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Del Toro will direct The Hobbit movie
25/04/2008. Peter Jackson has confirmed that the Panís Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro is to direct the two The Lord of the Rings prequel movies. The fun just never stops!

Wesley Snipes banged up
25/04/2008. Actor Wesley Snipes is sentenced to three years in jail for cheating The Man of his tax dollars. He is not going to be sentenced to cyrogenic storage in San Angeles like the sci-fi movie Demolition Man, and John Spartan didn't catch him at his tax minimisation, however.

Stargate: Continuum teaser trailer
25/04/2008. Here's an online trailer for all you Gateanestas, the next straight to DVD Stargate movie.

Blooming TIE fighters
25/04/2008. One bit you might have missed in Star Wars, two British X-wing pilots drinking tea and complaining about having to attack the second Death Star. Very funny.

Steampunk finds radio waves
25/04/2008. Steampunk, the new fiction anthology from Tachyon Publications, made its debut before Australian audiences when co-editor Jeff VanderMeer was interviewed by Ramona Koval, host of Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National (ABC RN).

Hancock trailer
25/04/2008. An online trailer for the Will Smith movie about a down-and-out superhero living rough on the streets. Yeah, like that'd happen.

Blake's 7 back from the dead
24/04/2008. Sky One has told that it has greenlit development on two scripts of the 80s science fiction series Blake's 7. Elaine Pyke, commissioning editor over at Sky is working with Andrew Mark Sewell at B7 Productions, a subsidiary of B7 Media, on a reinvention of the classic scifi show. Sky One has ordered two scripts for a potential pilot.

Were's your wolf?
24/04/2008. BBC3 has ordered a six-part series of the one-off drama, Being Human from Touchpaper Television. Starring Russell Tovey, Andrea Riseborough and Guy Flanaghan, the pilot of Being Human followed the lives of three flatmates; a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost in a look at the friendship between three 20-something outsiders trying to find their way in an enticing but complicated world.

Batman The Dark Knight
24/04/2008. The full trailer for the next Bats movie goes online.

Constellation Award nominees announced For 2008
24/04/2008. Doctor Who takes the TV Nominations for a second year in a row, while Transformers leads in film.

A Dark Vision of science fiction
21/04/2008. Sky Movies will be running their dark and nasty sci-fi season from 26th MayĖ1st June 2008 on Sky Movies. Their line-up includes Blade Runner: The Final Cut, The Matrix, A Scanner Darkly, V for Vendetta and Ridley & Tony Scottís The Andromeda Strain mini series.

Down the rabbit hole
21/04/2008. BookRabbit, a new online service that dynamically connects readers, authors and publishers through the books they own, will shortly be launching its website, to all you science fiction and fantasy-loving book fans.

More money than Spidery-sense
20/04/2008. The first Marvel super heroes theme park is coming to ever-sunny Dubai as part of their 3 billion squre feet Dubailand project. Hey, your oil money has to end up somewhere, right?

Slaine: The King
20/04/2008. Glenn Fabry and Pat Mills wil be signing Slaine: The King at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 17th May 1-2pm 2008.

Patrick McGoohan: Danger Man or Prisoner?
20/04/2008. Patrick McGoohan changed the history of television with his series The Prisoner. Many TV series since have cited The Prisoner as an inspiration, including Lost. But there is a lot more to McGoohan than The Prisoner.

The Andromeda Strain
20/04/2008. Michael Crichton's scifi novel of viral death from the stars, The Andromeda Strain, gets the TV miniseries treatment. Here's the trailer.

A Most Unusual Greyhound
20/04/2008. Mike Resnick reads two stories on The Time Traveler Show podcast.

20/04/2008. Eric Brown will be signing his new book, Kethani at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Saturday 10th May 1-2pm 2008.

Stories from the Golden Age
20/04/2008. In the same year that Superman was introduced and radio reports of aliens starting a War of the Worlds induced panic across America, a small group of publishers and famous authors also shook the world: they created what was to become known as the Golden Age of Science Fiction which laid the groundwork for Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the Star Wars saga.

Clan of the Dung Sniffers
20/04/2008. Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy has announced the novel with surely the best title of 2008, Clan of the Dung Sniffers, by Lee Danielle Hubbard (no relation to Ron).

