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Shrek The Halls
07/12/2007. It might be more fantasy than science fiction, but the BBC is bringing Shrek to the small screen in his first Christmas special for BBC One. BBC One will host the UK premiere of the Shrek The Halls on Christmas Eve. What's it about? Just when Shrek thought he could finally sit back, relax and enjoy his happily ever after with his new family, the most joyous of all holidays arrives. It's Christmas Eve, and everyone is filled with holiday cheer, except for Shrek. He isn't exactly the picture of yuletide joy, but for the sake of Fiona and the kids, he tries to get into the spirit of things as only an ogre can. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have their own ideas about what Christmas is all about, so when Donkey, Puss In Boots, the Gingerbread Man and the whole gang try to join in on the fun, Shrek's plans for a cosy family celebration end up spiralling into one truly unforgettable Christmas.

Eric Brown: Thirteen questions
01/12/2007. Angela - aka the Scifi Chick - reviewed the novel Helix back in June, and she has now grabbed the opportunity to interview author Eric Brown with both paws. Here it is. Thanks Scifi Chick.

Bloggers of the SFFphere Part 1
01/12/2007. Aidan Moher, the muse at the seminal A Dribble of Ink, went ahead and gathered several his favourite bloggers, tied them up in a room, and picked their brains. SFF bloggers spend so much time putting the minds of authors under the knife that Aidan thought it would be interesting to take a look at another side of the industry that doesn’t get examined. Ever wondered what makes your favourite genre blogger tick? Well, you’re about to find out.

Free will fantasy: An interview with Brian Ruckley
01/12/2007. John Ottinger, best known for his great blog Grasping for the Wind, interviews British fantasy author Brian Ruckley. Brian talks about his works, life and fills us in on Bloodheir, the sequel to Winterbirth, forthcoming in 2008 from Orbit Books.

Connie Willis interviewed
01/12/2007. A.Fortis & TadMack over at Finding Wonderland: The WritingYA Weblog bring you a peak into the mind of science fiction author Connie Willis. Connie talks about why she was crazy about books from almost the moment she was born, her interest in quantum theory and her passion for the short story form in SF.

Bullet in time
01/12/2007. Short fiction from the pen of writer Ray Tabler. When you peek through the temporal window, you don't always find what you're looking for!

The Singularity or Spike that won't be
01/12/2007. US science fiction author L.E. Modesitt, Jr. says that over the past decade, if not longer, there have been more than a few futurists who have predicted that in a decade or so from now, modern technology will change human society on a scale never before seen or imagined, from implementing the linked society envisioned in Gibson's Neuromancer to wide-scale nanotech and practical AIs. Well, don't hold your breath, he advises.

Green sky at morning, humans take warning
01/12/2007. When Mark was a teenager he read science fiction with its stories like When Worlds Collide. In those days it was not quite respectable to read science fiction. But he thought we really did live in a world where some of these things really could happen and by the time he became an adult some of this science fiction would have become reality and science fiction would be more respectable. Perhaps both have happened but they are not as tightly bound together as he would have thought.

Mundane versus hard SF (and why Rudy Rucker kicks arse)
01/12/2007. Jonathan McCalmont of SFdiplomat fame has just received the September and October 2007 issues of the New York Review of Science Fiction and he must say, he is starting to really enjoy it. Interestingly, less so for the reviews (which are often of books he hasn't read or heard of) and more for the longer critical pieces and the occasional acts of genre politics.

Interview with Philip Palmer
01/12/2007. This piece has been in the works by Chris Hyland - aka The Book Swede - for quite a while, and it's an interview he's been looking forward to greatly. Philip Palmer is a British SF author, debuting with Orbit in January 2008, on both sides of the Atlantic. Chris was lucky enough to get the page proofs of Debatable Space - and he found it a truly fantastic read.

Fantastic Women: Trudi Canavan
01/12/2007. Fantasy author Trudi Canavan on the limitless creative energy of children, getting stuck in the manuscript limbo, and her work on The Magician's Apprentice. Trudi is interviewed by fantasy writer Karen Miller, author of works such as Kingmaker and Kingbreaker.

