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Blowing up a Typhon

28/06/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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New range of fantasy models from Alternative Armies: Greek Myth is the flavour of the day.

Here comes Typhon - a new game based on the Greek Myths and released from 'Vulcan' - game firm Alternative Armies' studio for larger miniatures'.

Typhon is a tabletop wargame using elements of roleplay and the Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece for their new range of 'Heroic Scale' miniatures. Typhon can be anything from a single combat between two Heroes, or one man against a monster or a large skirmish.

Typhon miniatures are 'Heroic Scale' - large enough for each miniature to develop its own personality and appearance. They tower over 28mm scale figures that on average reach only the chest of a Typhon miniature. Central to Typhon are the Pantheon of Greek Gods, and every character belongs to one patron God, though they can pray to another minor one, these patron Gods provide 'Gifts of the Gods' to their warriors.

You must have a name and a home city before you choose your Gifts from the Gods. Your Fate Points will attract followers and your treasure will clothe and arm them. Champions are warriors of some reputation that bring skills to a Sacred Band; some of them may even become Heroes. Fighters are just that, men begotten of mortal mothers and deemed to exist and suffer. They will not be remembered in Legend.

You can fight mortal men, the Legions of the Dead, and creatures formed from the pure evil of Typhon itself. These monsters are killers that live long lives in places hard to reach. From the seven headed Hydra of Lerna to the Bull of Minos (the Minotaur) and the Cadmus Dragon that guards the Golden Fleece.

You may wish to emulate Odysseus and travel the world, or join Jason and his Argonauts. If battle and war suit better then raise your flag and march with Achilles and Ajax against Troy.

Hmm. I'll buy Brad Pitt then! Get them at


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