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The Rise of the Iron Moon

06/09/2008. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Publisher HarperCollins Voyager has just released details of the third novel in Stephen Hunt's much anticipated Jackelian world sequence of novels... and it's called the The Rise of the Iron Moon.

The cover design and synopsis for the third book from fantasy and science fiction novelist Stephen Hunt set in his best-selling Jackelian world sequence has now been released by HarperCollins Voyager.

Entitled 'The Rise of the Iron Moon', Stephen Hunt's next novel features the invasion of the Kingdom by an enemy that everyone at first mistakes for a particularly successful horde of polar barbarians ... the Army of Shadows. To their ever-lasting regret, the peace-loving Jackelian people soon find that their terrible foe is far more dangerous, cunning and ancient than a mere nomad incursion. To defeat them, the Kingdom and their steammen allies must look beyond their borders and make common cause with the wicked republic of the Commonshare, but even the armies of all three nations combined might not be enough to defeat this new evil ...

Hunt's third book features the return of Molly, Oliver, Commodore Black and the steamman scientist Coppertracks, as they find that the key to beating the Army of Shadows resides with an escaped prisoner from the Royal Breeding House who doesn't even possess her own pair of shoes.

Speaking about The Rise of the Iron Moon, Stephen Hunt said, "This is the third of six adventure books set in my Jackelian world, and like the previous two works - 'The Court of the Air' and 'The Kingdom Beyond the Waves' - it's a stand-alone novel with a self-contained plot, albeit with some very familiar faces making their return. It was incredibly great fun to write, and it answers some of the questions and mysteries that many fans of the first two works have been writing to me about."

Available in the UK, Canada and Australia from HarperCollins Voyager and the US from Tor, Stephen Hunt's best-selling Jackelian world novels have been translated into German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The publication date for both The Rise of the Iron Moon and The Kingdom Beyond the Waves have now been moved forward to meet trade demand - with the paperback edition of 'The Kingdom Beyond the Waves' pushed forward to an immediate release (September 1st 2008), and the hardback edition of 'The Rise of the Iron Moon' taken forward two months to February 2009.

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