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Telos speaks

15/03/2007. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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The UK publisher Telos has just been updated their web site with all their new SFF titles for 2007. It's their usual selection covering factual guides to genre film and television and some SFF fiction to boot.

Inside the Hub: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Torchwood Series One Stephen James Walker

‘Something’s coming, out there, in the darkness.’

Torchwood. Protecting the Earth against alien threats in the 21st Century - the time when everything changes. Created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Burn Gorman as Owen Harper, Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones, Torchwood is dark and gritty, rain soaked and blood drenched, sexy and thrilling. Its first season covered subjects as diverse as a sex-addicted alien mist, a powerful Cyberwoman, a telepathy-inducing pendant, an invisible man, evil fairies, cannibals living in the Welsh countryside and alien Weevils.

In this, the first factual book to be published on the series, noted TV historian Stephen James Walker charts the story of Torchwood, complete with character profiles, cast and production team information, behind-the-scenes details and a comprehensive guide to each of the 13 episodes, looking at the key elements and the many links to Doctor Who that permeate the show.

Inside the Hub is every fan’s one-stop guide to the secret world of Torchwood.

“Published by Telos, who have obviously decided to corner the market in ‘must have’ television reference books” Sci-Fi-Online (about Triquetra)

250pp approx. A5 paperback book.

ISBN 978-1-84583-013-7 (pb) £12.99 UK $24.95 US $29.95 CAN

PUB: MARCH 2007 (UK)


Talkback: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Doctor Who Interview Book: Volume Three: The Eighties Edited by Stephen James Walker

A comprehensive collection of interviews with the people behind the final decade of the BBC’s famous science-fiction adventure series. Stars, production team members, directors, writers and designers, all are featured in this latest addition to Telos’s acclaimed range of factual books about Doctor Who.

In this third volume of the Talkback series, Stephen James Walker has assembled an impressive selection of the very best interviews and features relating to the Doctor Who stories of the 1980s. Those quoted include Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, companion actors Matthew Waterhouse, Nicola Bryant, Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred, producer John Nathan-Turner, script editors Antony Root and Andrew Cartmel, director Alan Wareing, writer Marc Platt, designers Barry Newbery, Malcolm Thornton and Nick Somerville, costume designers Rosalind Ebbutt, Pat Godfrey and Ken Trew, make-up designers Dee Baron and Joan Stribling, title sequence designers Sid Sutton, Gareth Edwards and Oliver Elmes, visual effects designer Malcolm James, and visual effects assistants and contractors Mike Tucker, Susan Moore, Stephen Mansfield and Robert Allsopp.

“A worthy collection unearthing a few rarely-seen treasures” Doctor Who Magazine

250pp approx. A5 factual book. Available in standard paperback, or deluxe signed (by Walker) and numbered, limited edition hardback.

ISBN 978-1-84583-014-4 (pb) £12.99 UK $24.95 US $29.95 CAN ISBN 978-1-84583-015-1 (hb) £30.00 UK $59.95 US $69.95 CAN

PUB: pb AUGUST 2007 (UK) hb SEPTEMBER 2007 (UK)


Third Dimension: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to Doctor Who 2007 Stephen James Walker

Third Dimension is a comprehensive episode guide to Series Three of the new Doctor Who, following the ongoing adventures of the Doctor (David Tennant) as he travels through space and time accompanied by his new companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and rejoined by his old friend Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman).

The full build-up and background are revealed, from the aftermath of Series Two and the departure of Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) right up to date, detailing all the major news stories, press releases, casting announcements and critical response.

The spotlight is then turned on each of the 13 episodes in turn, plus the Christmas special ‘The Runaway Bride’, with in-depth coverage, including all the facts and figures, behind-the-scenes details, press and fan reaction and detailed and insightful analysis.

The perfect way to relive the Doctor’s encounters with the warlike Judoon, famed playwright William Shakespeare, the ancient Face of Boe, the sinister Dr Lazarus, the deadly Plasmavores, the Daleks in New York … and more!

Third Dimension is an essential read for all fans of the show and continues Telos’ unrivalled coverage of Doctor Who.

300pp approx. A5 paperback. Also available as a signed (by Walker) and numbered, limited hardback edition.