The silent worlds of Richard Bizley
01/12/2007. When it comes to fine art and illustration, artist Richard Bizley tends to think of science fiction at one end and astronomical/space art at the other end with a rather narrow fuzzy margin in between keeping them separate. It is SF that he concentrates on for this article in

In the beginning
01/12/2007. A tale of life as we know it, by GF Willmetts. A flick of a switch and in the beginning, there was light. The entity for want of a better name ended up being called God by Man thought it was good and that he could see what he was doing.

What's in a name?
01/12/2007. Look at that title again. What's in a name? For a writer, it is a reflection of the character's persona that is being created. A hook to catch the reader's imagination. Often as not, the fewer syllables, the stronger the name. Some names look weaker than others.

Taking control of reality
01/12/2007. The yin and the yang of it. Every year, says Uncle Geoff, our reality is changing. Some times too quickly. Some times not fast enough. If its not the weather effects of global warming then it's the advances in technology or even bio-technology now the human genome has been unravelled. A brave new world. Nascent and naive in some ways. Practical Science Fiction in others.

Sounds like a fairy tale
01/11/2007. Four classic Fairy Tales Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Emperor's New Clothes and Billy Goats Gruff are updated by contemporary writers - Ed Roe, Richard Pinto, Anil Gupta, Debbie Horsfield, Jeremy Dyson and brought to life by British actors Bernard Hill, Geraldine James, Shaun Williamson, Lee Ingleby, Charity Wakefield, James Nesbitt, Maxine Peake, Charity Wakefield, Denise Van Outen, Hariett Walter, Liz White, Mathew Horne, Paul Nicholls and Sarah Smart - for BBC One.

Naomi Novik interviewed
01/11/2007. Fantasy author Novik on winning the 2007 John W. Campbell Award, getting her Temeraire books optioned by Peter Jackson, and the use of dragons in Napoleonic alternative realities.

I am always right. Well, nearly always
01/11/2007. Read those opening words in the opening title above very carefully. Either I'm turning you people reading my editorials into yes-people or I'm writing absolute truths that you don't disagree with. I mean, no one really ever disagrees with me or could it be said, don't want to try. Am I right or am I right? Are you even reading me here? That statement could lead to paranoia. I think there has to be an accepted given that no matter what is written on the Net, someone out there is reading it or why else are blogs becoming so popular?

Job By Degree
01/11/2007. A short story by GF Willmetts.

Marrying authors to their market: A genre perspective
01/11/2007. You'd think it would be easy - in the science fiction and fantasy field - to publish a book that appeals to science fiction and fantasy fans, the traditional 'core genre market'. After all, isn't every fantasy novel just a retelling of The Lord of the Rings and every science fiction novel just Star Wars by another name?

Costas Mandylor interview
01/11/2007. Costas Mandylor talks about working on movies such as Saw IV and Beowulf, how living in LA compares to Oz, and being named as one of the most beautiful people in the world.

Tobin Bell interview
01/11/2007. Tobin Bell on the Saw horror movies, his parts in series like Alias, The X Files, Charmed, ER, 24, NYPD Blue and The West Wing, the backlash against violent films, and becoming known as The Saw guy.

Profound - it is what it is
01/10/2007. Don't confuse the term 'profound' with 'profanity', says Uncle Geoff. Different words. Different meanings. 'Profanity' means an irreverence where nothing is sacred. Something that probably deserves an editorial of its own sometime. Remind him when he's bothered.

Worldcons of diminished expectations
01/10/2007. One of my friends - one whom I see almost exclusively at the World Science Fiction Convention (or Worldcon) each year - announced this week that he was not going to the Worldcon any more. He says that it no longer is meeting his needs, and his answer is to go instead to San Diego Comic-con each year. He invited his friends to join him in this change of habit. Well, I am not going to do it. I will probably continue to go to the Worldcon each year.

The big lie
01/10/2007. I am watching The Universe on the History Channel. At first I thought it was a really good program. I am finding the program more and more frustrating. It is clear the scientists who do the talking know the truth and are just refusing to mention it. Everybody is hung up on our egocentric ways of thinking we have had from ancient times. And though astronomers and cosmologists know the truth they choose not to tell us. You have to figure the truth out for yourself. Then if you dare you can tell other people, but even then something inside them will tell them it is you who are wrong.

One of Six
01/10/2007. Another look at 'The Prisoner' by GF Willmetts. Peel away one layer and something else is revealed. A rule of thumb when re-watching the ITV Everyman series 'The Prisoner'. I wasn't looking to write a new article on the subject. This one nearly slipped under my radar without me realising I had something more to say.

