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Amazing Stories magazine is back!

17/03/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The Queen of SFF pulp magazines is back on her throne once more.

First published in 1926, Amazing Stories was once the motherlode for fans of science fiction and fantasy literature.

Now 're-imagined' for a new generation of fans, it's just been announced that Amazing Stories is going to be relaunched with fiction from various authors ... and it's old mission to let its distinctive editorial voice be heard loud and clear across the SFF genre.

"As we bring Amazing Stories into the 21st century, we expand its boundaries," says Lisa Stevens, CEO of its new home - Paizo Publishing. "Amazing Stories was the first all-science-fiction magazine, but it is being given a facelift as it moves past its 75th birthday and into the bright future that the original issues could only speculate on."

Amazing Stories will feature reviews and previews of movies, TV, DVDs, books, comics and story-driven electronic games, as well as interviews with the creators of these SFF stories. Each issue will contain original fiction from various - we are promised 'top' - authors.

Dave Gross, Editor-in-Chief of Star Wars Insider, will also helm Amazing Stories. Gross told the 'Nest, "Eighty years ago, short stories like those in the original Amazing Stories were the principal source of science fiction and fantasy. In the 21st century, the genre audience extends way beyond prose readers, and Amazing Stories will connect with that audience by covering the cross-media gamut of sci-fi, fantasy, super heroes, and supernatural horror."

The first issue of Amazing Stories this century (84 pages monthly, $5.99 cover price) will hit newsstands July 2004.

For editorial submissions, contact Dave Gross at

Paizo Publishing are of course the brains behind Star Wars Insider and produce various mags for Wizards of the Coast (Dragon, Dungeon, et al). How they'll handle a fiction mag remains to be seen, but our Dave is a versatile kind of chap.

You can subscribe to the new mag over at (for a limited time at the charter subscription rate of $34.95).


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