Clone Wars cartoon series
20/04/2008. There's now a trailer online for George's new cartoon Clone Wars series. Some would say the live-action Clone Wars was kind of a cartoon too, but that would be unkind.

Two new Vampire Apocalypse books on their way
20/04/2008. Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder, is the first book in the Vampire Apocalypse series from Irish author, Derek Gunn (published by KHP Industries, US, under their Black Death Books imprint).

The Last Airbender
20/04/2008. There's a live-action adaptation of the manga-like Nickelodeon animated TV series in the works from Paramount. Shyamalan, the creator of The Sixth Sense, Signs and the upcoming The Happening, will direct and produce the fantasy/science fiction action-adventure based on a script that he penned.

Ryan Span feels some Street: Empathy
20/04/2008. Street: Empathy, the debut novel by UK-based cyberpunk novelist Ryan A. Span, has been released by Gryphonwood Press.

Denvention 3
20/04/2008. Denvention Progress Report 3, the 2008 Hugo final ballot, 2010 site selection ballot and entry form for the Masquerade are now available online.

Dragons and Beasts
20/04/2008. Finlay Cowan will be signing his new book, Fantasy Artistís Pocket Reference: Dragons and Beasts at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 29th May 6-7pm 2008.

Up to no Ood
15/04/2008. Doctor Who The return of the Ood runs with the return of the squid-faced ones. Apparently, our inside source tells us, there's going to be some brain-waving action in this episode.

Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape
06/04/2008. Actor Charlton Heston passed away Saturday April 5th 2008 at the age of 84. Charlton made many classic science fiction movies in the sixties and seventies including Planet of the Apes, Solyent Green and The Omega Man.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Tardis
06/04/2008. David Tennant heads 'up Pompeii' and climbs Mount Vesuvius in the latest Doctor Who Confidential episode. In this ep, Doctor Who Confidential steps out from behind-the-scenes to scale Mount Vesuvius in the bay of Naples; the active Doctor Who star ascends 4,200 feet to the summit of one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes.

Taking the Andromeda Strain
05/04/2008. A new two-part science fiction thriller mini-series produced by Tony & Ridley Scott, is showing on Sky Movies Premiere in May 2008.

Amanda Tapping seeks science fiction Sanctuary
04/04/2008. Production begins this month on SCIFI Channel's new TV series Sanctuary. With Amanda 'Stargate' Tapping, and shot in the style of the movies 300 and Sin City, Sanctuary is the first television series to feature live-action actors against primarily virtual sets. The 13-episode season of this one-hour drama is due to debut Autumn 2008.

Sarah Lancashire stars in Doctor Who's fourth series
04/04/2008. Sarah Lancashire, best known for her roles in Coronation Street, Clocking Off and Rose 7 Maloney, is in the first episode of the new BBC One science fiction series of Doctor Who playing the alien nanny from hell.

Terry Hoover and Sabrina Luna
04/04/2008. The Ghost in the Machine podcast, hosted by fantasy author Gail Z. Martin, is talking to paranormal romance author Sabrina Luna (Midnight Encounters) on April 1st 2008 and mystery author Terry Hoover (Double Dead) on April 15th 2008.

Roswell celebrates US government supression of alien technologies
04/04/2008. The City of Roswell is inviting UFO enthusiasts and skeptics to join in their UFO celebration on July 3rd-6th 2008. The truth is out there, somewhere. Possibly.

War of the Worlds II (the return)
04/04/2008. Follow-up to the Tom Cruise movie, but without Tom, and nary a nod to HG Wells here. It's an alien tripod fragfest, man.

So Dark the Night
04/04/2008. A supernatural mystery called So Dark the Night has been released online by author Cliff Burns in its entirety.

The glamourous Jamie McKelvie
04/04/2008. Comicbook illustrator Jamie McKelvie will be signing his new collection, Suburban Glamour Volume One, at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR, on Thursday 8th May 6-7pm 2008.

HellBoy 2 The Golden Army
04/04/2008. The friendly demonic red version of The Thing returns to help the US government battle the forces of evil. It's by the same bloke that did Pan's Labyrinth, and boy, does it show! Check out the online trailer for this dark fantasy horror comicbook made movie beast.

The Hobbit: movie update
01/04/2008. Sir Ian Mckellen is set to play Gandalf in Peter Jackson's new Hobbit movie, as its script is changed to make The Hobbit film a musical.

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