Science fiction and fantasy news library October 2003.

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Another One of the Greats Gone.
30/10/2003. Hal Clement, author of classics such as Iceworld, passes away aged 81.

Do ya ken Ken?
28/10/2003. Issue 98 of Emerald City sees academia gets to grips with Scots SF author Ken MacLeod. Get your free PDF download here!

Forbidden Planet goes to Another World
28/10/2003. The UK's five 'Another World' stores are purchased by Forbidden Planet International.

Going Down to Geffen
27/10/2003. The 'Geffens', Israel's annual Science Fiction and Fantasy awards, are presented in Tel Aviv by author Orson Scott Card.

Kill a Cylon Weekend
24/10/2003. This weekend see Apollo, aka Richard Hatch, kick off Galacticon 2003 in California. Battlestar fans are already landing their Vipers.

Philip K. Dick goes Official
24/10/2003. PKD's popularity ain't shabby for a dead scribe. Now he gets an official web site too.

Phenomena, Do Do Do-Do-Do
23/10/2003. No, it's not a muppet song, it's Phenomena, a new magazine of real X-Files-style weirdness, which should give the Fortean Times a run for their money.

LoEG tops 2003 Charts
22/10/2003. The first volume of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is this year's best-selling graphic novel.

A Bonnie Day for UFO Hunters
22/10/2003. The Sci-Fi Channel takes on the might of the US Army, Airforce and NASA to get to the truth about UFOs.

Well, Dare You?
17/10/2003. A new Dan Dare exhibition is running in the UK's Manchester.

Pokemon and Wizards Duel
17/10/2003. Wizards of the Coast and Pokemon scrap it out in a CCG deathmatch.

Radio Fantasy
17/10/2003. This week's Sci-Fi Overdrive radio program has a bit of a fantasy theme (with some horror thrown in for good measure).

Geoffrey Landis goes into Overdrive
10/10/2003. SFF author Landis chats on the week's Sci-Fi Overdrive radio program.

Oxford in Dredd
09/10/2003. 2000AD brings Dreddcon 4 to Oxford this December.

Lost in Space is Go
09/10/2003. LOS set to return to TV in new re-make.

Sunburst Awards 2003
07/10/2003. Canada's main literary award for SF&F goes to Nalo Hopkinson.

Sandman Loses no Sleep
07/10/2003. Neil Gaiman's Sandman becomes the first Graphic Novel to hit the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Interaction Gets Expensive
07/10/2003. The 63rd World Science Fiction Convention plans to stick up it rates.

Sci-Fi Takeaway
03/10/2003. Another new SFF magazine launches. This time it's in India.

If you see Sydney, tell her.
03/10/2003. Spy-fy television series Alias gets its own tie-in magazine.

A Continuum Leap
02/10/2003. Look out for a new science fiction magazine, Continuum Science Fiction, in 2004.

Norton Awards 2003
02/10/2003. The first annual Bay Area Norton Awards presented to Kage Baker and Ron Turner.

The Generous Mr Heinlein
01/10/2003. The first Heinlein Prize is announced ... and it's $500,000 USD!

Forbidden Planet Goes Mega
01/10/2003. Forbidden Planet opens the world's largest SFF store in London. NOW UPDATED with details of the 'Nest's first secret shopper visit!

The British Fantasy Awards 2003
01/10/2003. Nominations are now in for the '03 BFAs. Does China Miéville feature? You betcha!

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Just in | Library of scifi news

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