Gary Hunt interview
01/10/2007. Insectoid interviewer Weta Bug sits down with fantasy and science fiction sculptor Gary Hunt (no known relation to fantasy author Stephen Hunt, we should point out) and asks Gary about how travelling the world led him to Weta Workshop, his work on the Lord of the Rings film, King Kong, and the Narnia movies.

Oscar senses death coming
01/10/2007. A number of sources, says Mark, including Science News and the BBC News have been reporting about Oscar, the Providence, Rhode Island nursing home cat who can sense the coming of death. It seems that Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center adopted Oscar. The idea is that animals around a nursing home tend to cheer up their patients. Well, that is true in theory, anyway. Oscar it appears is not the most social of cats.

Hooded fun with the hooded one
01/10/2007. Starring Jonas Armstrong, Lucy Griffiths, Keith Allen and Richard Armitage, the new series of Robin Hood is coming back onto the BBC. In the October issue of SFcrowsnest, we look at the thoughts of these four actors who are playing, Robin, Marion, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Guy of Gisborne.

Inside the Spook Show
01/10/2007. Spy drama Spooks returns to BBC One for autumn 2007. Over the course of 10 hour-long episodes, Adam, Harry and the team are immersed in their most intricate operation to date. Actor Rupert Penry-Jones who plays agent Adam Carter talks about the new series and his thoughts on Spooks.

Is Ray Bradbury the new James Fenimore Cooper?
01/09/2007. Mark was recently in a discussion about Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. The book is a novel written in 1950 about the colonisation and subjugation of Mars by humans who had screwed things up on Earth pretty badly and were migrating to Mars. The conflicts with the native Martians in some ways reflect the coming of Europeans to the New World and the destruction of the native peoples.

Zombies and mnemonics
01/09/2007. There was an article in the February, 2007, edition of Reason magazine, notes Mark, a well-known libertarian periodical, on horror movies about flesh-eating zombies. Reason is a somewhat respected outlet of libertarian views. Now having Reason magazine writing about flesh-eating zombie movies is itself a little surprising. Reason probably is more a place you would look for political statements and not a place one generally would look for discussion of films about flesh-eating zombies, even if freedom from death is the ultimate libertarianism.

The Elves of Cintra
01/09/2007. Interview with fantasy author Terry Brooks, who chats about his latest epic novel, The Elves of Cintra, the longevity of his career in the genre, and how his world of the Shannara books came to be.

Still Deaths
01/09/2007. Fiction from the pen of Mark Dellar. Still Deaths looks at what happens when the art world makes an unholy pact with the forces of law and order in a darkly futuristic UK.

Putting science back into science fiction
01/09/2007. It might not have escaped your notice that there has been an interesting proportion of science books in the review column in recent months. You might even have read the reviews, let alone pick up the books themselves. Apart from the nature of some personal research which you should see the results of shortly, it is also a reminder of the connection to two key words in our website name: Science and Fiction. We see the two words together so much that we tend to forget that much of our fiction has a solid core of science attached to it.

God doesn't return his calls any more
01/09/2007. A short story by GF Willmetts. Let my carbon footprint be light in the winter snow and tell al-Qaeda you aren't letting them into your heaven...

An interview with Dennis Batchelder
01/09/2007. A cautionary tale, flavoured with Science Fiction, metaphysics and spirituality built on a foundation of self-reliance, otherwise called 'Soul Identity' is the debut novel by software entrepreneur/author Dennis Batchelder of Kent Island, USA.

Time and relatives in space
01/09/2007. The topic here is Doctor Who. More specifically, the Doctor himself and his relationship with his arch-nemesis, the Master. There has been much mulling in the Who fan community as to their relationship to each other. Rather than examine those opinions, Geoff prefers to examine the evidence to draw his own conclusions.

I write. Therefore I am.
01/08/2007. What are we really? Not in the physical sense, asks Uncle Geoff, but here on the Internet. Think about it. As you read this editorial, what you are really seeing is a collection of symbols commonly called letters divided into consonants and vowels which are formulated into words and then meaningful sentence structures and grouped further into paragraph subject matter and expression of ideas that you can understand.

Doctor Who Season 3: The Year Of The Master
01/08/2007. Season Three of 'Doctor Who' saw the introduction of two new companions, says Michele Fry, and the return of one former companion for the space of the three-part finale, following Rose's one-way trip through the Void to the parallel Earth known as Pete's World.

