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The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo

14/05/2012. Contributed by Jessica Martin

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Ironclad Imagineers has announced the return to the comics world of Australian comics artist Glenn Lumsden. Glenn's work on Marvel's The Phantom, DC's Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Cyclone Comics', The Southern Squadron and Dark Nebula paved the way for a generation of aspiring Aussie comic artists to come.

Glenn says, "?I can't wait to help out the guys on Spacelord Mo Fo. When Dave first showed me what they were doing, I fell in love with the new medium. Comics and computer combining beautifully to create a whole new story telling experience. The visuals are fabbo, it's exhausting to think Dave's been drawing this solo. Then I read Pat's screenplay and was totally sold on the whole thing. Believe me, the story is NOT what you expect! It's going to be a lot of fun helping Dave to at least one of the many grueling weekly deadlines the guys have committed themselves to.?"

Launched in January 2012 by Ironclad Imagineers, Pat McNamara and David G. Williams', The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is leading the charge across the digital comics frontier alongside Mark Waid of Thrillbent's Insufferable and Marvel's Infinite, Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown of Power Play, and D.J. Coffman of Hero by Night.

The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is a post-apocalyptic, space-western, dramedy, with anime influences and a shot of that dark and sexy HBO stuff, so yeah, it's for a more mature audience... well, not for 'kids' anyway, not sure about the 'mature' part. We follow the misadventures of Bran Mak Foo and Honey Pott, a just-married couple scrounging a living in their dilapidated deep-space freighter, the Qupid, on the Edge of Endspace; a vast region of space where no semblance of civilization has reemerged after a galactic apocalypse... or three. The Edge is a place where heroes are few, villains are plentiful, and the rest are just trying to survive...

...oh, and as if life weren't tough enough already for our heroes, Bran just so happens to be the most wanted man alive - Spacelord Mutha... well, we'll say Mo Fo because we're in polite company. The Mo Fo's said to be a one man army who walked into a bar and let loose a hell that destroyed a city. Of course, the truth behind that tale is something else, but that's a truth for another telling. At its heart The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is a rock-em, sock 'em tale of love and guns, with Bran and Honey fighting the good fight against the galaxy, and sometimes each other, but always finding a way through.

The Legend of Spacelord Mo Fo is a serialized, full-color, digital comic, written and illustrated specifically for the digital storytelling medium, and presented panel by panel in a cinematic widescreen format they call, Cinegraphic. Episode Parts are released weekly, and are available FREE, Online, for Download, and by Subscription, with completed Episodes to be released for sale as Ebooks and Apps, in Full HD.

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