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British World Con gets Web

07/04/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The 2005 Hugos awards will include a category for Best Web Site.

Interaction announced today that in addition to the usual categories, the 2005 Hugos will include an award for Best Web Site. This special Hugo category first appeared at ConJose, the 2002 Worldcon, where it proved to be the fourth most popular category on the ballot.

The Award will be open to any web site primarily related to the fields of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom and will be given for material displayed on the World Wide Web during the calendar year 2004.

The Hugo Award was named in honour of Hugo Gernsback, "The father of Magazine Science Fiction" as he was described in a special award given to him by the 1960 Worldcon. The awards are presented for achievement in the fields of science fiction and fantasy, both to professionals and fans. Past winners include Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Ursula Le Guin, William Gibson, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey" and the ubiquitous Dave Langford.

These awards are given annually by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). Administered by the committee of the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) held that year and determined by nominations from, and a popular vote of, the membership of WSFS. A Hugo Award given in a particular year is for work that appeared in the previous calendar year.

At Interaction the administration of the 2005 Hugos will be undertaken by a sub-committee consisting of Paul Dormer, the Hugo Administrator, Pat McMurray, the Interaction WSFS Division Head and Vincent Docherty, the Chair of Interaction.

But how do you vote for the Best SF Web Site? By joining Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, 2005.

In the Nest's humble opinion it's high time the web component of the Hugos became a permanent fixture, and we can only wonder if this announcement may have been given a gentle prod up the jacksey by the existence of our own annual Wooden Rocket awards for the best SFF web sites on the Internet; 2005 will also, of course, mark the date of the third annual Wooden Rocket awards.

Nothing like the ripples from a pebble being dropped in the pond of the SFF ecosystem to awaken the forces of evolution, hmmm.

More information about the Hugo Awards and the WSFS can be obtained from, or


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