Pecking Order
01/08/2007. The mighty Avis starship heralded its arrival about the Earth in a fantastic lightshow lighting up the sky. These aliens looked very much like they wanted to party. As the distant and speed they were travelling was so great, communication had been restricted to brief radio transmissions beaten out on a tachyon pulse.

Brian W. Aldiss comes to HARM
01/08/2007. A conversation with the author of HARM, Brian W. Aldiss. BWA talks about why he is still protesting against something, generally against the shortcomings of human life itself; and why to be made uneasy is the beginning of enlightenment.

SH20-The Seeds of Destruction (Part 3)
01/08/2007. Mark been talking about SH20 (pronounced S-H-2-O), the second half of the 20th century. Specifically he has been saying that improvements in the fortunes of the average person during those years may have been self-limiting and brought about many of the problems of the 21st century.

Paradoxes on seeing the future
01/07/2007. Longtime member Frank Leisti and I have been discussing the ideas of Philip K. Dick. Two of Dick's stories: Minority Report (adapted into a film of the same name) and The Golden Man (adapted into the film NEXT) have involved people with the ability to see into the future. This is not so simple as it might sound because when you can see a bad future you can prevent it. But then what you saw was not really the future. The real question is at what point the future is set. That is really dependent on your viewpoint.

SH20 - The seeds of destruction
01/07/2007. I frequently claim that I have what I call Luck of Leeper. At one point I said that this was just very bad luck. And I really have had some amazing runs of chance events going against me. They are sort of in the nature of vacations ruined because when I visited Spain it had the worst rains and flooding in fifty years. More recently I have been saying that Luck of Leeper is worse than one would expect on small things and much better than one would expect on the big things.

David Anthony Durham's Acacia
01/07/2007. An interview with David Anthony Durham, the US author of the new fantasy novel Acacia. David talks about moving from historical novels, making the jump towards epic fantasy in one easy leap.

John Twelve Hawks interview
01/07/2007. SFF author talks about his counter-culture hero Gabriel Corrigan, living off the grid and fighting for the freedom to remain outside the system.

The world is my bookshelf
01/07/2007. If it hasn't occurred to you by now if you look at the reviews, I love books. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes and I do a lot of it. Not just Science Fiction but a fair scattering of non-fiction as well a variety of magazines. One hundred minutes worth spread over the day gets a lot read. As a reviewer, I can also turn on my analytical side and point out the good stuff from the clinkers.

Doctor Who Unleashed II
01/07/2007. Holiday Inn Ipswich: 14 - 15 April 2007. A conference report by Paul Skevington. It's a warm day, the drink is flowing, and tonight I'm going to be watching a programme about a peculiar little man who travels through space and time in a most unconventional spaceship. Things are looking good.

Before the Brain Eater comes for him
01/06/2007. There are so many writers and scientists and other interesting people out there, Ken Macleod noted in front of the Birmingham SF Group, that - according to careful scientific studies - statistically, a writer can expect to be invited to speak to any given local SF group at the most twice. The first time it's when their first book comes out and they're new and exciting. The second time is when people are saying things like, 'If we want to hear him again we better invite him now before the Brain Eater comes for him.'

Lies my Jedi told me
01/06/2007. I have to admit to being in some respects somewhat slower than the general population. That is only in some respects. Most people in our society learn the cold, hard facts of life when they find out that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are really mythical and do not literally exist. Being Jewish I never had such illusions and so I never had to face being disabused of these illusions. You know Jewish kids don't get brought up on many myths.

Unexpected interconnectivity
01/06/2007. A few weeks ago I talked in my editorial about Colony Collapse Disorder. This is the situation where honeybee hives are being found to have been deserted. At that point one of the prime suspects was cell phone radiation which in certain frequency ranges has been shown to disorient honeybees. I have been discussing this offline with Kenneth Howard. He sent me a reference to an article that suggests that a parasitic fungus may be the cause.

Anniversary of the Hammer Horror cycle
01/06/2007. It should be noted that May 3rd of this year is the 50th anniversary of a major milestone in the horror film, says Mark. That was the date of the rebirth of what was mistakenly thought to be moribund, the gothic horror film. Universal Studios had built a gothic horror cycle in large part out of the ruins of the German film industry and the tradition of the popular films of Lon Chaney.

