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Victorious Mongoose 1902a: Concealable ray pistol

26/03/2008. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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By Jingos, those socially inept boffins have done it! Snugly nestled in an unbearably dashing leather-embossed and satin-lined case, the VICTORIOUS MONGOOSE 1902a allows the discreet gentleman or woman to secret a powerful wave weapon on their person.

This – the world’s first concealable ray pistol – is the perfect foil, should a pickpocket, pirate or pauper catch you on the unawares. Return them to their constituent molecules!

The Victorious Mongoose operates on the extremely sophisticated scientific principles pioneered in Doctor Grorbort’s full-size weapons; Aether Oscillation; Atomic Vibratulation; high-pitched whining noises – all these techniques were used and more. But despite its humble proportion, the pistol packs quite a whollop. Able to project a conical emission for up to seventeen yards, the Victorious Mongoose will obliterate four pounds of Budgerigars in three fascinating seconds.

Augmenting security with discretion, the Victorious Mongoose has been purposely produced at just over half the size of the earlier wave weapons, while still packing the punch of its big-boned counterparts.

With a limited edition size of a mere 400, this punchy little nipper will be flying off the shelves like a cash-eating flying fish attacking your wallet.

Doctor Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators (otherwise known as Rayguns) are 1:1 scale antique styled sci-fi hand weapon props, conceived by Weta designer Greg Broadmore and meticulously built by Master Model Maker David Tremont. With charming, 1900s contraption styling and finish, the Rayguns evoke the nostalgia of a lost age of exploration and discovery, and possess an intentional sense of humour and fun in their design.

To date, the four pieces revealed from the Weta Originals Rayguns range include the Manmelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol, FMOM Industries Wave Disrupter Gun, the Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector and now the Victorious Mongoose. A limited edition miniature version of the Manmelter 3600ZX was released in July 2007 and sold out in the month of release at Comic Con San Diego.

Also from this world comes Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory – a hardcopy book that showcases dozens of arcane inventions, contraptions and weaponry. Alongside Aether Oscillators, you will also find the shiniest new bifurnilizers, metal man servants and automated travel loungers. Also included for your entertainment and scientific education is a compartmentalised picture story (some call them comics) of the world famous naturalist, Lord Cockswain.

This piece is now available for pre-ordering on All pre-orders receive a special pre-order sale price of US $535 NZ $657 GBP £264. The Victorious Mongoose will be available for delivery and on shelves internationally at the end of July. Previews at London MCM (May 2008) and Comic Con San Diego (July 2008).

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