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What a load of G.A.A.K

21/09/2005. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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They came from outer space. Life alien to our own. Using science and technology far advanced of our own. Boldly seeking out new worlds and new civilizations like our own. Not to explore, but to conquer. And, of course - to meet the original cast of Star Trek.

What is G.A.A.K, the new science fiction alien invasion adventure graphic novel by writer Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton?

It's like ET - with teeth. It's like The Gremlins if they came from outer space and had comic timing. G.A.A.K is what you get when you mix Steven Spielberg's The Goonies with classic 50's style creature feature movies like The Invaders from Mars.

When aliens from outer space invade a small suburban town called Eden'sVille and hatch a fiendish plot to take over the earth and meet the original cast of Star Trek; four 6th grade misfits named Zach, Jemmy, Plato, and Chubs set out to stop the invasion, save the world, and show the alien invaders that the kids of america don't take crap from nobody. And no body-snatchers, either. And they have to do it all before bedtime - because tonight's a school night.

"It's a story in which kids are cast as the heroes", said Hughes of his creation. "So young readers will immediately indentify with them. And it's written in a way that the story itself, and the humor within the story, will appeal not only to their older brothers and sisters, but to their parents as well. Most of whom grew up with classic scifi movies like "War of the Worlds", as well as Spielberg movies like "ET" and "Close encounters of the third kind".

Originating online as a webcomic, G.A.A.K is now available as a graphic novel through publisher Lulu Press.

Details are:

"G.A.A.K: Volume One"
ISBN: 1-4116-1666-9
Publisher: Lulu Press
128 pages, $11.99

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