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Beagle 2 Mission: Alien intervention theory dismissed

05/01/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Professor Pillinger confirms aliens (probably) aren't behind the missing Beagle 2 mission.

Here's a couple of e-mails that were forwarded to us - the first is from the Panton family's son (they're avid SFcrowsnest fans), the reply is from the Beagle 2 mission people.


From: Tom Panton
To: Professor Pillinger
Subject: Beagle 2. Possible reason for no communication

Dear Professor Pillinger

My son who is five and a half has been very excited about the Beagle 2 mission and has come up with a very plausible reason for the lack of communication with the probe.

He has suggested that the Clangers may have got hold of it on landing, something he points out that has happened before with other space craft. They may well have taken it underground for use as a soup recepticle.

I have no idea how you might go about negotiating with the Clangers to retrieve the probe but I do recall they were very attracted to green soup and blue string pudding, this might be a useful bargaining tool.

We hope the above information will be of some help and wish you every success for the rest of the mission.

Kind regards

Tom Panton on behalf of William


From: PSRG
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 10:02:54 -0000
To: Tom Panton
Subject: Beagle 2. Possible reason for no communication

Many thanks for yours and your son William's interest in Beagle 2 (and theory) which will be passed on to Prof. Pillinger, which I am sure he will find of interest.

Wishing you a happy new year.

Michele Lightfoot
On behalf of Prof. Colin Pillinger


Hmmm. Don't be so quick to dismiss the Panton theory, you mission control chaps at Beagle 2. In the 'Nest's humble opinion, those Clangers can be damn fiendishly clever. 2004 can only get better ...


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