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Loch Ness investigator closes in on monster

14/07/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Loch Ness Investigator Bill McDonald believes he has now compiled enough evidence to indicate what the Loch Ness Monster is, why it's been so difficult to photograph, and why the Highland Government is covering up a new discovery that could lead to conclusive DNA evidence.

Before he could go public, however, he needed permission from a fiction author.

"Back in December I was receiving urgent email from my contacts in Invernesshire regarding rare land sightings," says McDonald, a forensics expert who has been studying Loch Ness since 1993. "Because I didn't have the funds to make the trip, I approached MEG author Steve Alten, who I knew was finishing up a fictional thriller about the creature ("The LOCH," published in May). I told Steve that I could make his book as real as possible, giving him an exclusive on my research ... He met with his publisher (Tsunami Books) and they agreed. The result is one of the scariest and best researched thrillers you'll ever read."

But the terms of the agreement forbade McDonald from going public until mid-July.

"It was this whole Loch Ness Tooth business that released me from the non-disclosure," McDonald explains. "When two American students contacted me about finding a mutilated deer carcass and a shed 4-inch barbed tooth, I thought it was a hoax. Then they sent me the photos and video (at I had three different marine biologists and render verdicts on the tooth, and they unanimously agreed that this was no hoax, that the tooth belonged to a mutation of an eel species that inhabits Loch Ness, concurring with my research."

The tooth was taken from the students by a water bailiff. McDonald has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to its return, and is chasing down several promising leads. "We're getting close now. Give me a few more months."

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