Interview with Dan Christopher
01/06/2007. Never let go of your dreams. Some day, you might have the chance to make them happen. Just ask Daniel R. Christopher of Lebanon, Maine. He finally finished his own movie, 'Saga Of A Crew' in 2006 that he had been forced to abandon in 1984 when time and money ran out. Michael Driscoll interviews Dan Christopher about the making of Saga Of A Crew.

A country is only as good as its reputation (or be careful where you choose to go on holiday)
01/06/2007. There is one thing that I have in common with the late Isaac Asimov, although not necessarily for the same reasons is I'm a lousy traveller. In fact, I make him look like a travel-hound compared to myself in recent years. I might send my characters around the world or even off it but I have little in the way of wanderlust myself. If I see it or not, won't change the fact that other countries will exist without my visiting them to say I've been there. With the help of the Net and a postal service, anything I really need is just a purchase away. Granted, I might not have the experience of actually visiting a place for local colour but as a card-carrying minor infection-prone diabetic, it would certainly be a different colour to the norm anyway.

I Spy with my little Fi
01/06/2007. An odd question came down from above recently asking whether or not I thought James Bond was Science Fiction and if it was, would I review the latest film DVD, 'Casino Royale'? After all, I regularly cover the 'Modesty Blaise' material that's being released although my argument there is the Princess is a popular read amongst SF fans anyway. It also needs addressing as to where TV shows like 'Knight Rider' and 'Airwolf' fall into the pattern of things. I'm leaving both Bionic series out of this cos they are definitely in the realms of Science Fiction although there's always a little heart flutter as science catches up with fiction. However, where does SF stop and regular reality creep in, especially for spy fiction?

Hunting high and Low
01/05/2007. An interview with fantasy and SF author Stephen Hunt, the team from HarperCollins Voyager filling the interviewer's seat.

Primeval and the linearity of time
01/05/2007. The basis of the ITV series 'Primeval' is not so much dinosaurs and other early species entering the modern day time frame but the periodic appearance of portal anomalies across the UK, says Geoff. Dr. Helen Cutter's investigations also indicates that these portals don't appear at random but move across the Earth based on some predictable spatial-temporal movement.

Do I look big in this?
01/05/2007. A story by GF Willmetts. This was not going to be a good day. Yesterday was even worse. I looked into the mirror and watched as Virtual Me sorted out the pixel spot that my real life me would have to wait for a couple days to cure. Would make-up really hide such blemishes?

If you're not one of us you're one of them
01/05/2007. Prejudice seems to be part of the human psyche, muses Geoff, hailing from tribal aspect and hostility to purely because you're different from other people. If you were an SF fan brought up in a non-SF environment, then you've at least tasted a sample of being bullied for your interest.

When should we party?
01/04/2007. Anniversaries. You have them for birthdays and post-nuptials and yet the same thing is applied to particular films and TV series as if it's a significant event. Other than getting maybe a fresh supply of photos it seems an odd thing to celebrate.

Room Full Of Strangers
01/04/2007. A work of flash fiction by GF Willmetts.

Returning to Mars (Part 1 of 2)
01/03/2007. After a successful run both in the UK and on BBC America, the makers of 1970S retro-cop time-travel drama Life On Mars faced a tough challenge… how do they follow that? How could they ensure the second series is as strong and captivating as the first? SFcrowsnest looks at the answers.

Returning to Mars (Part 2 of 2)
01/03/2007. SFcrowsnest meets the stars behind the BBC TV series Life on Mars. Give us the answers we're looking for now, you slag, and will you stop knocking over my bins in your bloody Ford Cortina.

There is no rainy day. Rainy day is today.
01/03/2007. Something I've always been reluctant to do is quote from a book that I'm reading and likely to include in the review section. Mostly because it can be seen as being unfair to highlight a book higher than others. Mind you, as this particular book has been out a couple years now, was self-bought and part of my storycraft book project research, it raises an interesting point so I hope you can forgive me this one time.

Happy Never After
01/03/2007. A story by GF Willmetts. If your idea of heaven is white smocks and wings then you've come to the wrong place, honey. Heaven is pretty much as it is on Earth only with a lot more people. There's also some segregation until you find your feet.

