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New SFF Movies for 2005

06/04/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The Sci-Fi Channel announces its new slate of original action movies for 2005, with new work from Stan Lee.

SCI FI Channel today announced a new slate of original Saturday action movies set to premiere in 2005-2006.

With original fare from comic book legend Stan Lee to a new installment in the Species franchise, the new Saturday Action movies should liven up our science fiction and fantasy TV viewing next year.

Newly announced projects include:


Stars Sean Astin, Ivana Milicevic and Vinnie Jones. Rogue scientist Stuart Conway (Astin) works for a secret government program. Worried that he might leak classified information, the FBI assigns a team of agents to tail him. However, Stuart has secretly invented a time-travel device that allows a person to leap back 10 minutes. While testing the device in a bank, Stuart and the agents get caught in an attempted bank robbery, which sets off a chain of events no one anticipated. (Completed/Brad Krevoy Productions.)


Stars Robert Knepper, Sunny Mabrey and Natasha Henstridge and an all new specimen, with the same voracious appetite. Yes, SCI FI is extending the Species movie franchise with a third installment.

A vastly improved, sexier, deadlier alien (Mabrey) is loose in a small college town, and hunting for a way to continue its genetically superior species. Now, a professor (Knepper) must become the reluctant hero and destroy it to decode its DNA before it can mate and populate the world with a frightening alien race. (Completed/MGM.)


As the creative force behind Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and X-Men, among many others classic comics, Stan Lee knows a thing or two about characters and storylines. Our comic legend is joining forces with SCI FI to produce three new action movies. With Lee's skills in mythmaking and the success of the recent Hollywood adaptations of Lee's Marvel Comics catalogue, these projects are sure to make a splash with comics fans.


Written, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, this film centers on an uptown banker (Campbell) who suffers an injury to part of his brain, which is replaced with part of the brain of a street hustler. Production begins in Spring '04 with Franklin Waterman.


Also starring Bruce Campbell. A team of deep space explorers returns to Earth after decades of travel, only to find that Earth has been conquered and all of mankind have been enslaved. The cruel Bounty Hunters force them to harvest Earth's most precious resource - wood - for the aliens to feed on. As the astronauts piece together what happened, they try to rally the spirits of their fellow men, and mount a resistance to the alien invaders. Production begins in Spring '04 with Franklin Waterman.


Jute is just an average guy, fed up by the androids that are taking all the best jobs in town. His anger got the best of him in a barroom fight, and now he's been exiled to a desolate penal colony. DeeCee is an obedient android, but when he's assigned to transport Jute, he finds his notions of humans turned upside down. After mutants attack their ship, the unlikely pair finds itself lost in the wild, with only each other to depend on for survival. Production begins in Spring '04 with Brainstorm.


Lieutenant Tommy Baxter is on mop-up duty, chasing down looters in post- war Iraq - and keeping an eye out for souvenirs of his own. When reports of unspeakable carnage in local villages reach his ears, he finds himself hunting down a relentless, millennium-old monster instead.

Believed only to be legend, the manticore is frighteningly real, and only Lt. Baxter can come between it and the world's total annihilation. Production begins in Summer '04 with UFO Films.


The hounds of hell have been released - and only the power of hell can stop them. Caught up in an international plot to steal the sword of Attila the Hun, and with it rule over the world, art historian Samantha Gaines finds herself face-to-face with the mythical three-headed dogs said to guard over the treasure.

Now, the bloodthirsty beasts are loose, and no earthly power can contend with their wrath. Only the sword itself has the power to challenge them, but wielding that cursed weapon is the hardest thing that Samantha has ever had to do. Production begins in Summer '04, with Cinetel.


An extreme adventure tour group descends into an abandoned mine. They prepare for rockslides, black outs, cave-ins - whatever might threaten their journey. What they're not prepared for is the gravest danger of all - a silent, swift killer long hidden in the cavernous earth. Some of the "tourists" are actually scheming treasure hunters, and as their real motives for entering the mineral rich mine become apparent, the group finds itself lost, divided, and facing a predator they could never have imagined. Production begins in Summer '04 with Cinetel.


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