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Fantasy and the Kindle e-book

06/08/2010. Contributed by Isabel Morgan

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Some news just in from our friends at Amazon - all four of the Jackelian fantasy series of novels from HarperCollins are now available in Kindle e-book form from both and Author Stephen Hunt comments on the move and the impact e-books are having on the book business.

Yes, Uncle Bozos has done his magic and the first four of the Jackelian fantasy series are now available on both sides of the pond as e-books from HarperCollins to read... for the uninitiated among you, and in order of publication, that's (1) The Court of the Air (2) The Kingdom Beyond the Waves (3) The Rise of the Iron Moon and (4) Secrets of the Fire Sea.

Their author, Stephen Hunt, told us, "Well, it's only fitting that genre books such as mine should move into the realm of science fiction and join the e-book revolution. E-books are something the fans have been asking me for, for a long time, so for anyone who enjoys a bit of light fantasy reading on the plane, your summer holidays are now sorted."

He went on to say, "One of the interesting things that comes out of all of this is how international rights will be handled in the future. If novels move away from printed copies and towards the digital realm, the idea of having separate UK, Canadian, Australian and US publishers is going to become a bit of a nonsense. I fully expect that e-books will drive a new trend of internationalism among publishers in the English-speaking nations.

The linkages between the different national Amazon stores are going to have to become more solid too. What's the point of having the US and UK version of your identical e-book full up with reviews, while the Canadian store with the same book is empty of comment, just because no Canadian citizen has submitted a review? Expect a lot tighter integration in these things, going forward."

Here's the links for the Kindle e-books...

Secrets of the Fire Sea - UK Kindle

Secrets of the Fire Sea - US Kindle

Rise of the Iron Moon - UK Kindle

Rise of the Iron Moon - US Kindle

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves - UK Kindle

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves - US Kindle

The Court of the Air - UK Kindle

The Court of the Air - US Kindle

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