Going Primeval
01/03/2007. Tim Haines & Adrian Hodges, the series co-creators of the new dinosaur-hunting time-travelling action drama Primeval, tell the readers of SFcrowsnest how the TV series came about. Were they stung by a giant spider or chased by a Gorgonopsid in real life - or did they just make it up?

Here be monsters
01/03/2007. Mike Milne, Director of Computer Animation at Matt Fox, goes behind the special effects curtain to look at the creation of the creature shots for ITV's new SF TV drama Primeval.

Into hell on a Harley: the Ghost Rider
01/03/2007. Long ago, superstar motorcycle stunt rider Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) made a deal with the devil to protect the ones he loved most: his father and his childhood sweetheart, Roxanne (Eva Mendes). Now, the Devil has come for his due. By day, Johnny is a die-hard stunt rider... but at night, in the presence of evil, he becomes the Ghost Rider, a bounty hunter of rogue demons. Forced to do the Devil's bidding, Johnny is determined to confront his fate and use his curse and powers to defend the innocent. SFcrowsnest goes behind the scenes to look at the new movie of the Marvel comic-book creation.

Behind the scenes of Ghost Rider
01/03/2007. Like the comic book series on which it is based, the film version of Ghost Rider combines humour and darkness with the western and superhero genres, as well as the world of motorcycle stunt riding. SFcrowsnest goes behind the scenes to meet the producers and special effects crew and finds these boys are playing with fire!

L.A.con IV (Part 1 of 3)
01/03/2007. Evelyn C Leeper brings us another of her much renowned science fiction convention reports from the US of A. L.A.con IV saw a number of talks, the ones that she attended including classics remembered: Space Cadet, the rise of theocracy, and overrated films and overlooked movies.

L.A.con IV (Part 2 of 3)
01/03/2007. Evelyn C Leeper brings us another of her much renowned science fiction convention reports from the US of A. L.A.con IV saw a number of talks, the ones that she attended including classics remembered: Space Cadet, the rise of theocracy, and overrated films and overlooked movies.

L.A.con IV (Part 3 of 3)
01/03/2007. Evelyn C Leeper brings us another of her much renowned science fiction convention reports from the US of A. L.A.con IV saw a number of talks, the ones that she attended including classics remembered: Space Cadet, the rise of theocracy, and overrated films and overlooked movies.

The Saviour Principle
01/02/2007. Uncle Geoff brings you chapter seven of his Future Writing series: using and understanding science fiction nomenclature. In this one he looks at the thorny problem of religion in science fiction.

The BEST Pet.
01/02/2007. Sort fiction from the pen of Jo Frith. Who wants a Daalen for a pet? Come on, hands up, now. The size of a two-year-old child, it sat by the wall dipping its three-pronged hand under the waistband of its trousers. It pulled out a handful of poo and slapped it on the wallpaper.

Do it again
01/02/2007. It occurred to Uncle Goeff recently that there was another thing that sets us, that is people interested in SF, fantasy and horror, apart from people who aren't. Namely, it is our capacity to re-read books and even more endless replays of our favourite SF films and TV series which demonstrates a seemingly lack in the boredom threshold when doing so.

Interview with Troy Denning
01/01/2007. The author of Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Tempest talks about what it's like to plot and write a multi-book movie-based series like this with two other writers.

Dr Who's assistant no more
01/01/2007. Steampunk fans, drink your fill. Billie Piper returns to the small screen in her first lead role and first period drama to star as Sally Lockhart in the BBC's adaptation of fantasy writer Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke. SFcrowsnest interviews Billie and looks behind the series of The Ruby In The Smoke.

How to cheat-read
01/01/2007. Mark has a confession to make. He has recently started doing what he calls cheat-reading of certain books. He really likes cheat-reading books. Particularly because he has a house with 20,000 books and by cheat-reading he can get to a lot more of them.

I have special powers
01/01/2007. Maybe the superhero comic books are not so far-fetched, says Mark. He knows he has special powers. He goes on to muse, "I think I have a sense that the vast majority of other people do not have. I am quite serious about this."

Reality. Reality.
01/01/2007. Playing with realities is a common theme in Science Fiction, says Uncle Geoff. Invariably, reality is manipulated for the mechanics of any story than in any other genre although there isn't really much in the way of first hand experience in this you would think. It's just taken as a given in SF that a reality can be tweaked and rules are changed as a means to differentiate from current reality, especially as so much is set in the future.

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