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Oasis 18

09/04/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The second progress report from the Orlando Area Science Fiction Society's annual event.

Author Guest of Honor, Jane Lindskold Filk Guest of Honor, Steve Macdonald Fan Guest of Honor, Judi Castro Special Filk Guest, Katy Droege

Other Confirmed Guests so far:

Authors: Jack McDevitt, Adam-Troy Castro, Owl Goingback, Richard Lee Byers, E.Rose Sabin, Garrett Peck, Keith Gouveia, David McDaniel, James C. Bassett, Will Ludwigsen, Glenda Finkelstein, Vince Courtney, Linda Evans, Dean Warren, William Hatfield, Andrew Fox, Travis Tea

Artists: Stanley Morrison, MCA Hogarth, Steve Parady, Paul Vincenti, Johnny Atomic, John Stevens, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Mark Stefanowicz

Science Guests: Bob Koenn, Jeff Mitchell, Ed Wysocki, James Moore, Craig Caldwell, Kendall Morris

Radio Personalities: John Fuld, PhD., "Anime Angie"

Voice Actor (audio books): Jeffrey Breslauer.

OASIS is fan-run for FUN, not for profit. Everyone who works on this convention is a slave, er, volunteer. Here is the latest info:

If you are a member of a fannish organization, please take an identifying ribbon to attach to your convention badge (or wherever) when you come to the registration desk.

We didn't mention gaming in the last report because we had nothing to say at that time but have no fear because we now have some progress to report!

The OASIS gaming room will be hosted by FRAG (Florida Role-players Association Guild). Games offered will include Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: MMRPG, Legends of the Shining Jewel, Living Force, Living Greyhawk, Settlers of Catan, and more. Premiere events include: A Principality of Ulek regional scenario (for the Living Greyhawk campaign), ULP5-04 Downward - Rock Bottom by Christopher Reed, A Prinicipality of Ulek introductory scenario (for the Living Greyhawk campaign), ULP5INTRO-03 Curtain Call by Paul Copenhagen, A Legends of the Shining Jewel scenario.

For details on gaming at OASIS 18 or to pre-register for your events, please visit For details about FRAG, please visit

The OASIS art show is sold out. We have more artists showing than ever before! Check out this list: Kathleen Hardy, Betsy Mott, Christy Nicholas, Brandy Stark, C.L. Swann, Maggie Wang, Earlynn Collier, MOIFA, Charlene D'Alessio, Leslie D'Allesandro-Hawes, Cassondra Sweep, Marti Roberson, Daniel Cortopassi, David Deen, Alan Clark, Ruth Thompson, Tracy Cornett, James Weidman, Meredith Martini, Joel Carroll, John Kaufmann, Stanley Morrison, Mark Roland, Paula Tabor, Amy Williams, Carol Jeffers, Ralph Ryan, Sandra Santara, Jeff Ward, L.A. Williams, Loren Damewood, Terri Wells, Deborah Woods, Ellisa Mitchell, Mary Hanson-Roberts, Theresa Mather, Paul Vincenti, Ed Siemienkowicz, Margaret Carspecken, Bridget Wilde, Maggie Hogarth, Brett Bass, Mark Stefanowicz, and Michael Sharrow.

Please remember that the art show is left up all weekend with the voice auction on Sunday afternoon for all those pieces with 3 bids or more. If you wish to avoid the bidding process, you have the option of paying the quick sale price to acquire any piece that does not yet have a bid - so come early! OASIS does NOT have charge card capability so checks or cash are the only forms of payment. We don't make you register all over again to bid in the art show - your badge number will be your bidder number.

Prize ribbons mean a lot to our artists and will be given to the pieces that you, the fans, deem worthy - so don't forget to vote! The art show winners will be announced at the costume contest on Saturday evening.

You can also visit with some of our artists and purchase directly from them in our new artists' alley.

Information from Juan, the Master of Trivia.
Rules: It just like Jeopardy with the following exceptions: No need to answer in the form of a question (I thought it blew when people lost the entire thing for the phrasing rule) No points for wrong answers ( I do not want to do the math) There will be three teams of two. We use a Quizzard buzzer system to play with. Prizes: 1st Place - 50 Dealers Bucks, 2nd Place - 30 Dealers Bucks, 3rd Place - 20 Dealers Bucks Categories: Cordwainer Smith, Anime, Comics, Jane Linskold, Andre Norton, Female Leads, SF TV of the 90's, War, Will Eisner, Frank Kelley Freas, Final Jeopardy, TBA

Comments from Arthur Dykeman, Video Guy
Maybe I'm not quite the Leader of the Pack, but I think I've Hunted Down some nice visual morsels you'll just Wolf down. (I know what you're thinking. You're too late. They've ALREADY shot my writer. So there) My weakest link to Oasis 18's theme notwithstanding, I do have some appropriate homage there, along with bites about such topics as: - Animation (From Anime to THE INCREDIBLES); - Television (A little TREK perhaps. A bit of FIREFLY. Definitly some DOCTOR WHO, both old and NEW hint hint wink wink); - Bruce 'Take it easy on the Chin Jokes' Cambell (yes, I Do Shop Smart...); - AND - a wild swipe at that unique animal, Fandomus Obsessius. Remember, we roast because we love... A worthy hunt I assure you. It awaits with all the wonder Artists, Authors, Events and the rest at OASIS 18! See you 'round the Screen...

The newly expanded OASIS dealers' room is filling up. Come ready to shop for all that cool stuff you will NEVER find at Wal-Mart. Tables are still available for $50 each (includes one convention membership).

So far the following dealers and artists have signed up: Joy Smith, Frank Deitz, The Missing Volume, Elemental Life Inc, Tony Finkelstein, JLJ Creations, Mike's Collectibles, Jax Books, Davis Books, DK Enterprizes, Larry Wolfe, Sevencide, Susan Cole, Marti Robinson, Tracey Cornett, Paul Vincenti, and MCA Hogarth.

Journey's End, a shelter for abused and abandoned animals, will once again be the recipient of the proceeds from the charity auction. Here is your chance to acquire some great stuff and do a good deed at the same time. If you have any donations to auction off, please tell Susan Cole or Dave Ratti at the registration table.

We have a change to announce. Frank Dowler has had to cancel his appearance due to a business obligation on the same date. His co-horts John Fuld, PhD. and Anime Angie will be filling in for him as emcees - the first time we've ever had two! Get your costumes ready, everybody!

Don't forget the Cthulhu Chili Challenge on Friday evening and the FANtasy Feeding Frenzy of desserts on Saturday evening! Challengers must create their own crockpots of chili to enter.

Memorial Day Weekend May 27th-29th, 2005 Radisson Plaza Hotel 60 S. Ivanhoe Blvd., Orlando Exit 84 (old exit 42) off I-4 (­/map.html) 407-425-4455 (Be sure to mention OASIS for the cheap $69/night room rate.

Memberships in the convention are $25 until 4-30-05 or $30 at the door for all three days! Make checks payable to OASFiS and send them to: PO BOX 592905, Orlando, FL 32859 or directly to the OASFiS treasurer, Jim Rogers, at 1922 Dipol Ctwy., Titusville, FL 32780.

More details over at

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