ISBN 978-1-84583-016-8 (pb) £12.99 UK $24.95 US $29.95 CAN ISBN 978-1-84583-017-5 (hb) £30.00 UK $59.95 US $69.95 CAN



Fall Out: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to The Prisoner Alan Stevens & Fiona Moore

‘The whole Earth … as the Village.’ ‘That is my hope. What’s yours?’ ‘I’d like to be the first man on the moon.’

The impact of The Prisoner upon society was explosive, transforming art, storytelling and popular culture like no other television programme before or since. Patrick McGoohan spearheaded the project in his role as an unnamed man, held against his will in a strange isolated Italianate village, tormented by a succession of individuals, each calling themselves Number 2, whose true motivations and intentions towards him remained a constant mystery.

The man, known only as Number 6, attempted escape, was befriended and betrayed, underwent hallucinogenic journeys, and experienced many strange revelations, before the series achieved its cathartic climax.

The Prisoner was ahead of its time, and in this book, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take on the task of debriefing the programme and attempting to make sense of the many interpretations and readings which have been placed on it. This is not the book with all the answers but it may help you ask the right questions.

Introduction by film editor and writer Ian Rakoff.

250pp approx. A5 paperback. Also available as a signed (by Stevens & Moore) and numbered, limited hardback edition.

ISBN 978-1-84583-018-2 (pb) £12.99 UK $24.95 US $29.95 CAN ISBN 978-1-84583-019-9 (hb) £30.00 UK $59.95 US $69.95 CAN



Taboo Breakers: 18 Independent Films that Courted Controversy and Created a Legend Calum Waddell

Taboo breakers. Films that pushed boundaries, overstepped the line or simply went all out to shock. Whether through their advertising or their content these are the movies that used shock tactics to sell tickets. Film critic and journalist Calum Waddell subjects 18 films to analysis and puts them into historical perspective, whilst discussing the films and their impact with those involved in their production. Each of these movies, some good, some bad and some very, very bad indeed, carried with them a certain marketing savvy and air of controversy which ensures that they will stay in the mind long after the screen goes blank.

Films covered are: Blood Feast, Night of the Living Dead, Behind the Green Door, Fritz the Cat, Tenderness of Wolves, Coffy, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Candy Tangerine Man, Halloween, Cannibal Holocaust, Maniac, Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, The Plague Dogs, Evil Dead, House of 1000 Corpses, Old Boy and Hostel.

Featuring exclusive interviews with Herschell Gordon Lewis, David Friedman, Connie Mason, George Romero, Judith O’Dea, Marilyn Chambers, Ralph Bakshi, Ulli Lommel, Jack Hill, Sid Haig, Ed Neil, Gunnar Hansen, Jeff Burr, Robert Burns, Don Edmonds, Howard Maurer, Dyanne Thorne, Matt Cimber, John Carpenter, P J Soles, Irwin Yablans, Ruggero Deotato, Carl Gabriel Yorke, Robert Kerman, William Lustig, Romano Scavolini, Baird Stafford, Martin Rosen, Tom Sullivan, Ellen Sandweiss, Rob Zombie, Bill Moseley, Park Chan-Wook, Kim Ji-Woon, Eli Roth and Scott Spiegel.

250pp approx. A5 paperback. Illustrated with many black and white photographs.

ISBN 978-1-84583-020-5 (pb) £12.99 UK $24.95 US $29.95 CAN



The Target Book David J Howe

From 1973 until 1994, the Target Doctor Who paperbacks were a mainstay of the publishing world. From humble beginnings, they grew into a list running to 156 individual titles and selling over 13 million copies world-wide.

This is the story of Target Books. Noted researcher and historian David J Howe chronicles the origins of the imprint, speaking to all the major players in its development, from editors to art directors, managing directors to artists and authors, and charts the books’ critical reception as well as the fortunes and failings of the many publishing houses involved in their production.

Profusely illustrated with all the covers, plus rare and unseen sketches and unused concepts and ideas, The Target Book is the definitive guide to a range of books which shaped the reading habits of a generation.

Introduction by writer Terrance Dicks.

