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A Continuum Leap

02/10/2003. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Look out for a new science fiction magazine, Continuum Science Fiction, in 2004.

Long time fan William L. Rupp has announced his plans to launch a new print-based SFF mag in early 2004, Continuum Science Fiction.

Talking to the 'Nest, he said: "While I do not have the resources to launch Continuum as a full-blown prozine, I do hope that the quality of its fiction will earn it respect and affection in the field comparable to established publications."

WLR's preferred genre is science fiction with an emphasis on good story telling and adventure. Interstellar settings are especially welcome, also stories of Earth in the far future, as well as tales of contact with other intelligent species, or stories that deal exclusively with ETs.

Humor is always welcome, but must be well done. Of course, really good stories need not be limited to the preceding descriptions. Stuff he's not looking for includes out and out fantasy, sex bordering on pornography (although sex in context is not impossible), sadistic violence, and especially thinly disguised political rants.

Grim, noir type ideas will be acceptable, but he doesn't want a magazine exclusively filled with dangerous visions. There's going to be usual mix of fiction, articles with a scientific or technological focus, author interviews, artwork (query first), book and movie reviews.

The payment schedule for Continuum Science Fiction will look like this:

Short stories: 1000-2500 words. $20.00
Short stories: 4000-6000 words. $35.00
Science fiction novelettes: 8,000-12,000 words. $50.00
Articles: 2,000-4,000 words. $25.00.
Book and movie reviews (he would prefer a column approach, that is, short reviews of several books or movies in a single manuscript): 1,000-2,000 words. $15.00

He will be paying for first North American serial rights (payment will be on acceptance).

William is aiming for response times of three weeks or less, and unusually, electronic submissions will be accepted; but only in .txt or .rtf formats. Regular mail is also fine, with SASE. Surface mail address is: P.O, Box 1390 Bonsall, CA 92003

Our Bill is also interested in contacting people to sell advertising space in the magazine (said people would receive a portion of advertising fees obtained).

A supporting web site will eventually be up at ... but it's currently just a holding page.


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