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An Imperial Credit for your Thoughts?

16/01/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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SFF currencies get a little more real as an online gaming currency exchange is set up.

The Gaming Open Market (GOM) has just been launched as a way to trade online game commodities.

Their first service is what they call the GOM Currency Exchange (GCX). It works like a real-world currency exchange allowing players in the current rash of online SFF universes to buy and sell blocks of their own game currency.

Basically, it allows users to trade with dealers and other players in the same market. The marketplace page displays current orders, historical price charts, who's buying and who's selling.

Here's how it works.

Let's say you are you looking to buy some gold for your fantasy blacksmith. You'd have a look at the marketplace for your server to see what the best prices are. Maybe you'd rather buy at $0.75 per block of 50k Ultima Online gold instead of the current best rate of $0.80. If someone wants to sell, they'll fill it for you. If not, bumping it up to $0.78 might catch someone's attention.

The service would like to make cross-server and cross-game trades as simple as selling in one marketplace and buying in another.

Trade security issues are addressed by the seller already depositing their currency with a GOM associate - so it's GOM holding the virtual money, and they can deliver it when players are ready to withdraw.

While the GOM crew intend to list all major new online SFF universes as they are released, they currently support trade in the following currencies:

- Second Life Linden Dollars
- There Therebucks Horizons Silver/Copper (5 servers)
- Star Wars Galaxies Credits (8 servers)
- Ultima Online Gold (12 servers)
- The Sims Online Simoleans (3 servers)

Their future plans include easy-buy and easy-sell services, game currency futures and indices, secure account and item sales.

Wow. These online SFF universes are getting a little too real these days. How long will it be before somone engages a real lawyer to sue another player for killing them online?

Watch this space.

Check the GCX out over at


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