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Texas gets an Alternative Reality

12/01/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Odd new Korean-made parallel reality SF movie opens in Houston.

The Korean SF actioner '2009 Lost Memories' opens in the US today; with a plot that has to be seem to be believed; well here goes ...

August 15, 1945: The United States of America and Japan succeed in winning World War II following the atomic bombing of Berlin, and East Asia is united into one great union under the name of "The Japanese Empire."

Decades later, Japan is prospering as a strong economic nation, second only to the U.S., but the Japanese Empire is plagued by anti-government terrorist attacks.

When members of Korea's largest underground anti-government organization, the Hureisenjin, attack an artifacts exhibition hosted by an influential politico, Japanese Bureau of Investigation agent Masayuki Sakamoto investigates the insurrectionists' motives and uncovers a connection between the attack and the JBI itself.

In an effort to throw Sakamoto off the trail, JBI executives frame him for the murder of a fellow agent. Sakamoto narrowly escapes thanks to the help of his close friend and fellow agent Shojiro Saigo, but is badly wounded.

To make matters worse, Saigo turns his back on Sakamoto, leaving him with the ominous warning that they'll "meet as enemies next time" and forcing Sakamoto to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy alone.

'2009 Lost Memories' feature film stars Korean actor Dong-Gun Jang alongside the Japanese star Toru Nakamura as friends on opposite sides of the brewing conflict.

'2009 Lost Memories' was shot on location in Korea, China and Japan, with millions of dollars spent on the special effects, including the construction of several sets which were the largest and most expensive in Korean film industry history. They also burned through 20,000 rounds of ammunition, so you can expect the usual Asian bullet-fest.

The movie is making its North American theatrical debut at Houston's Alamo Drafthouse, courtesy of ADV Films.

You can find the film at:

Jan. 9th 2004: The Alamo Drafthouse - Houston, TX
Jan. 23rd 2004: The Carolina Theater - Durham, NC
Jan. 24th 2004: The Guild Cinema - Albuquerque, NM


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