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Alien Legion Slaps Onto TV

30/09/2003. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The science fiction Delta Force of the comic-book world to hit the goggle box.

Canadian CGI animation firm Mainframe Entertainment - aka Re-boot and Max Steel - is bringing us a television series based on the Alien Legion comic book series created by Carl Potts with Alan Zelenetz & Frank Cirocco.

Due in the autumn/fall of 2004, Mainframe is applying its CGI expertise to the Alien Legion characters, which will face new hardships in their television series.

The Alien Legion series has been developed by Mainframe and produced at its studios in Vancouver by the company's animators and producers, along with comic creator Carl Potts (who apparently is working closely with Mainframe's team on the development and production of the series).

"Alien Legion has been a great comic book success with a marquee name in that market for years," says Potts. "I am thrilled to be partnering with Mainframe and taking Alien Legion to the next level, into cutting edge animation. Alien Legion is the perfect comics property to translate into TV and movie productions. I anticipate that Alien Legion will follow in the great tradition of other comic book-based dramatic productions like Spiderman, Batman, and X-Men."

In addition to creating Alien Legion, Potts has written and developed various other fiction and non-fiction projects in a variety of media (during his 13 years at Marvel Entertainment, he served as Executive Editor of Marvel Comics and Editor-in-Chief of Marvel's Epic Comics division).

Alien Legion has attracted a loyal following of readers, selling over 2 million copies in North America since its launch in 1983.

Focusing on the adventures of a band of interstellar fighters reminiscent of the French Foreign Legion, called Force Nomad, Alien Legion earned high praise for its artwork and SF tales.

A hit in the comic book world, Alien Legion spawned a licensed merchandise campaign that included posters, T-shirts, candy and more, as well as numerous fan sites on the Web. The comic book series has been translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish, among other languages.

The television series will introduce audiences around the world to the weird collection of Alien Legion characters.

The multi-species crew of the Legion's Force Nomad - footsloggers and Soldiers of Fortune, priests and poets, killers and cads - were culled from the dregs of three galaxies and hardened by battles into a lean mean fighting corps.

Sometimes peacekeepers, sometimes shock troops, the Legion is sent by the intergalactic "Galarchy" into the most desperate internal and external conflicts. Led by serpentine Major Sarigar and the hot-tempered Jugger Grimrod, the unit confronts fantastic enemies across the galaxy as well as the complicated personal histories that led them to join the group in the first place.


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