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Kill Bill (Volume One)
01/11/2003. In the intentionally overwrought and gloriously violent-drenched B-movie actioner Kill Bill Tarantino pours it on thick as he chaotically pays homage to the movie genres that he reveres so deeply - creating a concoction of ubiquitous escapist Asian kung-fu flicks along with a dash of redemptive foreign spaghetti westerns.

Kill Bill Volume Two
01/05/2004. The follow up installment of Tarantino's ridiculously sensationalistic sword slashing cinema is welcomed by Frank with eager open arms.

King Kong: Frank's Take
01/01/2006. So the Great Ape returns to the scene of the crime! It's very evident that a superb filmmaker in the disciplined form of Peter Jackson could bring one of filmdom's classic beloved beasts to grand cinematic life after various screen interpretations, says Frank. Jackson, the masterful helmer behind the theatrical phenomenon known as The Lord of the Rings experience, doesn't disappoint movie fans of the Huge Hairy One with his characteristic urgency of boisterous scope and precision.

King Kong: Mark's Take
01/01/2006. Peter Jackson's long-time ambition to make a new version of King Kong is fulfilled with a great yet respectful expansion and remake, says Mark. PJ finds enough ways to improve the original film that even die-hard fans should be impressed. There is a lot of film here for a single admission ticket.

Knight Rider Season Four: The Final Season
01/02/2007. DVD Region 2. pub: Universal-Playback 824 351 2-11. 6 DVDs 21 episodes plus extras 17 hours. Price: 34.99 (UK) and its easy to get a good price at least 10 cheaper if you look around)stars: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia MacPherson and Peter Parros.

Knight Rider Series One DVD Boxset
01/08/2005. DVD. Univeral Studios 8229062. 20 episodes, 2 pilots and extras. Price: 24.99 (UK) - it varies so shop around for the best deal). stars: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia McPherson and William Daniels.

Knight Rider Series Three DVD Boxset
01/11/2006. DVD Region 2. pub: Univeral Studios 8238697. 21 episodes and no extras. Price: 24.99 (UK) - it varies so shop around for the best deal. stars: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Patricia Macpherson and William Daniels.

Knight Rider Series Two DVD Boxset
01/01/2006. DVD. Univeral Studios 8235550. 24 episodes and no extras. Price: 24.99 (UK) - it varies so shop around for the best deal). stars: David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare, Rebecca Holden and William Daniels.

Knowing: Mark's take
05/04/2009. Knowing uses ideas seemingly borrowed from The Mothman Prophecies but as a springboard to tell a larger, more engaging, and far grimmer story, says our Mark. A page of digits written by a schoolgirl in 1959 seems to list every major disaster up to the present and even a little way into the future. Nicolas Cage plays an MIT professor who does not believe in determinism, but is forced to accept that a girl in 1959 knew specific data about the next fifty years. And the implications will have world-wide impact. Still, the script balances ideas, action, tension, and even horror.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker boxset
01/03/2011. region 2 DVD: pub: Universal Playback 8243281. 5 DVDs 16 hours 15 minutes 20 * 50 episodes. Price: about GBP 7.00 (UK) if you know where to look) stars: Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, Jack Grinnage and Ruth McDevitt.

Kung Fu Hustle: Frank's Take
01/05/2005. Filmmaker Stephen Chow spared no creative expenses when overseeing his latest dizzying and dazzling musical action-comedy hit Kung Fu Hustle, says Frank. After exhilarating audiences with his international hit Shaolin Soccer, the Asian moviemaker bounces back with an inspired romp that ricochets more convincingly than an errant bullet piercing a nearby rocky surface.

Kung Fu Hustle: Mark's Take
01/02/2005. From the director of SHAOLIN SOCCAR comes this satire on the Shaw Brothers martial arts films, which is live-action but takes on the style of a cartoon. It is a very funny film, even for people who are not kung fu enthusiasts.

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