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The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing

02/03/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The Peter Jennings ABC News Special 'The UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing' may be one of the most complete investigations ever into unexplained aerial phenomenon. But viewers from the scientific and research communities may recognize that some of the material in the ABC special comes from the documentary Out Of The Blue, says its producer/director James Fox.

"I'm honored to have our research and footage utilised in ABC's prestigious investigation," James Fox told the 'Nest. "Peter Jennings and the ABC News team shared our approach by tackling this controversial subject from a neutral bias position, to enable viewers to draw their own conclusions. ABC's use of material from 'Out Of The Blue' is a professional endorsement of our film from a highly respectable news source."

Out Of The Blue is a documentary into the UFO phenomenon that relies upon photographic and video footage, government documents and eyewitness accounts. Former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter give accounts of their involvement with UFO's, and NASA Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell speak about sightings and cover- ups in the military and government. Many other witnesses and authorities are featured, along with film footage and photographs. The program is hosted by actor Peter Coyote ("aka Sphere").

"It's a powerful film," said Eric Parkinson, president of Hannover House, distributor of Out Of The Blue. "Regardless of preconceived notions, viewers are intrigued and moved by the program, and respond very positively. It really has to be seen to be believed."

Out Of The Blue is available on DVD. Videos of the program were delivered to most members of Congress in Washington, D.C., as part of an initiative from the SciFi Channel to reopen Congressional investigations into cover ups and evidence of UFO's.

Photos and video clips from "OUT OF THE BLUE" can be downloaded at the film's website over at, http://www.OutOfTheBlue.TV

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