160pp approx. Large format 22cm x 28cm softcover. Fully illustrated in full colour throughout.

ISBN 978-1-84583-021-2 (pb) £19.99 UK $39.95 US $49.95 CAN



Time Hunter 11: Child of Time George Mann & David J Howe

When Honoré and Emily investigate the bones of a young woman in the ruins of a collapsed house, they are thrown into a thrilling adventure that takes them from London in 1951 to Venice in 1586 and then forward a thousand years, to the terrifying, devastated London of 2586, ruled over by the sinister Sodality. What is the terrible truth about Emily’s forgotten past? What demonic power are the Sodality plotting to reawaken? And who is the mysterious Dr Smith?

All will be revealed in the stunning conclusion to the acclaimed Time Hunter series.

Part mystery, part detective story, part dark fantasy, part science fiction … original adventures in time and space.

200pp approx. A5 original novel. # Available in standard paperback, or deluxe signed (by Mann & Howe) and numbered, limited edition hardback.

ISBN 978-1-84583-104-2 (pb) £9.99 UK $16.95 US $19.95 CAN ISBN 978-1-84583-105-9 (hb) £25.00 UK $44.95 US $54.95 CAN



Black Tide Del Stone Jr

Miller, a university professor, and two of his students take a trip out to a spoil island in the middle of Santa Rosa Sound in the Florida Keys to study the effects of pollution on the flora and fauna. While they are there, a tide of black microbes is released into the river, and floods down and around them. They escape by burying themselves in the sand, but when they emerge, it is to a world which is strangely silent and changed.

Before long, burning figures are glimpsed along the distant banks, dragging themselves into the water. Then the attacks start. With daylight their only weapon, Miller realises that time is running out as an army of the living dead, intent on feasting on their flesh, is gathering in the surrounding waters.

‘A satisfyingly rich and literate story that serves up one hell of a nightmare’ Simon Clark, author of Night of the Triffids

A classic tale of horror in the great tradition of ‘Night of the Living Dead’.

Optioned for film production.

112pp. A5 original paperback novella.

ISBN 978-1-84583-049-6 (pb) £7.99 UK

PUB: MAY 2007 (UK only)


Force Majeure Daniel O’Mahony

Somewhere in the Andes, in a nebulous border zone never claimed by any nation, is the last of the free cities. Candida is a blank on the map. Here there are dragons.

Kay travels across the Atlantic to Candida on business. She soon finds herself lost in an unfamiliar city without a job or a home. She’s taken in by the oldest house in the city and put to work by its inscrutable chatelaine. She may have lost control of her life but she knows that Prospero is coming to open the hidden city to the outside world.

While she waits, she makes new contacts, allies, even friends: the ex-gunrunner, blinded by the light; the soldier-poet, loyal to dreams of the dead; the courier who wants to become a bird; and Xan - fascinating Xan - who may be all of Kay’s dreams come true. They all have stories of the city, its history and its powers. Some of them might even be true.

Here there are dragons.

An incredible fantasy from a major new talent. Jonathan Carroll meets M John Harrison.

112pp approx. A5 original paperback novella.

ISBN 978-1-84583-050-2 (pb) £7.99 UK

PUB: AUGUST 2007 (UK only)


The Long, Big Kiss Goodbye Scott Montgomery

Sultry Kitty O’Malley arrives at the office of flatfoot turned gumshoe Jack Sharp, with an offer he can’t refuse, and a body he can’t resist. Our down-at-heel hero soon realises that dames might be the death of him, very soon…

Meet Jack Sharp - private detective. Smooth talking. Hard living. Meet Kitty O’Malley - femme fatale. Beautiful. Deadly. Put them together and what do you get?

Crime! Intrigue! Passion! And … Cigarettes! Booze! Hangovers!

Think you know hard-boiled fiction…? You don’t know Jack.

“A short, sharp pistol crack of a book - a loving homage to classics like No Orchids For Miss Blandish, I, The Jury and Lady, Don’t Fall Backwards.” Mike Ripley

112pp. A5 paperback original novella.

ISBN 978-1-84583-109-7 (pb) £7.99 UK

PUB: MARCH 2007 (UK only)

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