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Science fiction and fantasy audio ideas wanted

04/02/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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One of the USA's main radio science fiction programs needs your assistance, 'nestizens.

Evo from the US-based Dragon Page radio show has sent in this missive

"I was sitting at the Fortress of Solitude that is Draco Vist­a Studios over the weekend brainstorming about the future of our podca­sts with my partner Mike. We already re-release both Live Fire (more exc­iting news about that coming soon) and Cover to Cover (more but differe­nt exciting news coming about that one, too) via podcast for those who e­ither can't tune in during the broadcast, or prefer to take their sci-fi­ radio to go.

For the past couple of weeks, we've been experimenting with ­a third format we've tentatively titled Between Shows. We're two sho­ws in, and Mike and I both hate it. So we're probably done with that.

However, we are hungry to find the "secret sauce" for our th­ird format show, the podcast. Which brings me to the purpose of this po­st. Your feedback is more than needed, it is required.

We want to produce a science fiction "variety show", for lac­k of a better term, and release it via podcast. Think Saturday Nigh­t Live, The Ed Sullivan Show and even Sony and Cher, and throw in a coup­le of dragons, some aliens and the odd chupacabra or two. In order­ for us to do this, we need your help.

We're looking for contributors, both regular and infrequent,­ who have something they'd like to add to the show. Maybe you do kick-­butt impressions of Kirk. You might have a band that records SF/F­ influenced music. Perhaps you are a huge gaming freak and want to tell ­the world about your latest find. You could be an author who'd love to­ do a reading of your latest work. Some of you may be into writing­ scripts and could come up with cool things for us (or others) to ena­ct.

The playing field is wide open. Consider this an open auditi­on, invitation, or call for submissions. What we need first are ­ideas. After that, we can help you make it a reality. You get full ­credit for your work, and we'll package it up nicely to make it sound g­reat.

Send your ideas, thoughts, suggestions and even hate mail to­ [dragon at dragonpage dot com]. Or if you're more comfy rambling out lo­ud than typing, call us at 760-465-5330 and leave us a message. Reme­mber that we're geeks like you and nothing is really as goofy as it so­unds in your head. Well, maybe it is... but some of the goofiest ide­as make the best podcasts! Science fiction podcasting on The Dragon Page... wanna help?"

Well, do you want to help, SFF fans?

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