on a world-wide scale less collectively so. Iím almost beginning to wish weíd go back to the Cold War period.

Empty World
01/01/2003. As a sub-genre of science fiction, end of the world-style themes have always had a powerful - pileup at the side of the motorway - pull on our imaginations.

Two Towers ... getting better, or getting worse?
01/01/2003. The Galactic Senate: polls & voting for January 2003.

Here comes the 'Egg' man
01/01/2003. With four Hugos and a Chesley, Bob Eggleton is one of the most renowned SF and fantasy artists in the world. And he has a really amazing haircut too!

Star Trek Enterprise: The Seventh
01/01/2003. T'Pol asks Archer along on a classified mission which threatens to reveal an incident she has long hidden from herself.

Star Trek Enterprise: The Communicator
01/01/2003. When Lieutenant Reed loses his communicator on a landing mission, he and Archer return to retrieve it before it contaminates that planet's culture.

Star Trek Enterprise: Singularity
01/01/2003. Radiation from a nearby black hole affects the Trek crew's behaviour in some unexpected ways.

The Fist and the Stars
01/01/2003. Authors David Sherman and Dan Cragg interviewed about the art of writing high octane military science fiction and how their Starfist novels were informed by their own years in the services.

Star Trek Nemesis: Frank's Take
01/01/2003. Frank asks will diehard and casual Trekkers come out the woodwork to check out the tenth Star Trek feature at the local box office? Does a Klingon need a facelift? Somehow there's a sense of urgency for trekkies to revel in the experience that is the legendary Star Trek franchise.

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