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Path of the Emperor

19/05/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Fantasy MMORPG lets you play for free by taking surveys. And there's a $1,000,000 prize for becoming top gamer.

Many online games only offer a paid subscription model to player who plays their online games. Planetwide Games is offering to gamers an alternative way to pay for their online game play.

Players who purchase the game will be offered the option to take online surveys that will pay for their monthly online subscriptions and can also earn them income. This new business model rewards players by taking surveys and pays cash.

Players who earn cash above and beyond their monthly subscription have the ability to earn additional income as they play "RYL: Path of Emperor".

"GMI is delighted to secure this partnership. The online gaming industry is evolving rapidly. The need for game publishers to understand online gamers is at an all-time high, not just in the United States, but around the world. This agreement provides a win-win for both gamers and game developers," said Rob Monster, President of GMI.

"RYL: Path of the Emperor", a MMORPG, offers a $1,000,000 Grand Prize to the winner of a Player vs. Player Skill-Based Tournament. The "RYL" qualifying tournament will start July 1st, 2005 and will end April 30th, 2006, culminating in a "RYL: Path of the Emperor" Final Tournament event to be broadcast live and to take place in conjunction with the E3 Video Game Expo in May 2006.

"RYL: Path of the Emperor" is a persistent universe fantasy role-playing game.

RYL players start off at Level 1, with minimal skills and abilities, but over time they gain experience points, through achievement, which allows them to advance to Level 2, and beyond. As "RYL" players advance to each level they discover new and stronger skills, which assist them in their ability to try and survive during all encompassing battles against powerful monsters.

In the game, players can choose from 20 character classes and assume the role of a Warrior, Cleric, Mage, and Assassin and then explore various exotic locations within the virtual real estate.

Players meet other players in a real-time environment where thousands of players simultaneously compete and take part in specific quests and missions, fight monsters and other players, battle in Guild vs. Guild duels, buy, sell and trade virtual merchandise, build fortresses and raise their own virtual Dragon.

"RYL: Path of Emperor" is available online or in trial version at retail outlets like EB Games, EB Canada, GameStop and Best Buy with the full version becoming available at retail June 21st, 2005.

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