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War of the Worlds: From Wells to Spielberg

14/06/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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New book from Hugo Nominee John L. Flynn.

Galactic Books has announced the publication of War of the Worlds: From Wells to Spielberg by three-time Hugo Nominee John L. Flynn.

This work tells the story of the H. G. Wells novel and the adaptations inspired by it, including the upcoming motion picture by Steven Spielberg featuring Tom Cruise. Text includes accompanying photos and illustrations, factoids, trivia, and interviews.

It includes ...

  • Think you know what happened at Grover's Mill...think again!

  • Find out the truth about the Orson Welles radio broadcast.

  • Learn how George Pal kept Martians from destroying Hollywood.

  • Listen to how Jeff Wayne captured the music of the Martians in his musical version of The War of the Worlds.

  • Discover what Steven Spielberg doesn't want you to know about close encounters with aliens.

  • Uncover the secrets of Roswell and Area 51.

  • And just how did H. G. Wells stop the Martian invasion single-handedly?
For more than a hundred years, readers, listeners, and moviegoers have been tantalized by the prospect of an invasion from Mars. When The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells was first published in 1898, his Victorian audience responded very enthusiastically to the depth and resonance of Wells's work because it reflected their fears and anxieties as they faced the turn of a new century.

From comic books to radio broadcasts, from movies and television to trading cards and record albums, the Martians keep coming back again...and again.

This book is a tribute to H. G. Wells, his most famous novel, and those adaptations that have been inspired by it.

The book is perfect bound, 8.5x11, 200 pages, ISBN: 0-9769400-0-0, and retails for $12.00.

The author's site is over at

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