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New Transformers comic launches

05/06/2007. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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A new 4-weekly, 52 page comic from Titan re-ignites the eternal struggle between Autobots and Decepticons.

Whether you remember Megatron as a smoking WaltherP-38, or your Transformers adventure begins with their war on our world, the publication of Transformers Comic heralds a return for the robots in disguise... Transformers writer Simon Furman brings his dark materials to the first issue, and many more to come, with all-new self contained stories tying straight in to the IDW prequels. He teams up with the prolific and artist Geoff Senior, who’s wielding his pencils and inks for the new Transformers generation.

Once those shapeshifting robots have you hooked, it seems there’s no escape: Transformers Comic editor Steve White started life as a humble colorist onMarvel’s Transformers title way back in time. Now he’s transformed into the driving force behind this title.

Steve White, Editor of Transformers Comic told SFcrowsnest: “It’s been kind of weird to be returning to Transformers after 20 years, especially as it¹s with all the same faces I worked with originally ­ Simon, Geoff, Andy Wildman, Robin Smith, Richard Starkings. Feels like I’ve slipped back in time. But then you take one look at the movie and you realize just how false that assumption is! Even the comics represent a quantum jump in technology, and I think we¹ll find we have a whole new generation of fans who’ll go see the movie and pick up the comic ­ and have no idea about the longevity of the franchise and how it’s evolved! Most of them probably won¹thave been born when I first worked on Transformers ­ but the talent of the artists and writer are still there and it¹s going to be brilliant!

Kids can catch up with the Transformers characters every four weeks with Transformers Comic, on sale in UK retailers from 19th July 2007, priced £2.60.

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