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The Usual Suspects?

02/07/2004. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Alternative Armies release some 28mm 'Civvies' figures for their Attrition system.

What does 10 get you these days? Well how about some well-armed science fiction civilians to abuse and use as cannon fodder?

Here's the Alternative Armies blurb we've been sent:

>>> Start Snip <<<

The battlefields of the near future or those much further away in time all have the same things in common. The flash of lasers, the thump of shock grenades or the buzzing scream of a high velocity 'ripper' cannon along with block levelling explosions, crashed aircraft, skimmers or landing ships brought down by fire from portable heavy weapons.

Smoke and dust clog the asphalt or strip metal roadways and trains or 'maglev' transporters are thrown from their tracks. Soldiers in Kevlar or motion assisted personal armour jump down from their personnel carriers or materialise in the midst of a rainbow pulse of transportation energy and begin their attacks on the enemy. The enemy might be the Community Of Peace or the 'Seegiee' from Canis Major; they might be rebels or mechanical men or worse.

The volleyed discharge of particle 'stubbers' and a multitude of counter measures fly into the air in a cloud of spinning aluminium strips. Death and destruction reign and the soldiers do their best and worst in the name of King, Country, Planet or Supreme Chancellor.

While all this is going on the city or urban sprawl, cavern complex or colonial settlement gets demolished and non-combatants do their best to carry on or tend to the wounded. These civilians, 'civvies' or any number of other names are not heroes or soldiers they are just men and women, young and old, rich and poor trying to survive.

These civilians inhabit the world that is collapsing; they might be at work when the invasion begins or scavenging among the wreckage of a conflict that has been grinding on for years. Leather, cloth, denim, waterproofs or even the latest in holographic logo shirt these people dress in their own styles and carry their communication devices, personal amusement consoles or just plain bags of groceries. Now that the war has taken over their lives they have acquired weapons and intend to defend themselves.

Civilians tend to die, tend to be forgotten, but in all wars the 'Civvies' play a vital part....

Contents of this Blister compose the following;

Six Bodies with left arms (from a selection of 4).
Six Right Arms (from a selection of 6).
Six Heads (from a selection of 9).
Six Long Range Weapons - (from an 'RPG' launcher, a 'Stubby' laser cannon/ grenade thrower and a Mini-gun).
Six Small Arms - (from a 9mm Pistol, a 12mm Pistol, a Machine Pistol, a Sub-Machine Gun, a 10 Gauge Auto-Shotgun and a 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun)

>>> End Snip <<<

Grab them from


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