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SciFi film Allegro

21/07/2006. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Here comes Allegro, starring Helena Christensen and Ulrich Thomsen and directed by Christoffer Boe. The film is an art-house sci-fi romance scheduled for UK release on September 15th 2006.

After a long absence, pianist Zetterstrøm (Ulrich Thomsen) returns from New York to his native Copenhagen for a gala recital. A perfectionist by nature, he has one major personal flaw; he has lost the memory of his past.

But when he is contacted by a messenger from a mysterious off-limits "zone" in the middle of the city, he is forced to try and reconnect with the past; with what made him run away and his love for the captivating Andrea (Helena Christensen). He hopes for a second chance but the "zone" does not sell dreams ... it leads him to remembrance of things past.

The film is called Allegro. It is about Love, Copenhagen and Science Fiction. That's not as strange as it sounds - it's very simple, really. The finest little three-leaf clover that we were lucky enough to find in the field of life and which we will now show to the world. As I said, the idea is quite simple: a man suppresses his past. A city takes over his memories. The city now remembers what the man has forgotten. The idea contains three important elements. The man's past, the city and the construct that unites the two. The end result is a blend of Love, Copenhagen and Science Fiction. That's not a bad place to start a film - not for us at any rate.

We can't question love. Love is a fact of life and the basis of the film. We can hate it, miss it, love it or betray it - but it is still there and it is the reason for the first and last frame of the film.

But why Copenhagen? Because Copenhagen is a wonderful, cosy, predictable city. A city where no-one gets lost. A city where you constantly come face to face with magnificent friendly buildings. After spending a few minutes in the streets of Copenhagen you know what to expect. We want to change all that.

Why Science Fiction? Because Science Fiction is the play child of fiction, which has lost its playfulness. We are all getting older - but without playfulness, death has already won.

Therefore Love, Copenhagen and Science Fiction.

The premise is simple - we pose the age-old question: What if? What if loss of love causes you to suppress your life? If all that you cannot remember - is remembered by Copenhagen? If your lost love is suddenly to be found within her murky inner depths? We hope this will rekindle your sense of curiosity about the city. What lies hidden behind the door? We are hoping to give life a second chance. What if we could go back and change the past?

Isn't that something we all need? A second chance to realise our mistakes and change the past? Perhaps not. Perhaps you've no bad memories, perhaps you've never made a wrong decision, never bemoaned a broken dream or thrown away your one chance in life to be happy - perhaps your life is spotless in every way. A little masterpiece. That's not how things are for Zetterstrøm, though - our internationally renowned pianist with a forgotten past. He needs our help and support. He needs a second chance to come face to face with love. So we've given him just that - in Allegro.


ULRICH THOMSEN (Zetterstrøm)

After attending the Danish National Theatre School, Ulrich acted on stage and in many films before breaking through with "The Celebration" ("Festen", Thomas Vinterberg, 1998). Thereafter he has starred in some of the most internationally successful Danish features, amongst them, "Brothers" ("Brødre", Susanne Bier, 2004), and, "Inheritance" ("Arven", Per Fly 2003). He has also featured in the James Bond film, "The World is not Enough", as well as Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven". He has won numerous prizes for his portrayals in different roles, most recently the Best Actor award from the San Sebastian Film Festival for "Brothers".


Helena Christensen is among the most famous models in the world. Having won Miss Denmark at 18 years old, she went on to become a supermodel and now works successfully both as a photographer and a creative director for magazines. "Allegro" is her first starring role.


Henning Moritzen is a grand star of Danish Theatre, but is better known to international audiences for his role as the father in "Festen". He has had - and continues to have - an outstanding career on both the stage, working mainly at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, and the screen with nearly 70 films to his credit.


CHRISTOFFER BOE: Director and Co-Writer

Christoffer Boe graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001 where he made the short films "Obsession", "Virginity" and "Anxiety".

His first feature film after graduation, "Reconstruction", won the Camera d'Or at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival. He has since founded Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen with his producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer, and besides "Allegro" is currently in production with, "Offscreen".

"Anxiety": International Festival of the Film Schools, Poitiers 2002: Prix Découverte de la Critique Française.

"Reconstruction": Cannes 2003: Camera d'Or, Labels Regards Jeunes. San Sebastian 2003: FIPRESCI Director of the Year. Haugesund International 2003: Amanda Nordic Début of the Year. Sofia 2004: Best Film. Newport International 2004: Best Director. Transylvania International 2004: Best Director.


Mikael Wulff is one of Denmark's foremost stand-up comics. He is also a co-writer of a daily comic strip, "Wullfmorgenthaler", syndicated in a Danish newspaper, and also writes and performs in a comedy series also called "Wulffmorgenthaler", which is broadcast on Danish television. This is his first feature.


Tine Grew Pfeiffer worked on Lars von Trier's "Breaking the Waves", "The Kingdom II" and "The Idiots", before enrolling in The National Film School of Denmark's producing program. There she collaborated with director Christoffer Boe and produced the short films "Virgnity" and "Anxiety". After graduation, they worked on their debut feature film "Reconstruction".

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