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Lost Season Five

06/01/2009. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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This January, Sky1 is screening LOST's fifth and penultimate season in the UK. It goes even more sci-fi with enough time travelling twists to give Doctor Who a headache.

By leaping between different phases of time, the last season of LOST began to put the pieces together. In the present day it was revealed how the Oceanic Six returned back home and why the others remained on the island – some by choice and some forced by circumstance. Ben was shown turning the frozen wheel and causing himself and the island to vanish to be relocated in a destination yet to be revealed.

In the future, the Oceanic Six were revealed to experience far from a welcome return home; Jack (Matthew Fox) is a broken man following the breakdown of his relationship to Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is back in a mental institution and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) is working as a hitman for the time-travelling Ben (Michael Emerson).

In the final flash forward, Jack and Ben met alongside Locke’s (Terry O’Quinn) coffin and revealed that prior to his death, he had returned from the island to deliver them each the message that their departure caused awful things to happen that cannot be resolved without their return. A depressed, pill-popping Jack was eager to go back to his heroic former life, but can he and Ben convince the fragmented others to return with them?

Executive producer Carlton Cuse told SFcrowsnest, “The people that are off the island… the island seems to be drawing them back, and Ben makes it clear they need to go back. So that’s a lot of what you’ll see… the journey of how those six return.”

Along the way, there will be some new additions to the cast: Reiko Aylesworth (24) will play a member of the Dharma initiative called Amy, Raymond J. Barry (Alias) will play Jack’s grandfather, Patrick Fischler (Mad Men) will assume the role of a corporate security man, and Eric Lange (Bones) is a smart and controlling off-island character named Marty. Their role in the grand scheme will remain a mystery until the new season begins.

Executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently revealed that only 34 episodes remain of the series, split equally between two seasons.

Speaking at a convention earlier in the year, they were drawn on how the journey will be mapped out in Season Five, on the way to the series’ ultimate conclusion. Cuse said, “We’re basically putting together the last two seasons of the puzzle. Our ability to negotiate an end date to the show so far in advance was unprecedented in network TV. It has given us a real sense of what the journey is going to be. We’ve had the chance to do something really extraordinary, and the challenge is to make this engaging and exciting, where everybody is really excited about the final season of LOST.” Lindelof added: “The cool thing about Season Five is that it takes a little while for your brain to fully absorb how the story is unfolding, but hopefully once it does, you’ll realise we’re trying something new yet again.”

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