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UFO Café (1990)
02/08/2008. Region 2 DVD: Network 7952906. 91 minute film with no extras. Price: £ 7.99 (UK), stars: Richard Mulligan and Beau Bridges.

UFO DVD Collector’s Edition Volume 2
01/07/2002. Carlton DVD: 37115 02523. 615 minutes. £44.95 (UK) - prices vary so shop around.

UFO Volume 1 DVD Collector’s Edition boxset
01/05/2002. DVD: Carlton: 37115 02413. Time: 620 minutes spread across 4 DVD disks. Price: £44.99.

Unbreakable: how writing this film review broke me
01/02/2001. These days I divide movies into two classes. There's the FX-driven eye candy like Phantom Menace, all colour and speed. Then there's the movie's with plot, the ones that surprise you, the ones that disturb you. The ones that are far fewer on the ground.

01/11/2003. If a vampire loves a werewolf, where can they set up housekeeping together? Nowhere. At least not in a world where werewolves and vampires have fought for a thousand years. Mark discovers a film of non-stop action and non-start intelligence, with lots of gunplay and the look of The Matrix.

UP (Mark's take)
01/07/2009. Certainly UP is one of Pixar's best films to date, believes our ace film reviewer Mark. The reason is not that it has some of their best animation, though that arguably is true. But their story values are may be improving faster than their animation. UP is a story with genuine pathos on themes of loss and of unfulfilled dreams. All this mixes with an adventure story with a little bit of action. Kids will love this film, but some of the notes of this film will definitely resonate with adults. A bittersweet prologue really works to make this film a much better story.

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