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Dick Tracy coming back to TV

16/05/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Outlaw Productions and Lorenzo di Bonaventura are bringing Dick Tracy back to the small screen.

The producers recently secured rights from Tribune Media Services and said they will assign a writer to the series within the month. The plan is to pitch a modern take on the classic crime-fighting hero to networks this summer.

Back in 1937, Chester Gould's Dick Tracy entertained viewers with tales of good guys versus bad guys, while showcasing the latest criminology techniques and old-fashioned values. Through the years, Dick Tracy had numerous partners and sent thousands of rogues to the slammer (and many to their graves), but there was always more work to be done. It was the strip's early take on Bond-like technology and the strange, weird and out-of-this-world villains that gave the strip its huge 1940s fan base.

"Dick Tracy is a top international icon and has been a part of our company for 75 years, so we're very careful who we partner with on licensing," Stephen Tippie at TMS told SFcrowsnest. "We're extremely excited to be able to work with a team led by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Bobby Newmyer, and Scott Strauss to shape the Dick Tracy of the 21st Century. Lorenzo, Bobby, and Scott bring a very high level of creativity and a strong track record of creating both critically and financially successful projects."

Outlaw's recent credits include the now shooting PHAT GIRLZ, TRAINING DAY (Warner Brothers) and MINDHUNTERS (Dimension). Outlaw is preparing HANSSEN (Universal), SANTA CLAUSE III (Disney), and THE LOST BOYS OF SUDAN (Paramount).

Strauss initially pursued Tracy rights and partnered with di Bonaventura because of the former Warner Brothers President's experience in managing such franchises as THE MATRIX, HARRY POTTER, SCOOBY DOO and BATMAN. di Bonaventura is also currently developing TRANSFORMERS (Dreamworks, Paramount), and G.I. JOE. di Bonaventura's recent credits include CONSTANTINE (Warner Brothers) and the upcoming DOOM (Universal), DERAILED (Miramax), and FOUR BROTHERS (Paramount).

Strauss told the 'Nest, "Dick Tracy is the original cop, whose name and image are synonymous with law and order. Also, Tracy's an edgy character, who believes the ends justify the means. We know the spirit of this character, as well as timeless and dynamic villains like Big Boy Caprice, Breathless Mahoney, Flattop, The Brow, and Pruneface, will translate seamlessly into a modern take for a popular television show."

Apart from the 1990 Disney movie (something of a big budget flop: but great retro soundtrack from Madonna), Dick Tracy had a run on ABC television as a live-action series from 1950-1952 and an animated series from 1961-1964.

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