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Blade of the King indie production team set to release concept trailer

16/07/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Blade of the King production team charges ahead despite two other films about Beowulf in the works.

Both Directors Robert Zemeckis and Sturla Gunnarsson have films about the epic hero Beowulf either in pre or postproduction. Now, From the Flames Productions, an independent film production company, is set to move forward with "Blade of the King", a film, which Director William Blesch and company President Mark Sickle hopes to bring to theatres despite major competition from the larger studio productions.

Based on an original screenplay by Matt R. Lohr, and which producers Will and Robin Blesch believe is a unique re-telling of the original epic Beowulf poem, "Blade of the King" is presently in post production on a concept trailer designed to help gain needed investment funds. The trailer was shot in and around Austin and San Antonio, Texas from May through June 2005 with a crew made up largely of former crewmembers of the horror film "Risen".

Obviously with two other major films being produced, "Blade of the King" faces stiff competition. However, the time and market are right as evidenced by that very competition. From the Flames Productions chose "Blade of the King", an admittedly ambitious, independent and epic story to prove that Austin and in broader terms, the state of Texas is truly about to become the United States' "third coast."

From the Flames Productions was founded in early 2004 by Mark T. Sickle and William Blesch to provide entertainment for both the motion picture and television industries.

Blade of the King Synopsis

Scandinavia. A millennium past. The great and noble Geat people are at war with the Frisians, a southern enemy tribe believed responsible for the cowardly murder of Ecgtheow, the Geats' noble warrior king. The Frisians have superior manpower and a troop of savage berserker's in their corner. But it's all for naught...because the Geats have Beowulf. Greatest warrior of the age, son of the murdered Ecgtheow, Beowulf tears through the berserker's single-handed, captures the Frisian king and wins the battle.

But all is not well for the Geats. The war has plunged their land into darkness, the tribe's men dwindling in number by the day. The Geats' new king, Beowulf's older brother Hygelac, is a paper tiger, as useless as his crippled left hand. The youngest brother, the passionate Prince Unferth, is in prison, suspected of plotting Ecgtheow's death with the Frisians. And Beowulf, in his obsession with revenge, has forgotten everything it means to be a Geat. He has turned his back on his people, seeing his soldiers as mere fuel for the fires of his vengeance. He has forsaken his family, leaving Hygelac struggling to hold the tribe together and Unferth rotting in his cell. And he has cast aside Freawaru, daughter of the king's most trusted advisor, who he blames for the amorous encounter that kept him from the bedchamber where his father was murdered.

Beowulf is a man of troubles, but little does he realize, as he sails for home to rally yet more troops to his cause, that he will soon be facing his demons in more ways than one. The night before Beowulf's men arrive in Geatland, the tribe's royal hall, being prepared for a victory celebration, is attacked and decimated by Grendel, a primordial monster from the southern swamps long thought dead by Ecgtheow's hand. Finding the carnage, Beowulf pledges his men to protect the hall against Grendel...who returns in the night and, in a matter of minutes, almost slaughters Beowulf's entire army.

The Geats are in a fury, burning Frisian prisoners alive as a desperate act of vengeance, convinced Armageddon is nigh. But Beowulf, faced with his people's destruction, at last realizes this is a fight that no one, including himself, can win alone. He rallies the people, including the surviving Frisians, to mount a defense against their common foe. Beowulf watches as King Hygelac finally steps up and assumes his command. He reconnects with Unferth and manages to plumb the source of the young man's anger. He reunites with Freawaru and finds that the fires of his heart still rage for her. But the salvation of Beowulf's soul means nothing to the demon that may not leave him alive to tell the tale.

As the Geats and Frisians battle their own slain comrades, raised from the dead as Grendel's unholy army, the hell-beast himself attacks their women and children, slaying Unferth and making off with Hygelac and Freawaru. Racing against time, Beowulf tracks the creature to his lair beneath the marshes, where it all comes down to a one-on- one battle with the fate of all that Beowulf loves in the balance. Man versus monster. Good versus evil. Here...a legend will be born.

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