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Dragon*Con Needs You

01/07/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Would you like to be part of the Dragon*Con Art Show Team?

Our chums at Dragon*Con 2004 have asked us to post this request for volunteers. How can you possibly refuse?

>>> Request Begins <<<

The Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show was the most successful to date. We have one of the largest Art Show of these genres in the world by inventory counts. We are working very hard to make the 2004 Dragon*Con Art Show the largest of it's type in the world by all counts and measures.

All of this doesn't just happen; it takes dedicated volunteers. If you are an attending artist you will see in the Art Show rules, the space you rent in the show does not include a membership to the convention. If you rent space in the art show and you want to attend the con you must still purchase a membership. If you are a regular attendee to Dragon*Con you would normally have to buy a membership to attend the convention. However, for artist and attendee alike, if you have volunteered for Dragon*Con before and if you volunteer for a staff position and work 20 hours your membership to the convention is complimentary! (First time volunteers pay a one time charge of $20) As a bonus, staff members who attend two of the three pre-con meetings receive a complimentary convention T-shirt. Out-of-town staff that are unable to attend the meetings can purchase a T-shirt at the con for half the retail price. This is a win-win situation for everybody as the art show can obtain the levels of staff it needs and you can attend the convention without spending a dime on a membership. You will be a part of making a historical event take place and you'll be a part of a growing family of Art Show volunteers that come back every year to make this show what it is.

To have a successful show as large as the 2004 Dragon*Con Art Show we now have department managers. This year we want each department manager to build a team for their department. These Art Show department managers are as follows:

Audre Vysniauskas: Art Show Marketing/Sales


Audre's department is responsible for the cashiers, artist check-in/check-out, inventory control, sub-departments (i.e., art gallery, print shop, digital section, etc..) and bidder registration. This department is responsible for hanging/packing mail-in artwork. In order for artists to get paid accurately and quickly artist check-in/check-out is the most important to the artist. This is where all of the paperwork is reviewed, corrected if necessary, I's are dotted and the T's crossed. For the cashiers and bidder registration we use state of the art, user-friendly software on one big Art Show network. This makes taking care of customers quick and easy.

Volunteers for this department need patience's and are very determined to be 100% accurate in everything they do.

John and Anne Parise : Art Show Operations

We are all fascinated by the artwork at each Art Show but people want to know "How did they do that?" Artists are always searching for new methods; and attendees can better appreciate the artwork when they know how it was created. The Art Show programming is the way this all happens. The Art Show programming, run by Anne Parise, has a huge variety of items for both the attendee and the artist. The programming is located in the Consulate room next to the Imperial Ballroom, right next door to the Art Show. The Art Show programming doesn't just happen by itself; it needs dedicated people to run it.

The Art Show not only contains a lot of expensive artwork but many of the artists depend on the sales of their work for their livelihood. Unfortunately, there are people in this world that don't have a problem stealing artwork and hurting people. The regular convention security guards the doors to and from the Art Show but they don't work inside the Art Show. To protect the artists and the art inside the Art Show, John Parise is our protector. John is responsible for the now infamous floorwalkers. Floorwalkers not only keep an eye on the art but they are helpers to those attendees that need help understanding how the bid process works, how to read a bid sheet, and they run the artwork to and from the art auction.

Volunteers that work with art show programming are people that believe in bringing together the artists and the attendees in a learning environment. If you are a floorwalker in operations this functions like one of those very honorable but effective protectors of the public we've all read about in mythical tales.

David King : Art Show Assembly & Disassembly Manager (under Art Show Operations)

If it has to be built, moved, designed, and disassembled this art show labor is responsible for it. This includes design of the floor layout, design and assembly/disassembly of the hanging displays, and any special design and assembly/disassembly of unique items like the Digital Kiosks.

If you love to build stuff, if you like the feel of tools in your hand, if you love to design stuff, then build it, then volunteering for this section is for you.

Looking for a few good fans!

If you are interested in being a member of a particular team, please get in contact with that department's manager today. Remember, when you volunteer 20 hours you get a complimentary pass into the convention. -- We promise you will have the time of you life!

If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering for the Art Show please check out the Dragon*Con Staff web page

Once you familiarize yourself with the basics of "what it is to be on staff", send Patrick Roberts an e-mail ( or call the Dragon*Con office in the USA at (770) 909-0115.

We hope you can become a part of our team!

>>> Request End <<<

You know, if we were in the USA, we'd probably volunteer ourselves here at the 'Nest!


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