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Jeepers Creepers 2
01/10/2003. Since useless sequels that no one was particularly clamoring for have bombarded the summertime, why break with tradition now? Frank finds himself exposed to the latest in a long line of unnecessary follow-ups with the release of Victor Salva's flavorless scarefest Jeepers Creepers 2.

Jerome Bixby's Man From Earth
01/07/2008. Region 2 DVD: pub: Anchor Bay ABD473G. 87 minute film with extras including two audio commentaries. Price: 14.99 (UK). Stars: John Billingsley, Ellen Crawford, William Katt, Annika Peterson, Richard Riehle, David Lee Smith, Alexis Thorpe and Tony Todd.

Jet Li's Fearless (Frank's take)
01/11/2006. Supposedly, says Frank, Fearless is the celebrated swan song for 43 year-old Chinese martial arts action star Jet Li. As the aging and agile butt-kicking human weapon, the jack rabbit-sized Li carries the load on his shifty shoulders in a nostalgic wushu period piece that is philosophically solemn yet kinetically impish in its reflective spirit.

Joe 90 - Collector's Edition Complete Series
01/02/2009. region 2 DVD. pub: Carlton Visual Entertainment 37115 03943. 5 DVDs 748 minutes 30 episodes with extras. Price: about 16.00 (UK) currently if you know where to look, around 75.00 if you don't) voices: Len Jones, Rupert Davies, David Healey, Keith Alexander and Sylvia Anderson.

John Carpenter's Dark Star (Geoff's take)
01/03/2006. DVD. Prism Leisure FHED1873RD. 80 minutes no extras. Price: 3.49 (UK) bargain basement although I reckon you can pull it cheaper than this even.

John Carter (Mark's take)
01/04/2012. John Carter is the lacklustre title of Disney's film adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's A Princess Of Mars, just over a hundred years old. People who have grown up reading Edgar Rice Burroughs novels (or people like me who have failed to grown up but still have read the novels) will probably be startled at the imagination of this epic production. Newcomers and even some non-newcomers may find the story more complex and harder to follow than one would expect from the adaptation of a pulp fiction science fantasy. The viewer should not expect a great story-- perhaps not even a comprehensible one. But it is fascinating to spend time with this visualisation of Burroughs's Mars/Barsoom. Somehow a novel that just seemed like silly fun is transformed into an epic film.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D: Mark's take
02/08/2008. Fun as a thrill ride, says Mark, but surprisingly poor as film, this is a story of three modern reluctant explorers who find out that the center of the Earth is just as Jules Verne described it with a lot of fast theme-park-like rides. It has even less logic than Verne gave it. Rent the 1959 version.

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