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Something massive lurking in Loch Ness?

19/07/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Theories about Nessie being a giant eel are becoming more popular.

Forensics Investigator William McDonald has been researching it for twelve years, best-selling author Steve Alten has written about it in his latest release, "The LOCH," and now locals and visitors alike are starting to believe.

The owner of a Scottish fishing boat, traveling north along the Caledonian Canal, entered Loch Ness and detected "something massive" on his fish finder.

"It passed about 145 meters beneath my boat, shadowed me for a good minute, and then it disappeared in the opposite direction. It was at least five meters larger than my boat, which is thirteen meters, quite scary really. Of course, crossing Loch Ness or any of the Lochs, you're always thinking about sighting the monster. Right after it happened, I radioed my wife. She thought it was a joke."

Theories about Nessie being a giant eel are becoming more popular, thanks to Nessie researcher, Bill McDonald, who optioned his theories to author Steve Alten for his fictional thriller, "THE LOCH." In December the forensics investigator interviewed two English visitors who reported "something large" coming ashore one night as they walked back to their hotel. McDonald returned the next day to find frozen tracks of an animal documented to be fifty to sixty feet long.

Months later, McDonald was contacted by two American college students who discovered a half-eaten deer and the remains of a 4-inch barbed tooth, shed by its attacker. The tooth was later confiscated by a man reported to be a water bailiff. Scottish authorities have refused to comment on the incident.

The boater's report follows a slew of winter sightings, all occurring between December and March, at night.

"This is consistent with my theories," says McDonald, who believes the creature's eyes are nocturnal. "The area the boat owner was passing through is very close to the area that deer was found. For good reason, a few locals I've been in contact with refer to the area as a 'Kill Zone.'"

Photos can be found over at these coordinates:

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